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BACKGROUND: Each year the Aviation Boatswain’s Mates Association honors two Aviation Boatswain’s Mates. One AB of the year is selected from the Atlantic Fleet and one from the Pacific Fleet. The AB’s of the Year and their spouses are Guests of Honor at the ABMA Banquet, where they are presented with the prestigious Navy Blue Blazer with the embroidered ABMA logo. The AB’s of the year by virtue of their title are automatically a member of the Board of Directors for the year after selection.
GUIDELINES AND PROCEDURES FOR NOMINATION: Candidates should be nominated for particularly outstanding military performance, professionalism, dedication to duty and contributions toward improvements within the Aviation Boatswain’s Mates community. Nominee’s performance throughout their career shall be addressed, with particular emphasis on individual performance for the period of 1 May through 30 April of the year in which nominated. All nomination packages for the Atlantic and Pacific fleet AB of the year will be accepted as indicated in the annual naval message announcing the working group. A maximum of one nomination for AB of the year will be accepted from each command.

Nomination packages shall include the following:

  1. Commanding Officer’s recommendation

  1. Division LCPO recommendation

  1. Performance Evaluations for the past 5 years

  1. Advancement History

  1. List of previous duty assignment

  1. Brief synopsis of significant professional achievements

  1. Awards (page 4’s)

  1. Off-duty education

  1. Correspondence courses completed during the current year

  1. Two 8”x 10” color photos in Service Dress Blues, one full front view, one full side view

  1. ABMA membership and involvement

Mail or deliver nomination packages to the following addresses:
1) For COMNAVAIRLANT Commands: Commander, Naval Air Force U.S. Atlantic Fleet, Attention: Code N736, 1279 Franklin Street, Norfolk, VA, 23511-2494. Comm 757-444-9422 OR DSN 564-9422.
(2) For COMNAVAIRFOR West Commands: Commander, Naval Air Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet Attention: Code N73A, PO BOX 357051 San Diego, CA 92135-7051. Comm 619-545-1550 OR DSN 735-1550.
(3) For COMNAVSURFLANT Commands: Commander, Afloat Training Group,

Attention:, Afloat Training Group, 8952 First Street, Suite 127, Norfolk, VA 23511-3786. Comm 757-444-1106 OR DSN 565-1106.

(4) For COMNAVSURFPAC Commands: Commander, Afloat Training Group,

Attention: Code N88, Naval Station Box 368201, 3455 Sturtevant Street Suite 1, San Diego, CA 92136-5289. Comm 619-556-0843 OR DSN 526-0843.

Shore Commands East of the Mississippi to include European Installations and Bahrain submit packages to: COMNAVAIRLANT CODE N736
Shore Commands West of the Mississippi to include Hawaii, Guam, Japan and the Pacific theater submit packages to COMNAVAIRFOR CODE N73A
DUTIES OF THE SELECTION BOARD PRESIDENT: The President of the board (CWO4/5, LCDR or above and 5 ABCM’s) are appointed and shall perform all prescribed administrative duties. The board President has no authority to constrain the board from recommending for selection those fully qualified candidates whom the majority finds best qualified to meet the needs of the Navy and Aviation Boatswain’s Mates Association (ABMA).
BOARD PROCEEDINGS: The following directions apply to all board proceedings:
a. Each selection board member (President and members) must maintain the integrity and independence of this selection board, and foster careful consideration, without prejudice or partiality, of all candidates.
b. Selection board members must pay particularly close attention to the rules governing communications with and among other board members, the information authorized to be furnished to each selection board member, and the procedures each selection board member should follow if one believes the integrity of this selection board has been improperly affected.
c. Selection board members may not receive, initiate, or participate in communications or discussions involving information that is precluded from consideration by a selection board. Selection board members are to base their recommendations on the material in each nominee’s package, any information the President of the selection board provided to the board, and any information communicated to selection board members by the candidates under regulations issued by the President of the selection board. In the deliberations, selection board members may discuss their own personal knowledge and evaluation of the professional qualifications of candidates only to the extent that such matters are not precluded from consideration by a selection board or inclusion in their military personnel record. Selection board members may not discuss or disclose the opinion of any person not a member of the board concerning a candidate being considered unless that opinion is contained in material provided to the board that is in compliance with Navy regulations

d. When discussing selection board member’s personal knowledge concerning the professional qualifications of a candidate, the board is reminded that, if such personal remarks could be considered adverse, the member cannot discuss that personal knowledge or evaluation unless such matters are contained in the candidate’s official record or other material placed before the board in compliance with the law and Service regulation. In addition, should a record reveal the removal of an evaluation report, the member may not discuss any personal knowledge regarding the circumstance which resulted in the removal of the report.

e. Before the results of the ABMA selection board are assigned by each board member, the recommendations may be disclosed only to the members of the board designated. The recommendations of the board may not be disclosed until after being authorized by ABMA President, the proceedings and deliberations of the board may not be disclosed to any person who is not a board member.
f. If at any time a selection board member believes that he or she cannot, in good conscience, be able to perform the duties as a member of the board without prejudice or partiality, they have a personal duty to remove themselves from this responsibility. All such requests shall be honored. If a member believes that the integrity of the board’s proceedings has been affected by improper influence of military authority, misconduct by the board president or a member, believes someone is exerting or attempting to exert inappropriate influence over the board’s proceedings, or any other reasons, he or she has a duty to request relief from the obligation not to disclose board proceedings, and upon receiving it, report the basis for this relief.
The grading criteria for the AB of the Year, both East and West Coast will be in accordance with the Aviation Boatswain’s Mate of the Year record screen selection form included in the SOP and guide lines establish by the BOD.
SELECTION REPORTING PROCESS: The selection results will be announced via Naval Message. Example: “Selection of COMNAVAIRLANT and COMNAVAIRPAC Aviation Boatswain’s Mate of the Year naval message” appendix enclosures.
Selected Aviation Boatswain’s Mate of the year both East and West coast must send an updated biography, 8”x 10”, and blazer suit jacket size to the ABMA Symposium/Professional Working Group Conference Chairman, by any means available, immediately upon notification of selection.
GENERAL DUTIES OF THE AB OF THE YEAR AS A MEMBER OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS: The AB of the Year both East and West Coast by virtue of their title are automatically a member of the BOD for the year. Officers of the Association shall perform the duties usually performed by such officers, together with such duties as shall be prescribed by the BY-LAWS of the Association or by the BOD.
Any officer or Director may be removed by a majority of the membership entitled to

vote, for cause, and after opportunity to be heard at any regular Symposium/Professional Working Group Conference of the Association, or at any special Symposium/Professional Working Group Conference called for that purpose.

Regular meetings of the BOD shall be held immediately preceding and immediately following each Symposium/Professional Working Group Conference of the Association at the place where such Symposium/Professional Working Group Conference shall be held. Meetings of the Board shall also be at such times and places as may, from time-to-time, be determined, by resolution of the Board. All members of the BOD should attend all meetings of the BOD.
The President on two weeks’ notice to each Director may call special meetings of the BOD either personally or by mail, telephone, or electronic means. The special meeting shall be called by the President in like manner or like notice on the written request of not less than six members of the board. Special meetings shall be held at such time and place as may be specified in the notice thereof.
All members of the BOD should attend all meetings of the BOD.
In the intervals between meetings of the BOD, the President of the Association may refer and submit by mail, telephone, or electronic means to the members of the BOD, definite questions relating to the affairs of the Association which, in the opinion of the President, require immediate action on the part of the BOD. The result of such a referendum, which requires a majority vote of the personnel of the BOD, shall control the action of the Association and of its BOD, officers, sections, committees, agents, and employees.
There shall be an executive committee of the BOD composed of the President, the Executive Vice-president, the Secretary, and the Treasurer of the Association, meeting as a committee of the whole. This committee shall have all the powers of the BOD to transact business of an emergency nature ONLY between board meetings. All transactions of this committee shall be reported in full at the next regular scheduled meeting of the BOD.
Checks, drafts, etc. All checks, drafts, or other orders for payment of money, notes or other evidences of indebtedness, issued in the name of or payable to the Association shall be endorsed by such person or persons and in such manner as from time-to-time shall be determined, by resolution of the BOD.
Contracts; How executed. The BOD, except as in the BY-LAWS otherwise provided, may authorize any officer or officers, agent or agents, to enter into any contract or execute any instrument in the name of and on behalf of the Association and such authority may be general in nature or confined to specific instances; and unless so authorized by the BOD, no officer, agent or employee shall have any power or authority to bind the Association by any contract or engagement, or to pledge its credit to render it liable for any purpose or to any amount.
The BOD of the Association may develop affiliations with other organizations for the purpose of cooperation in the furtherance of the objectives stated in the preamble. Such affiliation does not authorize either organization to participate in the organizational or managerial concerns of the other. Any such affiliation may be canceled by unilateral action of either of the organizations involved.
An organization affiliated with the Association may send a designated representative to attend a meeting of the BOD of the Association. Such representative may, on behalf of such affiliate, submit to the President of the Association recommendations for consideration by the BOD.
Every director, officer or employee of the Association shall be, indemnified by the Association

against, all expenses and liabilities, including counsel fees, reasonably incurred or imposed upon him or her in connection with any proceeding to which he may be made a party, or in which he may become involved, by reason of his or her being or having been a director, officer, or employee of the Association, or any settlement thereof, whether or not he or she is a director, officer, or employee at the time such expenses are incurred. An exception in such cases wherein, the director, officer, or employee is adjudged guilty of willful misfeasance or malfeasance in the performance of his or her duties. The foregoing right of indemnification shall be in addition to and not exclusive of all other rights to which such director, officer, or employee may be entitled.

The BOD shall:

  • Transact the general business of the Association in the interim between Symposium/ Professional Working Group Conferences.

  • Establish major administrative policies governing the affairs of the Association and devise and mature measures for the Association’s growth and development.

  • Provide for the maintenance of national headquarters. Make such office and center of activities of the Association including such work of the officers and committees as may be deemed expedient; provide for the proper care of materials, equipment and funds of the Association for the payment of legitimate expenses and for the annual auditing of all books of account by three members of the Association none of whom shall be any person charged with responsibility of handling Association funds.

  • Act upon applications for individual membership in the Association.

  • Appoint all committees not otherwise provided for.

  • Have power to fill any vacancies on the BOD, except vacancies occurring in the office of the President and the Executive Vice-president.

  • Appoint Subordinate Officers and Committees as necessary for the proper conduct of the Association business. Assign work priorities and procedures for the subordinate officers and committees as may be deemed necessary above that which is already delineated in their respective Responsibilities, Procedures and Guidelines.

  • Provide for payment of legitimate expenses incurred by those carrying out the business of the Association. Every three years and/or at the change of Treasurer, assign three members of the Association (none of whom shall be any person charged with the responsibility of handling Association funds) to conduct an audit of all books of account.

  • Ensure all checks, drafts, or other orders for payment of money, notes or other evidences of indebtedness, issued in the name of or payable to the Association shall be endorsed by such person or persons and in such manner as directed by the BOD and/or the BY-LAWS.

  • Take prompt action to fill any Subordinate Officer or Committee vacancies that occur except in the case of the President or Executive Vice-president.

  • Ensure that the Executive Committee consisting of the President, Executive Vice-president, Secretary and Treasurer carry out their responsibilities as prescribed in the BY-LAWS.

  • Ensure in accordance with the BY-LAWS, only BOD authorized Officers or Agents be allowed to bind the Association to a contract or to pledge its credit which would make the Association liable.

  • During its first meeting during the Symposium/Professional Working Group Conference place the E-1 through E-4 and spouse banquet ticket subsidy as an agenda item for discussion and resolution.

  • Act upon applications for membership.

ADDITIONAL DUTIES OF THE AB OF YEAR: Additional duties include but are not limited to:

    • Assist the ABMA President, Executive Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer as needed throughout the ABMA Symposium-professional Working Group Conference.

    • Assist the Membership Chairman to promote a strong campaign using the resources of the PAO, the Regional Vice-presidents, and the current AB’s of the Year from both the East and West Coast to increase the membership of the Association.

See attached Appendixes for all related correspondences, forms and general information.


ABMA Trademark: As of January 2006 the ABMA Logo is a registered trademark, registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office with the serial number of 78501064.
Anyone wanting to use the ABMA Logo, other than the ABMA, will be required to submit a request to the President of the ABMA to receive a “Letter of Approval To Use The Registered Trademark of The ABMA”. This approval is only authorized by the ABMA Board Of Directors (BOD).

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