Guiding Good Choices Program

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Guiding Good Choices Program
Guiding Good Choices is a researched based substance abuse prevention program. This program teaches parents of youth ages 9 – 14 specific strategies to help their children avoid drug use and use good decision making skills.
The program consists of five interactive workshops, meeting once a week with topics including how to prevent drug use in your family, how parents can develop clear family guidelines and expectations for behavior, how to teach and strengthen your child’s refusal skills, how to manage family conflict, and how to strengthen family bonds. The goal of the program is to reduce drug abuse and behavioral problems by increasing involvement and interaction between parents and children. Other goals include reducing family conflict and increasing the promotion of good behavior through positive, consistent family management. Through follow-up studies with participants, Guiding Good Choices has been proven to promote proactive communication from parent to child, reduce alcohol and marijuana use in youth by 41%, reduce progression to more serious substance abuse in youth by 54% and increase the likelihood that non-using youth will remain drug free by 26%.
Please contact the following staff person for more information:
Nikki Lay

Assistant Program Director of Community-Based Prevention

(630) 355-2585 ext 21

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