Gyroscope, dead letter circus, and children collide presented by radio nova 91. 9 To star at clipsal 500 adelaide jim beam tracksounds on-circuit friday concert

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10 November 2010
The scene is set for another great concert at the 2011 Clipsal 500 Adelaide presented by Radio Nova 91.9.
Immediately following the chequered flag on the Australian GT Championship Friday twilight event featuring a multi-million dollar field including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Dodge Viper, Audi, and Mosler exotic sports cars its time to dash down to the Jim Beam TrackSounds On-Circuit concert stage.
Gyroscope, Dead Letter Circus, and Children Collide are acts that deliver in loads and its all included in the price of a Friday Clipsal 500 Adelaide admission ticket.
As for just how good the gig will be, these words from Nova 91.9’s Music Director Amanda Lee say it all:
‘Three amazing Aussie rock bands that are a must see... Gyroscope one of the hottest bands of 2010 with success with ‘What Do I Know About Pain’ and ‘Baby I’m Getting Better,’ Children Collide who always put on an incredible show for their fans and ARIA nominated Dead Letter Circus who have created a buzz around the world and are defiantly a band to watch in 2011.’

Band Bios:


Stand by for Gyroscope on stage at the Clipsal 500 Adelaide.

Coming off the back of the #1 album Breed Obsession in 2008, complete with Gold certification and an ARIA nomination, Gyroscope has produced Cohesion the most cohesive album of their career.
Aptly titled, Cohesion contains material with enough power to rock the foundations of even the strongest of stadiums.
The fact that the band formed when they were still at school, and the size of their enormous fan base built on more than a decade of releases and relentless touring guarantees that this Perth rock quartet will deliver a performance of epic proportion.
Surrounded by this bands history for amazing live acts, producing tracks that would be larger-than life on stage was the main focus on this album, with the aim to construct an LP that sounded like a live set. And they have certainly delivered.
Singer-guitarist Dan Sanders, guitarist Zoran Trivic, bassist Brad Campbell, and drummer Rob Nassif recorded Cohesion at Rockfield Studios in Wales, the oldest residential studio in the world.

With an awe-inspiring history - including the recording of Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen), What’s the Story Morning Glory (Oasis), and albums from Coldplay, Black Sabbath and The Stone Roses - it’s no wonder another epic, exceptional album was born within these legendary walls.

Dead Letter Circus

When Dead Letter Circus blasted onto Australian airwaves in 2007, their bombastic yet nuanced take on alternative rock left most observers struggling to process what they were hearing. It was epic, it oozed confidence, it was intense and open all at once. It was the debut of a sound so fresh and unique that it was hard to classify.

Triple J radio placed everything that the band released on high rotation. Live, the band were festival favourites, with the choir of voices roaring approval of the sound and vocalist Kim Benzie’s lyrics with the passion of a frantic soccer crowd.
There latest offering This is the Warning is more than just a singular representation – rather, it is the redefining of how adrenaline and emotion can be blended seamlessly into works of sonic art; of how soaring melodic adventures can be let fly above a mountain range of raw but somehow channeled rhythmic power. In short, it rocks.
Children Collide

The album debut of Theory of Everything landed at an absolutely stunning #5 on the ARIA charts and reached the #1 position on the Australian iTunes album chart.

Then the Theory of Everything album tour tore rooms apart with a mixture of brand new album tracks and a very sweet selection from previous releases.
It’s been said of the neo-grunge trio that ‘few acts are fully in possession of that genuine ability to enrapture audiences time and time again.’ Children Collide, ferocious in their conquest to flail about stages, has justified the strong reputation that precedes them as one truly unique and entertaining live entity.
And Drum Media’s review was equally rapturous stating that ‘if you want to have some fun before you die, catch a Children Collide show. With Theory of Everything, Children Collide presents a perfectly weighted melange of the live and material elements of their being’.  
The 2011 Clipsal 500 Adelaide will be held from March 17-20.
All the action for the great Clipsal 500 Adelaide Friday November 18 racing action and the Jim Beam TrackSounds On Circuit concert presented by Radio Nova 91.9 is available for just $55.
For tickets phone Ticketek on 132 849 or book online at
The event may add, withdraw, re-schedule or substitute artists and/or vary the event program
The 2011 Clipsal 500 Adelaide– It’s Action Packed
For further information contact: Mike Drewer Clipsal 500 Adelaide Media and Publicity Manager: P 08 82781706 M 0419273333 E

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