Healing through Astrology and Greek Mythology

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In this comprehensive book, you will learn how man and the Universe function, by journeying through the myths of Ancient Greece. By means of Philosophy and Symbolism, the ancient Greek civilization delved deeply into moral values as well as psychology. We see Tasks, fights with strong monsters, intrigues between the Gods, or between Gods and humans, altercations, distant travels and deaths, loves… All those can be found in the human psyche. “As above, so below,” said the Hermeticists. Once you’ve finished this book, you will see the World differently. You will recognize the Wisdom it holds and you will be able to discover your own path, your personal road to serenity and happiness. And it will all go down through Astrology and the fascinating stories of the ancient Greek mythology. Recognize the way those stories function in your own World! Become the Possessor of that Knowledge now and use it to your benefit, so that Happiness comes to you and stays forever.


Since antiquity, people admired and observed the nature in which they lived and the awe-inspiring bright sky. They observed the way plants and trees function, the weather, the movement of celestial bodies, the reactions of people and animals. Through the years, they came to realize that all those are connected in some magical way with invisible bonds. This connection will be explicitly analyzed.

This realization gave birth to the Art of Astrology which explains the influence of Stars and planets in the nature as well as our inner world. We have found a plethora of astrological references in ancient civilizations, such as that of Assyria, Mesopotamia, Babylon, Egypt, and Greece. Priests, Kings, and small groups of mystics possessed that knowledge, and they preserved it over the centuries by means of symbols. In ancient Greece, the symbols which serve as Archetypes in out soul are the twelve Olympian gods and many other mythological figures. Apart from historical narrations, mythology facts are also the way human psyche as well as the whole World’s psyche evolves. For the initiates of the era inserted symbols in their narrations. Through the ancient Greek myths, it is evident that they believed in the incarnation theory and in the soul’s journey whose final destination is Zeus’ kingdom through the Catharsis, as we will see later on. Catharsis is also mentioned in ancient Greek philosophy and tragedies.
The knowledge of our Astrological Chart is a necessary asset on our road to Catharsis, as well as serenity and happiness of the soul. Each one of us has a different path to walk along in order to lead a harmonious life and manage to see the world with a different view.
The first part of the book is dedicated to Astrology. In that chapter, through Zodiac Signs, Aspects of Planets, Houses, Planets’ qualities and connections, we will explain the basic knowledge one needs to read a personal Chart. Then, we will make a journey to the ancient myths, as Heroes we will be faced with the Dragons and the Beasts we must fight, we will stand beside Persephone to taste in her company the Hades experience, we will descend to Tartarus to face the Titans, we will seek the way out of that frightful kingdom shooting luminous arrows in its darkness, we will pass from the Delphic oracle to get Apollo’s prophecy, we will dance with the Nymphs, so that – having the Dragons of Golden Knowledge always as our guards – we reach to our completion as Hercules, who through fire experiences Catharsis and is led to the palaces of Olympus…


Astrology is associated with Mythology and influences our psyche. So, it is necessary to have an initial contact with the Zodiac Signs and the planets to get a first understanding of their connection and turn the drawbacks of our astrological Chart into advantages, and obtain harmony in our life.

We all have heard of Astrology and the Signs. Most of us have gone as far as learning “what is my sign” and less frequently “what is my Ascendant.” Nevertheless, there comes a time when we want to know what exactly “I’m an Aries” means and learn that Sign’s properties. And right there, while we’re looking around, we realize that we are not just our Sign and our Ascendant, but rather an entire Astrological Chart including twelve Signs and ten main Planets that are found in different points within the Zodiac and form aspects with each other, that is, they “meet” with geometrical angles. That is the image of the sky the moment we were born, our natal Chart. It is different for everyone, as planets move constantly. A first look at our Astrological Chart will perplex us. It is time to meet the Signs’ symbols, the Planets’ symbols, aspects between them, and analyze what they mean.

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