Healing through Astrology and Greek Mythology

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Within the Zodiac circle, we find the planets spread across various Signs. So, what we do is fill the empty Zodiac with them and learn their features. The main planets are:

The Sun is our personality, our basic identity, what we truly are, not what we imagine ourselves to be, our conscience, our vitality, the Archetype of the father and the spouse.


The Moon is the emotions, the way we feel (romantically, coldly, tenderly etc.), our need for security, the unconscious mind, the bodily fluids, the Archetype of the mother.


Mercury is the way we think – fast, slowly, cunningly etc. It is the planet of communication and expression, the way we write, read, and coordinate with others.


Venus is the way we love and our relationship with money. It shows what we enjoy, what artistic tendencies we may have, what we value. For the men, Venus also shows the woman they wish to be with.


Mars is the planet of action and tensions. It’s the way we make decisions, get angry, drive, how much we like motion and sports, and how sexual we are. It’s also our survival instinct. For the women, Mars also shows the man they wish to be with. In soft aspects with other planets, it gives dynamism and determination, while in hard ones, nervousness and anger.


Jupiter indicates abundance in the sector it is found, generosity, and the sector in which we are lucky. In good aspects with other planets, it gives generosity, optimism, love for philosophy and traveling, and a sense of humour. In negative aspects, it gives hyper-optimism, irresponsibility, parasitism (it is those people who say, “God will provide” and don’t work having others providing for them as a result; as they are lucky, there’s always someone to take care of them).


Saturn shows that we have deficiencies and difficulties in the sector it’s found. It’s tough and places limits. In good aspects, it shows discipline and responsible behaviour, while in hard aspects, solitude, pessimism, sorrow, and deprivation.

The last three planets (outer planets or extra-Saturnal, as they are beyond Saturn) are Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. As they move very slowly, they colour entire generations and we can see their function every time they meet some of the above planets or the Ascendant in an aspect. We will learn about aspects in the next chapter. Those planets’ properties are the following:


Uranus gives velocity, eccentricity, reaction to the status quo, and a sensitive nervous system.


Neptune gives imagination, dreamlike situations, a connection to the Unconscious, a tendency to be in one’s own world, thrills, and addiction to substances that help them “get away.”


Pluto gives secretiveness, jealousy, possessiveness, and bottomless depth to the planet it meets.

The Ascendant is the way others perceive us and how we respond to our environment. It is also a second personality waiting to grow. When there’s a planet forming an aspect with the Ascendant, it ‘colours’ it. For example, having Mercury conjunct the Ascendant makes you clever, Pluto makes you possessive and profound etc.

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