Heritage Fair Ideas (Remember you are not limited to the ideas given here) Firsts in Your Community

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Heritage Fair Ideas

(Remember you are NOT limited to the ideas given here)

Firsts in Your Community: Graveyard, Newspaper, Retail Store; Railway Track, Paved Road, or Car; Electricity; Baby born

First Nations Culture: History and Settlement; Hunting and Fishing; Interaction with Europeans

Food and Beverages: Agriculture; Cooking in the Home; Gadgets or Inventions

People: Artists, authors, musicians, scientists; Athletes; Politicians; Influential Women; Family Members

Environment: Endangered Animals; Pollution; National parks; National Resources

Catastrophes: Fires, floods, landslides, epidemics, Newfoundland Tsunami 1929

Commerce and Industry: Forestry, Fishing, Farming; Stores and Banking; Transportation; Technological Changes

Early Settlers: Fur Trade; Exploration; Upper and Lower Canada; Patterns of Settlement

Fads in History: Sayings and Slang; Fashions and Clothing

Canada and the World: Diplomacy; War Efforts; United Nations; Armed Forces; World-Famous Canadians

Symbols of Canada: Flags; Currency; Sports; Provincial Flowers; Canadian Horse; Maple Leaf; Beaver

L’Anse Aux Meadows Hockey History

Jacques Plante Wayne Gretzky

Halifax Explosion Early Clothing

History of Fort Louisbourg Terry Fox

Laura Secord Early Medicines

Toronto Maple Leafs Lucy Maud Montgomery

Alexander Graham Bell Family Tree

History Of NB Flag Rocket Richard

The Halifax and Southwestern Railway Canadian Disasters

D. Day Veteran The "Vikings"

The Bluenose A True Canadian Hero Titanic

Sable Island Graveyard of the Atlantic Vimy Ridge

Heritage Fair Project Ideas

Famous People from N. B.:

 (poet) Bliss Carmen

 (poet) Charles

 (business) K. C. Irving

 (business) Ganong

 (inventor steam whistle) Fulton

 (philanthropist) Aida Flemming

 (business) William Maxwell Aitken – Lord Beaverbrook

 (artists) Molly & Bruno Bobak

 (photographer) Freeman Patterson

 (artist) Peter Powning

 (author/photographer) Beth Powning

 (artist/philanthropist) Gov. Gen. Hermenegilde Chiasson

 (author) Antoine Maillet (“La Sagouine”)

 (business) Tom Culligan (Second Cup franchise)

 (author) John Peters Humphrey

 (business) Louis B. Mayer (founder of MGM Studios)

 (business) Harrison & Wallace McCain (McCain Foods)

 (author) David Adams Richards

 (actor) Donald Sutherland

 (poet) Fred Cogswell

 (writer and playwright) Antonine Maillet

Famous Politicians of New Brunswick:

 Andrew Bonar Law

 Frank McKenna

 Romeo LeBlanc

 Richard Hatfield

 Louis Robichaud

Alan Graham

 Shawn Graham

 Claudette Bradshaw

 Bernard Lord

 Graydon Nicholas

(current Lt. Gov of N.B., Member of the Maliseet Nation)

Famous Athletes from New Brunswick:

 Willie O’Ree (first Black player in the NHL)

 Rheal Cormier (major league baseball pitcher)

 Gordie Drillon (Hall of Fame, hockey)

 Yvon Durelle (boxer)

 Danny Grant (hockey)

 Emile Goguen (wrestler)

 Matt Stairs (baseball)

Musicians from New Brunswick:

 (soprano, singer) Measha Brueggergosman

 (singer) Chris Cummings

 (singer) Julian Austin

 (singer) Joan Kennedy

 (singer) Tom Connors

 (musician) Don Messer

 (musician) Ned Landry

 (musician) Ivan Hicks

 (musician) Winston Crawford

 (singer) Édith Butler

 (singer) Roch Voisine

 (singer) fZachary Richard

General Project Ideas to Make Your Own:

 Inventions

 Create your own Heritage Minute of a famous person from NB

 Create your own Heritage Minute of a famous event in NB

 Languages

 National Parks – Keeper Project – Which museums and National Parks need to be kept? Why?

 Take a Museum Tour

 Genealogy – research your family history/crest/tartan

 Comedy and comedians – storytelling and culture

 Interview a grandparent or great-grandparent and compare their way of life with your own

 Document the stories of a loved one who is or was a veteran

 Create a brochure or PowerPoint to attract tourists to your community

 How have family farms changed in the past 50 yrs? Interview local farmers.

War and Peace

 Carleton Martello Tower

 Fort Frederick

 Fort Howe

 Fort Dufferin - Partridge Island

 Sir John Harvey

 Perry Dumaresq

 Viscount Beresford

 104th (New Brunswick) Regiment of Foot

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