Hhb unveils New Wohler Audio/Video Monitoring, Switching And Processing Products At ibc 2010

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HHB Unveils New Wohler Audio/Video Monitoring, Switching And Processing Products At IBC 2010
HHB Communications Ltd, Stand: 8.D56
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Photo cap: The new Wohler AMP2-16V Series Modular Audio/Video Processing Monitor unveiled by UK distributor HHB at IBC 2010

In its capacity as exclusive UK distributor of Wohler products in the UK and a strategic partner in developing the US-based company’s operations in Europe, HHB is unveiling a number of important new Wohler products at IBC 2010.

AMP2-16V Series Modular Audio/Video Processing Monitor
The AMP2-16V is a modular SDI-centric audio mixer and router with a complete suite of tools for managing signal level, loudness, Dolby program streams, transmission chain audio insertion and emergency troubleshooting.
With loudness control, mixing, and SDI embedding, the AMP2-16V has moved Wohler into direct transmission chain management – at a time when loudness management is a critical issue for broadcasters.
Channel clustering enables the user to group and label meters and specify loudness level contributors. The class-leading routing and mixing facilities allow the connection of almost any installed input to any output, using the monitor mix or an entirely separate configuration.
Combining the functions of a mixing console, video monitor, level meters, loudness control unit, audio router, SDI audio embedder and Dolby monitor, the AMP2-16V can be specified with a choice of I/O and options which can be upgraded at any time.
Pandora Loudness Monitor
With loudness becoming regulated worldwide, Wohler’s new Pandora loudness analyser is the perfect solution to ensure content is ITU-1770 and -1771 compliant. These standards were created in response to complaints from viewers about inconsistent loudness levels from program to commercial and between channels.
Pandora analyses digital audio from two to eight channels and from SDI or AES, allowing the operator to set reference level, gating, integration time, metering modes and the number of channels. Standard presets are available for reference level and Dolby-formatted multi-channel loudness contribution schemes, alongside user-configurable settings.
All functions are accomplished within a straightforward touch screen interface that integrates all metering, display and controls. Pandora requires an iPod which must be bought separately.
Presto Multiview Source Selector
Also new at IBC is the Presto 16x1 Audio/Video Switcher. Building on the success of the larger Touch-It™ Digital, the Presto is targetted at broadcasters migrating to server-based playout and centralisation, who need to make sense of all the video streams that are now flying around broadcast systems.
In a hectic multi-program environment, Presto delivers the key advantages of compactness and ease of use. No other product on the market packs as many screens into one unit of rack space, or is as simple to operate. The Presto accepts 16 3G/HD/SD-SDI streams, all displayed on screens that are themselves buttons making it almost impossible to select the wrong source by mistake. Pressing one of the screens switches that channel to a pair of reclocked outputs for routing and/or monitoring on a larger device.
Rockridge Broadcast-Quality Video Monitors
Last but not least among Wohler’s product introductions at IBC is the first in a new modular line of Rockridge video monitors with 3G/HD/SD-SDI support and MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 decoding capability. Options such as in-picture level metering, waveform and vectorscope display are available, while additional options may be added at a later date for increased functionality. Multiscreen models allow operators to view either four separate or a mix of images and monitoring tools such as waveform, vectorscope or the PID table, which functions much like a table of contents for a given stream. Connectivity for the new Rockridge monitors includes 3G, SDI, component, composite, DVI and GPI inputs, as well as dual-input SDI with loop through for each.
Commenting on the new product introductions, HHB Broadcast Sales Manager Martin O’Donnell says, “The energy with which Wohler continues to develop new and exciting products that fit the acquisition, production and transmission landscape is very impressive. As broadcast environments and working practices evolve, Wohler matches them step for step with carefully crafted technology.”
For further information, please contact:
Martin O’Donnell

Broadcast Sales Manager

HHB Communications Ltd

73-75 Scrubs Lane

London NW10 6QU

Tel: +44 (0)20 8962 5000

Fax: +44 (0)20 8962 5050

E-mail: sales@hhb.co.uk

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