History of Women in the American West: a bibliography, 1999-2009

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History of Women in the American West:

A Bibliography, 1999-2009


Jameson Sweet


African-American Women 3

Agriculture, Homesteading, and Rural Life 4

Arts: Art, Photography, Textiles, etc. 6

Asian-American Women 9

Biography and Memoir 10

Business and Labor 19

Community and Urban Studies 22

Education 25

Environment, Nature, and Science 27

Ethnicity, Race, and Migration 29

Gender and General Women’s Studies 31

Historiography, Archives, and the Historian’s Craft 33

Latina History 34

Legal History and Crime 35

Literature and Film 38

Marriage, Domesticity, and Family Life 41

Military History 46

Native American Women 48

Politics, Suffrage, and Women’s Organizations 52

Religion 59

Sexuality and Prostitution 62


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