Homework 3OVeb revise the simple past of irregular verbs

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3 oveb inglese homework

Homework 3OVeB
Revise the simple past of IRREGULAR VERBS Send your work via e-mail
: Tuesday,
19 March 2020 0. Homework for last week (1- letter to friend, where you give your impression about your internship 2- written translation of the dialogue at page 217)
1. a) Look at the video about a very famous toy https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=26&v=Nl0iGMkxwcc b) Answer this quiz in a Word document and send it QUIZ
A. Ole Kirk Christiansen was a carpenter ...
who was fired from his company who ran his own company had difficulty firing his last worker
B. Things got even worse
Ole had to raise his sons alone Oles wife died of a heartattack Ole had 4 lazy sons

C. The visitor made a living from ...
selling holes to foolish people buying and selling things in large quantities to other merchants checking the quality of toys
D. The wholesaler ..., which was a disaster.
lost all his money and had to shutdown his business decided not to buy the toy he had ordered from Ole
didn't pay a good price for the toys, so Ole's family had a poor Christmas
E. Ole managed to ...
trade all of his toys for groceries (basic food) sell some of his toys for money and the rest for groceries sell all of his toys and bought a lot of food for Christmas
F. The name LEGO ...
comes from a Danish phrase that means "playing well" comes from a Latin phrase that means "I put together" was suggested to him by a truckdriver
G. Ole's son ..., so he only painted the ducks twice, instead of three times.
wanted to shirk (avoid doing) his duties ran out of lacqueur (transparent paint) wanted to save money
H. In Copenhagen Ole saw ...
a moulding machine that could produce plastic blocks anew machine that could cutout wooden blocks a moulding machine and decided to stop producing wooden toys
I. Ole was the only one who ...
wanted to produce plastic teddy bears thought that producing plastic bricks could become a thriving (good) business liked building Lego houses from the bricks in the beginning
J. There was one problem with the Lego system
it took along time to build them, because they weren't sticky enough the glue they sold to stick them together wasn't very good the parts didn't stick, so the Lego constructions easily fell apart

K. Ole's son ...
was forced to shutdown the wooden toy business because of the fire decided to stop producing wooden toys after the fire
didn't resume the wooden toy business until after the Lego sales grew large enough
L. Godtfred ... ...
had always wanted to create an amusement park built from Lego bricks originally wanted to have an exhibition room for his Lego models came up with the idea of Legoland when the modelling room became too crowded
2. Read the example and use it to describe the three people you see.

3 4

Example of description:
Number 2: He is a strongly built man. He is probably in his thirties, maybe 34 or 35. He has dark skin and he is bald. He is standing with his hands in his pockets. He is formally dressed in plain blue shirt and well-pressed dark blue trousers. He’s also wearing a leather black belt and well-polished black shoes.

Height and weight Age and skin Hair Posture Clothes style Accessories Clothes tall  average height  fat  strongly built  well-built  slim  petite
 short  thin  chubby  skinny  slender  elderly  in his/her late forties  in his/her early thirties  middle-aged  teenage  wrinkled face  freckles  pimples  scar  flawless skin  clean shaven face/head straight  wavy  curly  bald  moustache  medium length  dyed
 dark  blonde  grey-haired  fair  beard  spiky  sideburns  goatee  ponytail  fringe arms folded  his/her hands on his/her hips  hands clasped  hands by his/her sides  his/her hands in his/her pockets  standing  lying
 squatting  seated formally dressed  casually dressed  neatly dressed  untidily dressed  trendy  old-fashioned  creased  scruffy  glamorous  flamboyant  sexy  vintage belt  watch  earrings  bracelet  necklace  ring  piercings  bow
 tie  tattoo  glasses  mobile phone  umbrella  bag  headband smart  baggy  loose  tight  patched  well-pressed  long  short-sleeved  woolen  cotton  denim  handcrafted  conventional  stylish  multicoloured Clothes patterns checked  striped  plain  spotted  flowered  print  tartan  paisley Shoes well-polished  leather  comfortable  high-heeled  flats  sports
 barefoot Describe these people age, posture, their physical appearance and clothes. Follow the list of words and example.

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