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A Brief History: Part one



Radio Broadcasting in the UK began in 1920 with Marconi's experimental station 2MT located in Writtle, Essex. Guglielmo Marconi brought together his own research together with the work of scientists, being particularly inspired by the work of Heinrich Hertz, but bringing together the work of others such as Augusto Righi, Michael Faraday, James Clerk Maxwell, Nikola Tesla, David Hughes, Sir Oliver Lodge and Alexanda Popov to produce commercially viable wireless communication systems.

Michael Faraday worked on many electromagnetic theories from around 1831 to 1857. James Clerk Maxwell had mathematically predicted that radio waves existed in 1864 and it was Heinrich Hertz who produced the first man-made radio waves using a 'Spark-Gap' transmitter between 1885 and 1889.

Nikola Tesla developed many complex electromagnetic principles while it was David Hughes who invented the microphone in 1880. In 1894  Sir Oliver Lodge perfected a radio wave detector called a Coherer.

Marconi pictured in 1896 with an early Spark Gap transmitter and receiver that could send and receive Morse Code.   (GEC Marconi)

Marconi was born on April 25th 1874 and was brought up in England and Italy. He attended scientific lectures given by Augusto Righi and did much work on the development of radio. By 1895 Marconi had made experimental transmissions using 'Hertzian Waves'.

After much development work Marconi made the first radio transmission across the Atlantic from Poldhu, Cornwall to Signal Hill, St Johns, Newfoundland, Canada in December 1901.

Marconi is often credited with the invention of radio, but perhaps he should be credited with the bringing together of many other scientists work to evolve a workable wireless communication system. 

However even this statement can be challenged, since it is probable that the Russian scientist Alexander Stepanovitch Popov actually stole the lead over Marconi's work.

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