How Racing Can Work For Your Company

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How Racing Can Work For Your Company
The fact that American lives by the automobile and drives an enormous amount of its entertainment from this sport is reflected in the vast amount of exposure that this sport receives. Each year, millions of spectators flock to racetracks across the United States, while others follow via coverage by television, radio, newspapers, and magazines.
While spectator attendance and media coverage are two of the ways to gain increased visibility, there are numerous additional opportunities for companies to multiply their consumer and trade exposure at an extremely low cost.
For a company looking for rapid, through and economical exposure of their products, automobile racing is the ideal venue. Targeting young, educated, active adults with discretionary income, more and more national corporations are putting their advertising dollars into this high-impact, cost effective way of marketing.
Apart from the obvious tobacco and beer sponsors, non-automotive companies like Target, K-Mart, Maxwell House, Kodak, Royal Oak Charcoal, Olivetti, Rain X, McDonalds, Infinity Sound Systems, Benetton, Kenwood, Mattel, Craftsman, National Car Rental, Tide, Taco Bell, La Victoria, Miracle Ear, Coca-Cola, Mackenzie Industrial House of Funds, Hitachi, Canon, Applebee’s Restaurants, Minrod Press, Snickers, Dupont, General Chemical, and hundreds more, have realized the value gained from auto racing sponsorship.
Now is the time to make your company part of this exciting, high-speed and innovative marketing program.

Automobile Racing – The Marketing Tool of the Millennia

Automobile racing in the United State has changed dramatically over the past few years. What used to be primarily a local Saturday night happening has evolved into professional and highly successful sports entertainment. Today, well over half of the American population has some interest in racing. In fact, according to “U.S. News and World Report”. Automobile racing is now the largest spectator sport in the United States, surpassing NFL football attendance by 37 million!

  • Auto racing is one the most well established forms of sports marketing.

  • Auto racing is the most popular spectator sport in the world.

  • Auto racing events are located throughout the country and in all regions.

  • Auto racing events are held throughout the year.

  • Auto racing forms please every taste and demographic background.

  • Auto racing continues to grow with cable, satellite, Internet, specialty publications, electronic media such as DVD and videotapes.

Motor sports advertising recognized the need for a softer sell that is more in line with modern lifestyle patterns. Instead of blaring at you from your radio while your are stuck in traffic or glaring at you from the TV in competition with the kids running through the room, why not associate your product with something the customer already likes. People at racing events are there out of choice and they view sponsors as friend who support their lifestyle.

Motor sports advertising are also proving to be an effective way to set your company apart from your competitor. As the clamor of advertising groans in traditional media, it become increasingly difficult to make your message heard above the dim. At the same time, much media advertising is growing increasingly expensive. Many companies have reached the conclusion that the higher the impact of you message at a motor sport event is a better alternative.
With this type of audience provided, a sponsorship of this nature creates a productive and cost-efficient method of reaching millions of prospective buyers. In addition, it provides an extremely valuable marketing tool and is an excellent venue for innovative advertising. Properly utilized, the visibility obtained can easily establish a company’s position as the leader of their industry.


  • Viewership can exceed 1 Billion.

  • Attendance can exceed 13 Million.

Appealing to the 18-44-age bracket, married, homeowners, credit card user, college educated, and employed in professional or managerial positions. This is definitely a sport enjoyed by young active professional adults with disposable incomer. They like to do things, go places and are inclined to spend their money on their interests and those companies and products involved in those interests.

A recent annual statistical study conducted by Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company show that the number of spectators attending races in North America increased last season by more that a half million. In addition, the number of sponsors involved and the level of competition bother showed a significant increase.
“Sponsor…both longtime and new…played a major role in raising the level of competition,” explains Leo Mehl, Director of Worldwide Racing for Goodyear. “With more financial backing and sponsors continuing to discover racing as a promotional and marketing tool, their demands for success created greater pressure for higher quality competition”.
While there are numerous professional racing championships, the best local dollar-for dollar road racing sponsor shop packages can be found in the NASA Western Endurance Racing Championship (WERC). Team sponsors with an exceptional marketing arena at the extremely reasonable cost. Increased spectator attendance, local media coverage, and an influx of new sponsor participation have all combined to make this road racing series very attractive.

  • High visibility for your company

  • Excellent Demographics

  • Unduplicated markets

  • Increase consumer awareness

  • Unsurpassed marketing opportunities

  • Maximum retune of sponsorship investments

Sponsorship of a front-funning care in this popular, high-speed, promotion oriented series virtually guarantees top exposure and a highly visible, exciting modern image for your company.

A racecar serves as rolling billboards for the sponsor’s corporate logo. When properly planned and place on a car the sponsor’s graphics are highly visible to spectators on-site as well as to million of views. Corporations have used racecars as rolling billboards for nearly five decades.
Driver and team uniforms are also used in a billboard fashion, giving the sponsor a great deal of additional visibility of fan and viewers.
Transport tracks and other support vehicles caries corporate identification, which allow the sponsor a great deal more impression while on the move from venue to venue.
Drivers support sponsors by wearing brand-identifies apparel at public appearances off the track to further enhance sponsor visibility as well as to enhance the sponsor’s image.
Wire Services, which provide the bulk of the coverage, have agreed to mention race sponsors as well as car sponsors in coverage if those sponsorships are a truly integral part of the story.
The Internet and Websites afford sponsors worldwide exposure to the public, who support their team and drivers. The sponsor’s message is predominant on every web page.
Products may be showcased at the racetrack through hospitality functions as well as in display areas open to the general public. The vehicle obtains additional exposure and driver at car shows and related activities.

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