How the Pelican got his Bill by Joseph Barlow

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How the Pelican got his Bill by Joseph Barlow

On the Doc of Harbour 68, there resided countless animals: big animals, small animals and especially weird animals. But here existed one creature that thought he was more superior to the rest. This creature was Percival the Pelican. He had many friends and they were all sorts of species: pig, giraffe, peacock, platypus and plenty more.

One day, this unfortunate beast decided to meet up with one of his long suffering friends. The tricky thing with Percival is that he didn’t know when to shut up. Percy had so many acquaintances he would either forget their name or what they actually looked like. So he didn’t come across as that nice a person. When he met his friend he was just talking and blabbering on and on so much his friends didn’t even get a word in about what they had done or what they had done yesterday or the day before that. So he did this every day of the week. And you can imagine how annoying that can get


One normal day, Percival had over slept. Meanwhile, his friends were hatching a plan…

“What do you think we should do to teach him a lesson,” asked the peacock, in a whisper.

“I think we should just tell him that we’re tired of all his selfishness, “suggested Henry the Ape.

“NO,!” said a voice in the distance.

“He has been playing this game for too long and we mustn’t let him get away with him thinking he is better than everyone here,” said Mason the Brute Lion.

And so they all hatched a plan to help the people of Harbour 68.

Consequently, Percival finally woke up and realised he was late for his 11 O’clock blabber. Of course he didn’t call it that. So he quickly flew all the way to his friends. They were all grouped together in a big huddle.

“Hi, everyone, how you all doing? You wouldn’t believe the day I’ve had!”

Then, all in one big flash of light, Percival was asleep. For all of a sudden Percival was transported into his nest. He thought it was a dream, so he flew to his one friend and had his normal talking fest then as he was leaving peacock said

“Wow you’ve got a bit bigger mouth than the rest of the pelicans on this harbour!”

Of course Percival was not listening at all.


Flying through the air, Percy felt a bit fuzzy as if something wasn’t quite as it seemed but he just didn’t give much thought to it. Then he met Henry the Ape. Henry was a peaceful animal and very shy .So Percy saw him and started a conversation. Well of course it wasn’t back and forth it was back, back and even more back.

“Yeah so that’s how I took down a dragon,” said Percy in a way that would make even the most peaceful person in the world frustrated.

“Ok,” exchanged Henry, very silently. This made Percy very mad because he had just been talking for a whole ten minutes and Henry had just said Ok, but of course he didn’t show he was angry.

“Excuse me, I hope you don’t mind me saying, Percy, but you’ve got a large mouth compared to the other pelicans on the Harbour,” But of course Percy didn’t listen.


Then, unusually, while Percy was flying around the harbour he noticed Mason and he was with a rather strange creature.

“Percy, we need to speak to you,” asked Mason

And with that Percy flew down and Mason said

“Well, go on then, aren’t you going to talk?”

Percy, looking very confused, started to talk and he went on and on until even the sun went down and the moon was out.

He had finished talking.

Mason said “Oh you have an enormous mouth compared to all the pelicans on this harbour,” Mason was disappointed and confused

All of a sudden the strange creature handed him a glass which o, little one is now called a mirror that somehow you could see yourself in.

The strange creature started to talk “Percy you need to start letting other people talk and make sure it’s not just all about you,”

If you were in Percy’s boots you would feel sorrow because it turns out that all the people in the harbour was involved in this plan.

It took the people of the harbour quite a while to actually explain the whole plan and when they did it was devastating to Percy.

What Percy actually looked like was that he had a ginormous bill


Then a few Hours later Mason visited Percy in his nest…

“Percy you may look different to all other animals but at least you’ve learnt your lesson,” assumed Mason

And so it turns out that the flash of light in fact was the Harbour 68’s plan in action.

“So it wasn’t a dream,” exclaimed Percy. Then with all the happiness left in him Percy bellowed …

“But I promise that I will support everyone on this Harbour,”

And so Percy the next day helped everyone with something they needed help with, like helping Bob the pig clean out the troughs, also he helped Ben the Lion clean his enormous mane, second to last he helped Penny brush her feathers and tided and decorated the whole harbour while everyone was asleep.

“Percy, thankyou whole harbour thanks you I thank you, and you’ll be surprised that Bill can come in handy,”.

He also became great friends with the strange creature and it turns out that the creature was in fact a frill neck Lizard but that’s another story.

And so little one you need to promise to always be kind, always help as much as you can never take things for granted.
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