The George Mason High School Athletic Program, Grades 8-12 Strategic Plan draf t our Program Covenant

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The George Mason High School Athletic Program, Grades 8-12

Strategic Plan

Our Program Covenant
The athletic program at George Mason High School is guided by its mission and core values. Everyone in the school community – student-athletes, coaches, staff, administration, parents, and the residents of Falls Church – shares responsibility for ensuring that these values are reflected in all aspects of the program.

Our Mission
The George Mason High School Athletic Program fosters excellence, teaches values, and enriches lives through competitive athletics that challenge student-athletes to reach their full potential.

Our Core Values

  • Excellence – We value excellence and hold high academic and athletic expectations for ourselves and others.

  • Character – We value the development of personal character including respect, responsibility and integrity.

  • Athleticism – We value the continuous improvement of athletic skills that results from the development of personal goals, hard work and self-discipline.

  • Wellness – We value the development of the whole person – healthy spirit, mind and body – in a positive and safe environment.

  • Teamwork – We value collegiality, collaboration and teamwork -- on and off the field.

  • Competition – We value spirited competition that comports with our core values.

  • Enjoyment – We value the enjoyment of sport and believe that student-athletes should have fun while participating.

Goal 1: The George Mason High School athletic program complements the academic program by offering diverse, high-quality experiences in athletic skill-building, healthy behaviors, competition, sportsmanship and citizenship.

  • Objective 1.1: To meet the needs, interests and abilities of the student body.

1.1a: Ensure that all coaches demonstrate an athlete-centered coaching philosophy.

1.1b: Assess the needs and interests of middle and high school students as related to the GMHS athletic program.

1.1c: Identify and evaluate possible modifications to the athletic program.

1.1d: Ensure student awareness of alternative community sports programming that supplements the GMHS athletic program.

1.1e: Work with FCDPR to promote participation in community athletic programs that support the growth of GMHS athletic programs.

  • Objective 1.2: To create the conditions that allow students to excel academically while participating in athletics.

1.2a: Develop an academic services program to monitor, encourage and support the academic achievement of athletes including their time management skills.

1.2b: Address travel and schedule challenges by articulating guidelines for coaches and students.

1.2c: Develop strategies to promote and recognize academic and athletic excellence.

1.3a: Provide appropriate and relevant technical training to all coaches.

1.3b: Ensure that athletes develop appropriate competencies in their sport.

1.3c: Develop and provide a comprehensive year-round strength and conditioning program.

  • Objective 1.4: To provide the education for and modeling of healthy behaviors.

1.4a: Create and deliver a comprehensive athletic department wellness program.

  • Objective 1.5: To provide the education for and the modeling of sportsmanship and citizenship.

1.5a: Utilize the Virginia High School League Sportsmanship, Ethics and Integrity Award criteria to construct and implement a sportsmanship program.

Goal 2: The George Mason High School athletic program will attract, retain and develop a highly skilled, experienced and dedicated coaching, administrative, and support staff in a culture of continuous growth.

  • Objective 2.1: To recruit, retain and reward an excellent coaching staff.

2.1a: Ensure that the personnel needs of the athletic department are known and considered in the hiring of full time FCCPS staff.

2.1b: Develop and implement strategies to recruit coaches from the current faculty and staff of all FCCPS schools.

2.1c: Develop a recommendation for a competitive compensation package for coaches.

2.1d: Develop a recognition program for coaches.

  • Objective 2.2: To support coaches in their work with students with administrative and student services.

2.2a: Provide the support services and staff necessary to address the physical skill development of GMHS student athletes.

2.2b: Provide the support services and staff necessary to support the academic achievement of GMHS student athletes.

2.2c: Provide the administrative services necessary to support athletic program operations.

  • Objective 2.3: To develop a professional growth program for coaches that parallels the professional growth program for FCCPS teaching staff.

2.3a: Set expectations for the performance of coaches.

2.3b: Develop and implement a performance evaluation program for all coaches that includes a process for delivering feedback.

2.3c: Create and sustain an ongoing professional development program for coaches.

Goal 3: The George Mason High School athletic program provides sufficient, high quality, safe and well-maintained equipment, facilities and fields.

  • Objective 3.1: To identify, acquire and improve facilities and fields to meet current and future program needs.

3.1a: Develop recommendations on athletic facility and field improvements and additions to contribute to the long term study of FCCPS facilities.

3.1b: Collaborate with FCDPR to develop new athletic facilities and to improve existing facilities so that current and future athletic department needs are met.

3.1c: Develop partnerships with community organizations to improve and expand athletic facilities.

3.1d: Develop and implement strategies to optimize field use.

3.1e: Ensure adequate funding of the GMHS athletic program by developing a funding policy and strategy for facilities, fields, programs and enhancements.

3.1f: Ensure the proper cleaning and sanitation of athletic facilities.

  • Objective 3.2: To ascertain and fulfill the life-cycle schedule needs of all athletic equipment to ensure safety, function and usability.

3.2a: Establish a replacement schedule for all athletic equipment.

3.2b: Develop a maintenance and upkeep procedure for equipment.

3.2c: Provide adequate and appropriate storage for the athletic equipment of each team.

3.2d: Develop and implement strategies to ensure the equitable allocation of resources among the various athletic programs.

3.2e: Ensure the proper cleaning and sanitation of athletic equipment.

Goal 4: Students, families, and the community demonstrate support for the GMHS athletic program.

  • Objective 4.1: To increase attendance at GMHS athletic events.

4.1a: Increase GMHS student attendance at athletic events.

4.1b: Increase the attendance of family members at games and recognition events.

4.1c: Develop and implement an outreach program to encourage elementary and middle school attendance at games.

  • Objective 4.2: To generate interest in and enthusiasm for GMHS athletic events.

4.2a: Establish and support an active spirit group under the umbrella of the athletic department.

4.2b: Educate team parents/guardians on the athletic department’s mission.

4.2c: Publicize athletic events throughout the community of Falls Church.

  • Objective 4.3: To build collaborative relationships between athletic teams and the community.

4.3a: Work with and through the Boosters to increase community support for GMHS athletic events.

4.3b: Pursue opportunities for teams to become involved in community activities and service projects.

4.3c: Ensure transparency by providing opportunities for two-way communication between parents/guardians/the community and the athletic program.

  • Objective 4.4: To secure volunteers and other resources to support the athletic program.

4.4a: Educate team parents/guardians on the importance of their involvement in and support for their child’s team.

4.4b: Communicate expectations for parent/guardian participation in team activities and support for the team.

4.4c: Create partnerships with businesses and community groups to support athletic department activities.

  • Objective 4.5: To celebrate the athletic history, traditions and achievements of GMHS athletes and teams.

4.5a: Maintain a Hall of Fame.

4.5b: Maintain a display of trophies, awards and championship banners.

4.5c: Maintain records of individual and team achievements.

4.5d: Explore additional ways to recognize and celebrate GMHS athletes and teams.

GMHS Athletic Strategic Plan


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