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CSLP Children’s Bibliography

NLS Edition
This bibliography provides a list of books from the 2016 CSLP Teen Manual Bibliography that are available through the National Library Services for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. All books with the prefix “DB” (audio books) and some with the prefix “BR” (braille books) are available for LBPH patrons to download through BARD.
Note: Books with an * feature diverse characters.
This bibliography was created in collaboration with CSLP and Wolfner Talking Book and Braille Library Staff.
Sports and Games Around the World and Throughout History
D’Aulaire, Ingri and Edgar Parin d’Aulaire. D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths. Delacorte, 1992. BR 14795; DB 56456

Humorous, earthy retellings of the adventures of the gods, goddesses, and legendary figures of ancient Greece. For grades 4-7.

Dahl, Roald. The Enormous Crocodile. Puffin, 2007. DB 43544

An enormous crocodile who devises clever tricks to trap a nice, juicy child for lunch gets exactly what he deserves. A snappy jungle tale for grades K-3.

Dahl, Roald. Fantastic Mr. Fox. Puffin, 2007. BR 18839; DB 25380

Three enraged farmers are determined to catch the wily old fox who helps himself to their chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese. For grades 3-6.

*Holm, Jennifer. Penny From Heaven. Yearling, 2007. BR 17369; DB 64582

New Jersey, 1953. During the summer, eleven-year-old Penny carries her uncle Dominic's lucky bean, almost loses her arm, reconciles with her mother's beau, and discovers the cause of her father's death. Best of all, she reunites her feuding family. For grades 5-8. Newbery Honor Book.

*Lin, Grace. The Year of the Dog. Little, Brown, 2007. BR 16624; DBC00713

It's the Chinese Year of the Dog, and as Pacy celebrates with her family, she finds out that this is the year she is supposed to "find herself." Universal themes of friendship, family, and finding one's passion in life make this novel appealing to readers of all backgrounds. For grades 4-7.

*Lin, Grace. The Year of the Rat. Little, Brown, 2009. BR 17688; DBC03847

A new year in the Chinese calendar brings a new set of challenges for Pacy, a Taiwanese-American girl growing up in upstate New York, in this endearing sequel to The Year of the Dog. For grades 3-6.

*Park, Linda Sue. A Single Shard. HMH, 2001. BR 14214; DB 53670

Tree-ear, an orphan in twelfth-century Korea, spends most of his time foraging for food for himself and Crane-man, an older companion. Tree-ear takes advantage of a mishap in master potter Min's yard to become his apprentice, learning a craft and gaining unforeseen rewards. For grades 5-8. Newbery Medal.

Park, Linda Sue. Keeping Score. Clarion, 2008. DB 67449

Brooklyn, New York; 1950s. Nine-year-old Maggie, a Dodgers fan, listens to baseball games at the fire station, where Jim, a Giants fan, teaches her to keep a score sheet. But when Jim is drafted into the Korean War, he doesn't answer her letters. For grades 4-7.

*Park, Linda Sue. When My Name was Keoko. BR 16977; DB 55957

Thirteen-year-old Tae-yul and his younger sister, Sun-hee, take turns recounting what happened to their family in Korea while under Japanese occupation during World War II. As the Japanese tried to suppress Korean culture, even people's names were changed--Sun-hee was called Keoko. For grades 6-9.

Riordan, Rick. The Kane Chronicles. Disney-Hyperion, 2010-2013. BR 20227, DB 71322; BR 20250, DB 73386; BR 20280, DB 74714
Riordan, Rick. Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. Disney-Hyperion, 2006-2014. BR 20213, DB 63443; BR 20243, DB 64659; BR 20285, DB 65245; DB 67158; DB 69015
Rowling, J. K. Harry Potter series. Scholastic, 1999-2007. BR 11879, BR 14710(SP), BR 17774, DB 47260, DB 50988(SP); BR 12276, BR 14711(SP), DB 48437, DB 50989(SP); BR 12390, BR 14712(SP), DB 48772, DB 50990(SP); BR 12764, BR 14713(SP), DB 50228, DB 52975(SP); BR 14705, BR 15643 (SP), DB 56062, DB 58958(SP); BR 16000, BR 16304(SP), DB 60262, DB 61014(SP); BR 17210, BR 18711(SP), DB 64495, DB 68968(SP)
Snyder, Zilpha Keatley. The Egypt Game. BR 09393; DB 37531

A group of children entranced by the study of Egypt play their own Egypt game with secret meetings, rites, and ceremonies in an abandoned yard behind the antique shop. The game helps an unhappy eleven-year-old solve her personal problems and leads to the identification of the lurking stranger. For grades 4-7.

Travers, P. L. Mary Poppins. Sandpiper, 1997. BR 00923; BR 12972; DB 50917

An extraordinary English woman blows in on the East Wind with her parrot-headed umbrella and magic carpetbag to become the Banks family's new nanny. Mary Poppins introduces her elder charges, Jane and Michael, to some delightful people and experiences. For grades 4-7.

Out of the Ordinary: Extreme and Unusual Sports, Games, and World Records

Barrows, Annie. Ivy + Bean Break the Fossil Record. Chronicle Books, 2007. DB 65564

Everyone in second grade wants to break a world record, and friends Ivy and Bean are no exception. The girls decide to become the youngest people ever to discover a dinosaur skeleton. Sequel to Ivy and Bean and the Ghost That Had to Go (DB 64635). For grades 2-4.
Blake, Robert J. Painter and Ugly. Philomel Books, 2011. DBC11259

Painter and Ugly, two sled dogs who are inseparable best friends, are put on different teams for the Junior Iditarod, but they manage to find their way back to one another for the big race. For grades K-3.

*Gerstein, Mordicai. The Man Who Walked Between the Towers. Square Fish, 2007 (reprint). BR 15045

Tells of Frenchman Philippe Petit's 1974 tightrope walk between the unfinished World Trade Center Towers in New York City. Discusses the sentence he received for this illegal act. PRINT/BRAILLE. For grades 2-4 and older readers. Caldecott Medal.

Fueling Your Engine
Brown, Marcia. Stone Soup. Aladdin, 1997. DB 50548

When three hungry soldiers in a strange land ask some villagers for food, they are told there is none. So the soldiers decide to show the townspeople how to make soup from water and three round stones. For grades K-3. Caldecott Honor Book.
Grabenstein, Chris. Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library. Yearling, 2013. DB 77918

Twelve-year-old Kyle and his friends enter a contest to win a Friday-night lock-in at the new public library created by an eccentric game maker. Little do they know that the winners will have to work together to solve puzzles in order to escape. For grades 4-7.

*Harbison, Elizabeth M. Loaves of Fun—A History of Bread with Activities and Recipes from Around the World. BR 11734

This history of bread begins in Asia in 73,000 B.C. and continues through Mesopotamia and Switzerland, then on to Egypt and Europe, and finally to America in the 1600s. Recipes interspersed throughout the history include drop biscuits, challah, Amish friendship bread, French bread, and Sally Lunn bread. For grades 4-7.

Myers, Lynn Born and Christopher Myers. Turnip Soup. Hyperion, 1994. BR 10003

One afternoon George's mother sends him down to the root cellar to get some potatoes so she can make potato soup for dinner. But when George comes back and tells her there is a dragon in the cellar eating all the vegetables, she thinks George just wants something different for dinner. Then his mother makes an interesting discovery. PRINT/BRAILLE. For preschool-grade 2.

Ray, Rachael. Cooking Rocks! Rachael Ray 30-Minute Meals for Kids. Lake Isle Press, 2004. DB 64199

Recipes for sandwiches, soups, one-dish meals, and desserts suitable for preparation by children aged four to six, seven to eleven, and twelve to sixteen. Sections on beverages, snacks, and big subs are for all ages. Includes kitchen basics and tips for grownup helpers. For grades 4-7 and older readers.

Seuss, Dr. Green Eggs and Ham. Random House, 1960. BR 16721; BR 13450; BR 08956; DB 34056; DB 72997

Nonsense rhyme about a delightful creature named Sam-I-Am, and his efforts to get another to eat green eggs and ham. For preschool-grade 2.

Speck, Katie. Maybelle in the Soup. Henry Holt, 2007. DB 77400

Two stories of Maybelle the cockroach. In Maybelle in the Soup Maybelle is sick of crumbs and leftovers and wants to eat off of a plate. When the Peabodys host a dinner party, she decides this is her chance. But will Maybelle get caught? For grades K-3.

The Science of Sports
*Krull, Kathleen. Wilma Unlimited: How Wilma Rudolph Became the World’s Fastest Woman. HMH Books for Young Readers, 2000. DB 43739

African American Wilma Rudolph weighed only four pounds when she was born in 1940, and she had nineteen older brothers and sisters. Childhood polio left her leg paralyzed, but Wilma exercised until she not only walked but became an Olympic gold medal runner. For grades 2-4.

Paulsen, Gary. How Angel Peterson Got His Name: And Other Outrageous Tales about Extreme Sports. Yearling, 2004. DB 56528

Author of Hatchet (DB 30535) and other survival adventures recalls his own escapades at age twelve. Describes how he attempted to shoot a twelve-foot waterfall in a barrel, how a friend on skis was pulled by a car at high speed, and other daredevil feats. For grades 5-8.

Prelutsky, Jack. Good Sports: Rhymes about Running, Jumping, Throwing, and More. Dragonfly Books, 2011. BR 18006

Short poems about enjoying sports--win or lose. Celebrates trying baseball, soccer, gymnastics, ice and sidewalk skating, swimming, running in races, basketball, and karate, among others. PRINT/BRAILLE. For grades K-3.

Rockwell, Lizzy. The Busy Body Book: A Kid’s Guide to Fitness. Crown Publisher, New York, 2004. BR 16018

An introduction to the human body, how it functions, and its need for exercise. Includes suggested activities to keep your body busy, healthy, and strong. PRINT/BRAILLE. For grades K-3.

*Stout, Glenn. Able to Play: Overcoming Physical Challenges. HMH Books for Young Readers, 2012. DB 74747

Profiles four professional baseball players: pitcher Mordecai Brown, who lost a finger in a farming accident; third baseman Ron Santo, who dealt with diabetes throughout his career; pitcher Jim Abbott, who was born without his right hand; and outfielder Curtis Pride, who was born deaf. For grades 3-6.

Motion Commotion
Bauer, Joan. Soar. Viking, 2016. DB 83449

When his adoptive father accepts a temporary job in Hillcrest, Ohio, twelve-year-old Jeremiah is determined to coach his middle school's baseball team. As a heart transplant recipient, he can't play, but Jeremiah doesn't let that slow him down in pursuing his coaching dreams. For grades 5-8.

Green, Tim. Football Genius series. Multiple titles. DB 68601

Sixth-grader Troy can predict football plays before they occur and wants to use this ability to help his favorite team, the Atlanta Falcons. But first he has to convince the team to take him seriously. For grades 5-8.

Gutman, Dan. Baseball Card Adventures series. Multiple titles. HarperCollins, 2003-2015. DB 49915; DB 49916; DB 49917; DB 57427; DB 56599; DB 61382; DB 69453; DB 69022; DB 70768
Lupica, Mike. The Big Field. Puffin, 2009. DB 66686

Eighth-grader Keith "Hutch" Hutchinson relinquishes his favorite position, shortstop, to talented newcomer Darryl Williams. During the summer, Hutch simmers with resentment, but he becomes a better team player at second base. Hutch also reconnects with his father, who once wanted to be a baseball professional. For grades 5-8

McCully, Emily Arnold. Mirette on the High Wire. Puffin, 1997. BR 08962; DB 36482

The Great Bellini, who crossed Niagara Falls on a tightrope and stopped in the middle to cook an omelette; who crossed the Alps with baskets on his feet; and walked a flaming wire in Naples, is the gentle stranger staying at the widow Gateau's boardinghouse. Mirette, the widow's daughter, has befriended Bellini, and he has taught her to walk the wire. Now, she must teach him to overcome his fear. For grades K-3. Caldecott Medal.

Osborne, Mary Pope. Night of the Ninjas (Magic Tree House #5). Random House, 1995. BR 14108

When Jack and Annie are whisked away by the magic tree house to hundreds-of-years-ago Japan, they meet a ninja master in a hidden cave. They must practice being ninjas themselves to return home. For grades 2-4.

Rosen, Michael J. Balls! Round 2. Darby Creek Publishing, 2008. DB 68100

Examines the history and construction of balls used in baseball, softball, bowling, bocce, croquet, shot put, billiards, and lacrosse. Features odd facts and information about the sport associated with the ball. For grades 4-7.

Schwartz, Cory Rosen. Three Ninja Pigs. Putnam, 2012. BR 20046

A retelling of The Three Little Pigs. Tired of the big bad wolf blowing their houses down, each pig trains in a different martial art to prepare for battle with the wolf. PRINT/BRAILLE. For grades K-3.

Scieszka, Jon, ed. Guys Read: The Sports Pages. Walden Pond Press, 2012. BR 19306

Ten humorous short stories featuring a raging robot, a homicidal turkey, a teenaged mummy, and a biker who takes over a kid's bedroom. Includes works by authors Eoin Colfer, Kate DiCamillo, Jon Scieszka, David Yoo, David Lubar, Christopher Paul Curtis, Jack Gantos, and others. For grades 4-7.

Seuss, Dr. If I Ran the Circus. Random House, 1956. BR 02368; BR 16243; DB 60939

In this story told in rhyme, a young boy, Morris McGurk, imagines the fantastic animals and incredible acts that he will have in his Circus McGurkus, the world's greatest show. For grades K-3.

Various authors. Lay Ups and Long Shots. Darby Creek, 2008. DB 69085

Nine authors contribute stories on subjects ranging from basketball to running, Ping-Pong, dirt biking, surfing, placekicking, soccer, and a game of H-O-R-S-E. In "Red Shorts, White Water," a boy sets out to impress a girl, but it's his shorts, not his kayak, that does the trick. For grades 5-8.

Various authors. Caught Stealing; Hoop Hustle ; Soccer Shake-up ; Touchdown Triumph. Stone Arch Books, 2015. DB 82499

In Caught Stealing, a valuable baseball card goes missing during a team sleepover. In Hoop Hustle, a missed curfew jeopardizes a boy's basketball dream. In Soccer Shake-Up, a player fails to take the sport seriously. In Touchdown Triumph, a family move threatens a football team's winning streak. For grades 3-6.

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