Howard Marks, Chief Scientist at DeepStorage, llc

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“The margin revolt of storage costs may force content storage buyers and administrators to deploy different technologies and vendors, as staying on the current cost curve becomes untenable.” —Gartner

“By providing a wide range of data services in a hypervisor-based software layer, the Atlantis USX platform allows system architects to boost both the performance and manageability of any existing storage solution they may have. Even when used with a state-of-the art hybrid array in DeepStorage Labs, Atlantis USX provided a significant boost in performance at a very reasonable cost for server-side SSDs. USX 2.0 adds more than just acceleration, bringing data services like snapshots and data deduplication to even local storage or shared storage from a solution like VMware Virtual SAN.” – Howard Marks, Chief Scientist at DeepStorage, LLC

“The modern data centre is changing so rapidly that our ability to control critical resources is becoming a serious challenge. Technologies like Atlantis USX 2.0 help abstract the storage component into the logical layer to allow for storage optimisation, better data control, and true infrastructure agility. The coupling of OpenStack and VMware vCAC automation technologies with USX 2.0 allows entire storage platforms to span a variety of cloud environments. This is the architecture for the next-generation datacentre. This is where organisations can align their business plans with the capabilities of IT. By allowing the data control layer to directly interact with both the hypervisor and the organisation’s cloud environment – you create a platform capable of elasticity, dynamic resource control, and direct business alignment.” – Bill Kleyman, Director of Strategy and Innovation, MTM technologies

Download 3.54 Kb.

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