I. Introduction Department of Athletics

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I. Introduction
Department of Athletics:

The University of Guelph Department of Athletics provides opportunities for all individuals, within the University community to participate in a variety of physical recreation programs. These programs, which provide a balance to the University’s academic demands, are available in many forms ranging from elite intercollegiate sport to spectator participation. Through the existing multi-faceted recreational programs, of which clubs is a distinct part, the department seeks to provide equal opportunities for each individual regardless of sex, age, sport interest or physical ability.

Mission Statement:

The University of Guelph Sports Club Program promotes student participation in a variety of physical and athletic activities, gives students opportunities to engage in the activity of their choice at various skill levels, contributes to the development of student leadership and provides a bond between individual Clubs. While the Department of Athletics assists in the development and growth of the Sports Club Program, the emphasis of the program is on student leadership and involvement. The existence of each Sport Club and the success of the club are dependent upon student interest and involvement.

What Are Sports Clubs?

The Sports Club Program at the University of Guelph is comprised of various student organizations, each focused on a particular sport or activity. Some clubs are organized for the primary purpose of competition; whether it is inter-university or between other club members, while other clubs are recreational or instructional in nature. All clubs practice regularly in order to promote and develop the skills and interests of their members.

The Sports Club program at the University of Guelph is divided into 3 different levels:

  1. Level I: Club that competes against external university groups/clubs and charges a fee to participate.

  2. Level II: Club that may or may not have instruction and charges a fee to participate.

  3. Level III: Club that is purely recreation with no fee required to participate.

Each Sport Club is a student organization that is composed primarily of University of Guelph students, but may also include Department of Athletics Members. Each club, in conjunction with the Sports Club Office, is formed, organized, administered and governed by the students with the officers providing the organizational leadership for their club’s activities. While clubs are encouraged to be self-supporting, the Department of Athletics provides limited financial support, facility usage as well as guidance. The Sports Club Program Coordinator assists the clubs in fulfilling their goals and objectives. The success of all club programs is dependent on the students’ leadership, interest, involvement and participation.

This manual has been written to act as a guide, to assist the clubs with the organization, management, execution and administration of their club program. It contains specific procedures and guidelines to be followed by all clubs affiliated with the Department of Athletics. Any questions should be referred to and discussed with the Sports Club Program Coordinator.

The University Of Guelph Department Of Athletics Sports Club Program is designed to enhance the students experience while participating in a sport of their choice. It is not intended to be a path leading clubs to varsity status under the UofG Intercollegiate Athletics Program.

The Sports Club Program Office entrance is located in the Intramural office. The office contact number is 824-4120 and the sports program coordinator is at x53763.

Sports Club Objectives:

  1. To provide students, faculty and staff the opportunity for instruction and participation in a wide variety of sports from which one may develop firm, lifelong leisure values.

  2. To develop leadership skills by providing opportunities for students to organize, administer and manage through their individual clubs.

  3. To provide an avenue for camaraderie and to develop a sense of belonging among individuals through the shared pursuit of sport.

  4. To provide an outlet for advanced participation and competition in a particular sport.

II. Club Guidelines
General Criteria for Sports Clubs:

Any group of individuals interested in forming a sport club must be recognized by the Department of Athletics and must meet the following criteria:

  1. The group’s purpose and activity must be consistent with the philosophy and objectives of the Sport Club Program.

  2. The group’s membership must not be exclusive.

  3. The group must be engaged in a sporting activity.

  4. The group must provide balance or add to the variety of sporting activity on campus.

  5. The initial number of students interested in participating in the proposed activity is a minimum of 12.

  6. Suitable facilities and equipment must be available such that the club can meet, practice, and hold competitions.

  7. The group must be financially self-reliant.

  8. The group must not create a demand for resources (i.e. Staffing or facilities) greater than that which can be met by the sports club office.

  9. There must be adequate competition within the surrounding region (required for Level 1 Clubs only).

Application Procedures for New Clubs:

  1. Complete the Club Sport Request for Status/Recognition Form. Select the appropriate level that the club is applying for:

    • Level 1 - Club that competes against external university groups and charges a fee to participate.

    • Level 2 - Club that may or may not have instruction and charges a fee to participate.

    • Level 3 - Recreational with no fee required to participate.

It must be noted that some Clubs may have to indicate more than one level as they may have a competitive/traveling team portion to their club as well as just participatory members.

  1. Submit a Petition to Form a New Sport Club, which is signed by the individuals who would like to join the club.

  2. Schedule an appointment with the Sports Club Coordinator. At this appointment, be prepared to review the information in this Manual.

  3. Recognize that additional information regarding safety issues may be required if the activity being considered has a high liability or high risk factors.

Sports Club status is granted when the structure of the group and the membership is such that successful accomplishment of purpose may be reasonably predicted and Department of Athletics Sports Club facilities and finances are available to support the club without jeopardizing support of other established Department of Athletics clubs and/or programs.

Following approval the new club will agree to a one year (2-semester) probationary period after which a re-evaluation process will occur prior to the club being granted approval to assume full club status. All new approved clubs will have 2 weeks to develop a club constitution and by-laws. They are also required to provide information for publication in the Gryph Guide and on the Department of Athletics Website. Upon successful completion of the probationary period, the club will be automatically elevated to full time club status.
The Sports Club Program reserves the right to refuse recognition to any club requiring extensive funding or resources, any club involving high liability or high risk factors, or any club which does not properly represent the University of Guelph.

Annual Registration for Returning Clubs:

Each club’s status will be evaluated at the end of the winter semester. The evaluation will be based on submitted semester reports, club president/contact meeting with the Sports Club Program Coordinator and evaluations filled out by club members and submitted directly to the club’s office. To retain membership in the Sports Club Program the following requirements must have been met:

  1. All requested administrative responsibilities were fulfilled.

  2. Student interest in the club was demonstrated by a minimum of 12 active student members.

  3. The guidelines as outline in this Manual were followed.

  4. The club was represented at all sports club President/Contact meetings.

  5. Suitable facilities continue to be available for the club to meet and practice.

  6. Budgetary guidelines were adhered to.

  7. Evaluations indicate the need and productive usefulness of the club.

The following must occur each year for a club to re-register. Failure to perform any of these items may result in loss of sports club status, facility reservation, and/or funding.

  1. All returning clubs must submit Intent to Register Form and an Annual Report.

  2. The club shows a steady membership.

  3. Fill out and submit facility request form.

  4. Club president must attend all Club meetings.

  5. Each sport club must review, revise and adapt the club’s constitution and by-laws (if necessary) by the end of the second full week of instruction.

Club Status:

  1. First Year Status: New Sports Clubs must spend one year (2-semester) on probation to demonstrate stability in terms of attracting campus-wide participation on an annual basis. Sports Clubs in their first year will be self-supporting.

  1. Returning Clubs: Each Sports Club must annually submit for renewal with the Sport Club Coordinator. This includes submission of a year end report which includes a List of Current Club Officers, the current Membership Lists and the current Captain’s Agreement.

  1. Probation: Sports Clubs that have failed to regularly attend Sports Club Presidents Meetings will be placed on probation for the current term as well as for the following term/year. Sports Clubs on probation may not utilize university allocated funding during this period. This probation could also affect requests for the following years funding. Facility requests may also be cancelled during this period of time. All privileges may be restored upon termination of the probation.

Termination: If any Sports Club begins to show steady decrease in participation, student leadership, and general interest, the Sports Clubs Executives will investigate the decline to ascertain the possible causes and whether the problem is a temporary condition. If it is determined that a Sports Club is no longer meeting the needs for acceptance, termination of the clubs current status may be appropriate. Once terminated a Sports Club must re-enter the program by following the procedures for forming a new club
Membership and Eligibility Guidelines:

Membership is open to currently enrolled University of Guelph undergraduate and graduate students. Current Department of Athletics Members may be a club member, but NOT officers. Students from other colleges, universities, or high schools are not permitted to participate in any club activities until they have purchased the club membership and either an Athletics Membership or Club Day Pass. The Sports Club Program is a nondiscriminatory, equal opportunity organization. It is the responsibility of the club officers to enforce membership policies. Any club found in violation will have practice privileges suspended and other sanctions if necessary. All clubs must be comprised of at least 80 % student membership.

No one under the age of 18 may participate in club activities unless a current UofG Student. Each club can determine its' own membership format. This can range from taking all comers to having tryouts. However, the club must provide equal opportunities for each individual regardless of sex, age, sport interest or physical ability.
Instructors and or coaches who are volunteering their time may be granted a restricted membership free of charge upon the request of the club president/contact and with the approval of the Club Coordinator.
Clubs that are having try-outs must ensure that all try-out information has been received by the Clubs Office and posted in a timely and appropriate manner. Once club members have been selected the club president/contact must submit a roster to the Clubs Office to ensure that proper registration can occur.
Membership Fees:

Participation fees for each club must be approved by the Club Coordinator. The amount of the fee may vary from club to club, regardless; the fee is based on the budget submitted by club presidents/contact that will clearly indicate any expenses the club will be incurring.

ID/Athletic Membership Cards:

Club participants must have a valid student or athletics membership card to access the facility.

University of Guelph – Department of Athletics – Sports Club Program

Appendix B Sport Club Application

  1. Complete this application for Sport Club membership.

  2. Schedule an appointment with the Sport Club Supervisor.

  3. Demonstrate that the club meets the following criteria:

    • Student interest is demonstrated in the club by a membership of either (1) 10 active members or (2) the minimum number of members (over 10) needed to participate in the activity.

    • The club’s purpose and activity is appropriate and consistent with the Intramural Sports & Sport Clubs program purpose and philosophy.

    • Suitable on-campus facilities are available where the club can meet, practice and hold competitions.

    • The club must be financially self-reliant and must continue operating in such a capacity during a one-year probation period before any funding becomes available.

    • Initial equipment needs must be met by the club.

    • A minimum amount of risk is involved in the activity (to be determined by the campus).

    • Adequate competition is available within a 600 mile radius for competitive clubs.

    • Student needs/interest that the club hopes to meet are not being currently offered or met elsewhere on campus.

    • The Sport Club staff has the time and the personnel available to supervise the club and its activities.

University of Guelph – Department of Athletics – Sports Club Program

Sport Club Application Form
Name of Club: _____________________________________

Sport: ____________________________________
Purpose of club: _____________________________________________________________




Description of Activity: ________________________________________________________


Has the club ever been a registered student organization? _______________
What needs or interests will this club meet that are not being met somewhere else on campus? ___________________________________________________________________________________


Why is the club seeking Sport Club Status? ________________________________________


Present or proposed meeting/practice facility (include time): __________________________________________________________________________________

Current Membership:





Total Membership

Student Officers:







Vice President




What contributions could your organization make to the University of Guelph Sport Club Program?



Is the club competitive (level 1), instructional(level 2) or recreational (level 3)? __________________________________________________________________________

Is there a league or association/conference formed in the city or region to which your club could belong? _______________________________________________________________


Are there other universities to compete with? If so, list them. __________________________

Proposed Dues: ________________________

Fundraising activities (current and proposed) _______________________________________


Please attach a proposed budget of expenses and income for a typical club year.

University of Guelph – Department of Athletics – Sports Club Program
Petition to Form a New Sport Club

By affixing my signature below, I attest to the fact that I desire to form a __________________ club and that I will join as a member if this organization receives Sport Club Status. Furthermore, I attest to the fact that I am a current registered undergraduate or graduate student or staff/facility member with an appointment of .50 Credit or greater at the University of Guelph.

Last Name

First Name

Status U/G/F


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