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ADAMS D Hitchhiker’s guide…series fantasy / humour

ADAMS R Watership down animals / classics

ANGELOU M I know why the caged bird sings abuse / relationships

ARCHER J A matter of honour, Fourth estate, Honour among thieves etc bestsellers / short stories / thrillers

ASIMOV I Foundation series…. classics / science fiction

ATWOOD M Blind assassin, Oryx and Crake etc bestsellers / prizewinner

AUEL J M Earth’s children series ( Clan of the cave bear ) etc ancient history / bestseller

AUSTEN J Pride and prejudice, Emma, etc classics / manners

BEHR M Smell of apples abuse / SA background

BOSMAN H C Stories…. classics / humour / SA background

BRADBURY R Fahrenheit 451 series…. science fiction

BRAITHWAITE E R To sir with love school / relationships

BRINK A A chain of voices, Looking on darkness, The ambassador social commentary / SA background

BROOKS T Shannara series fantasy

CHILD L Killing floor, Echo burning etc mystery / thriller

CHRISTIE A By the pricking of my thumbs etc famous detectives / murder / classics

CLANCY T Clear and present danger, Hunt for red October etc political thrillers

CLARKE A C 2001 a space odyssey etc classics / science fiction

CLAVELL J Tai-pan, Noble house etc Asian background / family sagas

COETZEE J M Boyhood, Disgrace, Life and time of Michael K etc bestsellers / classics / prizewinner

COOK R Harmful intent, Contagion, Marker etc medical background / mystery

CORNWELL B Stormchild, Wildtrack, Excalibur ancient history / contemporary issues

CORNWELL P All that remains, Cruel and unusual etc detective / forensics / thriller

COURTENEY B Tandia, Tommo and Hawk, Power of one etc bestsellers / various issues

CRICHTON M Timeline, Jurassic park, Andromeda strain etc bestsellers / suspense / science
DAHL R Collected stories etc bestsellers, macabre, short stories

DONALDSON S Illearth war, Thomas Covenant, Unbeliever etc epics / fantasy

EDDINGS D Belgariad, The Tamuli series fantasy

EVANS N Horse whisperer, The loop etc animals / relationships

FEIST R Riftwar saga, Serpentwar saga series fantasy / bestsellers

FOLLETT K Third twin, Night over water, Jackdaws etc thrillers

FORSTER E M Room with a view, Where angels fear to tread etc classics / bestsellers

FORSYTH F Icon, Dogs of war, Day of the jackal etc bestsellers / thrillers

FRANCIS D Proof, Longshot, Bonecrack etc horse racing / murder / mystery
GEMMELL D Drenai tales, The Rigante series fantasy

GODDARD R Beyond recall, In pale battalions, etc mystery / thriller

GORDIMER N July’s people, Housegun, Burger’s daughter, Pickup classics / bestseller / prizes

GRISHAM J Pelican brief, Time to kill, Jury, The brethren legal / thriller

HADDON M Curious incident of the dog in the night time handicap / relationships

HALEY A Roots slave trade / classics

HEAD B Maru, When rain clouds gather etc Africa / social comment

HEMINGWAY E For whom the bell tolls, Farewell to arms etc classics / prizewinner

HERBERT F Dune series science fiction / classics

HIGGINS J Thunderpoint, Flight of eagles etc WWII / espionage

HOBB R Farseer trilogy fantasy

HUXLEY A Brave new world classics / future

JAMES P D Original sin, Cover her face, Unnatural causes murder / mystery

JORDAN R Wheel of time series fantasy

KING S Dark tower series, The shining, Carrie, Hearts in Atlantis various

KIPLING R Jungle book classics / adventure

KOONTZ D Seize the night, Door to December etc macabre / thriller
LA HAYE T Drama of those left behind series fantasy / futurist

LAWHEAD S Song of Albion series, others fantasy

LEATHER S Solitary man, Tunnel rats, etc thrillers

LE CARRE J Absolute friends, Constant gardener, etc social comment, thrillers

LEE H To kill a mockingbird racism / classics

LEE L Cider with Rosie classics / personal journey

LEVY A Small island WWII / race relations / prejudice

LEWIS C S Cosmic trilogy, Chronicles of Narnia classics / fantasy

LUDLUM R Icarus agenda, Rhinemann exchange, Apocalypse watch espionage / war
MCCAFFREY A Chronicles of Pern series fantasy / classics

MARTEL Y Life of Pi magic realism / prizewinner

MARQUEZ G One hundred years of solitude magic realism / prizewinner

MATTHEE D Dream forest, Fiela’s child, Circles in a forest SA / relationships

MAUGHAM S Short stories short stories / classics

MEYER D Dead at daybreak, Dead before dying SA / detective / thriller

MICHENER J The covenant, Alaska, Poland etc historical fiction

MITCHELL M Gone with the wind classic / historical fiction

MONSARRAT N The cruel sea WWII / sea stories
NAIPAUL V S A bend in the river, A house for Mr Biswas social comment

NORTON A Time traders, Warlock, Janus science fiction

ORWELL G Nineteen eighty-four, Animal farm etc satire / social comment
PALMER M Natural causes, Fatal flashback etc medical

PATON A Tsotsi, Ah, but your land is beautiful, Cry, the beloved.. SA / classics / social comment

PATTERSON J Big bad wolf, Third degree etc thrillers

PATTERSON R Roses are red, No safe place etc thrillers

POLAND M Shades, Iron love etc SA / relationships

PRATCHETT T Monster regiment, discworld series etc fantasy / humour / bestsellers

PULLMAN P Dark materials trilogy fantasy / thriller / prizewinner
RAND A The fountainhead classic / philosophy

RANKIN I Resurrection men, Knots and crosses etc thrillers

RENDELL R No harm done etc detective / murder

RHUE M The wave school / history / social comment

ROWLING J K Harry Potter…..series bestsellers

ROY A The god of small things India

SACHAR L Holes social comment

SALINGER J D Catcher in the rye, Franny and Zoey classic / social comment

SEYMOUR G Home run, Harry’ game, Glory boys etc terrorism / thrillers

SMITH A The no 1 ladies’ detective series etc Botswana / humour

SMITH M C Gorky park cold war / thriller

SMITH P The beadle SA / classic

SMITH W A sparrow falls, Birds of prey, Seventh scroll etc bestsellers

SOLZHENITSYN One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich history / political

STEINBECK J Of mice and men, Red pony, East of Eden, Grapes of wrath classics / prizewinners

STONE I Lust for life etc biographical fiction

STOWE H Uncle Tom’s cabin racism / slavery / classic
TAYLOR M D Roll of thunder, hear my cry etc racism / discrimination

THEROUX P Mosquito coast and others family / travel writer

TOLKIEN J R R Hobbit, Lord of the rings series fantasy / classics

TOWNSEND S Adrian Mole series and others humour / social comment

URIS L Trinity and others Ireland / historical background

WYNDHAM J Kraken wakes, Midwich cuckoos, Day of the triffids classics

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