Vitaly Goldshteyn

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Vitaly Goldshteyn


phone: +79266879276

02 October 1987

Graduated from Saratov State University in 2009 (faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology). Finished Phd education in Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in 2012.

Science work:

I take part in two conferences and have three articles about combinatorics. Defend my thesis in November 2013.

Algotrithm competition: Studying at school, I participated in mathematics and informatics Olympiads. I am gold medal winner in the 16th International Olympiad in Informatics (Athens 2004). As a student I participated in ACM and TopCoder contests (including Google Code Jams).  I am silver medal winner on Final ACM ICPC (Tokyo, 2007). I was finalist of ACM ICPC (Shanghai, 2005, 17th place), Google Code Jam Europe (Dublin, 2006) and Google Global Code Jam (NY 2006). I am one of the 48 finalists of TopCoder Open, which will take place 26 June 2007.

Since 2004 I taught Computer Science high school students. I am jury member of Russian Olympiad in informatics (high school), Southern Subregion Quarterfinal ACM ICPC and Moscow Subregion Quaterfinal.

2004-now Teacher in Summer Informatics School (

2009-now Head of the curriculum department in Summer Informatics School (

2007-2010 I was one of the coaches of Saratov State University teams for ACM ICPC. In 2009 one of the team took 4th place and get gold medal. Next year the same team took 7th place and get silver medal. Since September 2009 till now I am teaching students of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Practice course of C++, algorithms and data structures for 1-, 2-, 3-year students. Leсtures about algorithms and data structures for 1-, 2-year students Scientific adviser for 4-year students.

My students have tried to create extension of STL (

In Yandex I am leader of interns' group. The main goal is to prepare interns to real work (base principles of industry programming, unix tools, planning tools, etc...).

Working as software engineer: Saratov state university (2007-2009):

supporting web sites and online testing system.

One of the project:

Programming language (Java, C++, php)

Platform: mostly Windows

Google: 2008 (January - May) software engineer intern.

Project: search quality (data mining, multi thread programming)

Programming language (Java, C++, python, bash)

Platform: Linux
Yandex ( (2009 January - 2013 ) software engineer.

Project (2009-now): "traffic  jams" (multi thread (and machine) programming,

high load systems, graph algorithms, machine learning algorithms)


Programming language: C++ (c++11, stl, boost), python, bash, r

Platform: Linux

Project(2012 may - 2013 January): "programming contest system" (

Java: database, ORM, Google Web Toolkit

C++: low level linux api (process controlling), boost

Programming language: Java, C++, python

Platform: Linux
Google (2013 January - now)

Project: machine learning tools

Programming language: C++ (c++11), python, Java

Platform: Linux

Список публикаций (

[1] В.Б. Гольдштейн, О проблеме Борсука и Грюнбаума для (0, 1)- и (−1, 0, 1)- многогранников в пространствах малой размерности // Доклады РАН , 448 (2013), N2, 131—132.

[2] В.Б. Гольдштейн, О проблеме Борсука для (0, 1)- и (−1, 0, 1)-многогранников в пространствах малой размерности // Труды МФТИ, 4 (2012), N1, 91—110.

[3] В.Б. Гольдштейн, О проблеме Грюнбаума для (0, 1)- и (−1, 0, 1)- многогранников в пространствах малой размерности // Труды МФТИ, 4 (2012), N4, 41—50.

[4] В.Б. Гольдштейн, О проблеме Борсука для (0, 1)–многогранников и кросс-политопов // Сборник тезисов 54-ой научной конференции МФТИ, 2012. [5] V.B. Goldshteyn, A.M. Raigorodskii, The Borsuk and Gr¨unbaum problems for (0, 1)- and (−1, 0, 1)-polyhedra in low dimensions // A collection of the abstracts of 4th Polish Combinatorial Conference, 2012.

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