Ing She is dancing

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UNIT 13 part 1 Present Continuous
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Present Continuous

We use the present continuous to explain what someone is doing right now.

We use the verb TO BE and a verb that ends in –ing

For example: He is sleeping

She is dancing
We are reading
I am talking

It´s easy! Now it’s your turn to try. Fill in the blanks:

  1. He ______ walking.

  2. They ______ running.

  3. I ______ eating.

  4. We ______ drinking.

  5. She ______ working.

  6. The cat ______ sleeping.

M atch the sentences to the correct picture

T he boy is crying.

H e is drinking water.

T he girl is singing.

He is sleeping.

S he is cleaning the television.
Download 211.19 Kb.

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