Instructions for individual augmentee pre-deployment training (iapdt 12/02)

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  1. Timings/working hours

Personnel Administration Form (PAF) last submission date

30 AUGUST 2012

Travel to Stavanger

Arrival 19 SEP 2012

In processing

19 SEP 2012 from 1000 to 2000 (JWC F-BLOCK)

Event period

20 SEP to 26 SEP 2012

Daily working hours

From 0800 to approximately 1800

Travel return

No earlier than 1500 on 26 SEP 2012

  1. Reporting and Administration. Participants must complete and submit a Personal Administration Form (PAF) electronically to JWC Real Life Support (RLS) no later than the last submission date stated for the event as listed in paragraph 1. If the PAF is submitted after the deadline, personnel will be responsible for obtaining their own accommodation. An electronic version of the PAF can be found at the following WISE link on NATO Secret:

The PAF template can also be found on the front page of the JWC unclassified home page:

    1. Completed PAFs should be sent by one of the following means:


        2. Unclassified e-mail:

        3. Fax: +47 5287 9259

    1. Please ensure your PAF is completely filled out prior to submission. All PAF information is crucial as it is the main tool for the planning of all logistic support (transportation, accommodation, catering, etc.). Phone numbers and e-mail addresses will only be used to clarify information provided or in case of emergency.

  1. Accommodation. JWC has pre-booked both military and civilian (Hotels) accommodation for IAPDT 12/02 participants (both SMEs and Training Audience). Participants must indicate their preferred accommodation on the PAF. JWC RLS will provide specific accommodation instructions by e-mail to all participants shortly after the PAF deadline.

  1. Prices for accommodation will be approximately:

    1. Military: 25 EUR in a shared room (OF4 and below) and 30 Euros in single room (Limited to OF 5 and above)

    2. Hotels: 160 to 190 EUR

  1. Note that the availability of military accommodation is limited, will be assigned on a “first come, first served” basis and may result in some personnel who requested military quarters necessarily being accommodated in hotels. Letters of non-availability for military accommodation will NOT be provided except for those participants that had requested but could not be lodged in military facilities

  1. Upon receiving the PAF, JWC RLS will provide accommodation information via e-mail to each individual. For personnel assigned to a hotel, the individual must notify/contact the respective hotel and secure the reservation with their credit card in order to avoid cancellation. Please also confirm the quoted rate upon securing the reservation and again upon check-in. Any changes to the information submitted in the PAF (for example, arrival or departure time), please notify the hotel directly and inform JWC RLS.

  1. Participants electing not to use the accommodation options provided by JWC RLS will have to make own accommodation arrangements. Those individuals will also be responsible for their daily transportation to the JWC training facility or to find their way to one of the designated transportation pick up points (see paragraph 5).

  1. Disclaimer

  1. Due to the limited availability of commercial accommodations in Stavanger, JWC RLS creates a block booking with local hotels. Once your PAF has been received by JWC RLS, your name is provided to the hotel. The individual is required to confirm the hotel rate and dates (arrival and departure date) with the hotel and secure the room by providing credit card information. Note that the credit card information provided to the hotel will only be used as a guarantee for the room reserved.

  1. The hotel booking arrangement is concluded as soon as the room has been confirmed and secured by the individual. When this is done the booking becomes an obligation between the individual and the hotel. The individual is responsible for cancelling the room should they not participate. They are also required to notify the hotel directly with any changes in travel dates. However, changes to arrival caused by delay or late rescheduling of NATO arranged travel will be communicated to hotel by JWC RLS.

  1. Once the hotel booking arrangement is confirmed and secured, both parties are obliged to fulfil the guidelines laid down in the Norwegian hotel regulations (Norsk Hotellov). If the individual does not make use of the accommodation facilities as agreed when confirming the room, he/she is obliged to pay the standard agreed price. i.e.: no-show without any notice to hotel after confirmation of reservation with credit card information will allow the hotel to deduct payment for one night from your credit card.

  1. Transportation. JWC will provide transportation to and from Stavanger airport if it is requested in the PAF. (Personnel considering use of a taxi from the Stavanger airport to downtown hotels can expect a taxi fare of approximately 55-60 EUR one way.) Daily transportation to and from the JWC training facility will be provided from two designated locations. The daily transportation will begin with pick-up on 20 SEP at 0715 from the Radisson BLU Atlantic Hotel (downtown Stavanger) and 0730 from the Madla Camp parade ground.

  1. In processing. All participants, including JWC personnel, are to in process at the JWC training facility (F-Block, main lobby). In processing will include confirmation of accommodations and departure information, issue of security badge, and registration of e-mail accounts. Participants are to bring the following:

  1. NATO HQ/Military ID Card or civilian passport.

  1. Certified true copy of NATO Security Clearance as required.

  1. NATO Travel Order.

  1. NOK or major credit card to pay for meals/military accommodation.

  1. ADL Certificate (students only). Completion of the ADL course is a pre-requisite to attend the IAPDT.

  1. Meals. The following arrangements have been made for meals during the training:

  1. Breakfast at Hotel or in the Madla mess hall.

  1. Lunch will be available at the JWC training facility.

c) Dinner service will not be provided at the JWC training facility or at the Madla mess hall. A list of restaurants close to Madla Camp will be provided with the JWC welcome package.

d) Meals at the JWC training facility will be served by a civilian catering company and will not exceed 80 NOK (approx 10 EUR) per lunch meal. Participants will be required to pre-purchase meals during in processing.

e) Special dietary requests (i.e. medical requirements) should be indicated on the PAF.

  1. Finance

  1. In accordance with NATO’s long standing principle that “costs lie fall where they fall”, sending nations are responsible for reimbursement of accommodation and meal costs for exercise personnel. During in processing, individuals or nations will pay the civilian catering company, Eurest, for the meals required at JWC. All personnel are encouraged to pay with major credit card or cash. Note that U.S. government credit cards are NOT accepted. For cash payments both EUR and NOK will be accepted however, if paying using EUR there will be an additional administrative fee to cover the conversion fees charged by the banks. Receipts for military accommodation and meals at JWC will be issued to individuals upon payment during in processing.

  1. Please note that once a participant has elected to pay for meals or military accommodation reimbursement of monies will only be made in cases of early departure for operational or compassionate reasons.

  1. Medical

  1. Non-urgent illness or injury treatment will be available at the Madla Camp Medical Centre. The Madla Medical Centre is free of charge for exercise participants (except for pharmacy products). Sick call hours are from 0730 to1530 (Monday to Friday). During the weekend personnel will be directed to local civilian facilities. Participants requiring this medical service must contact the JWC RLS help desk for medical appointment and transportation.

  1. Advanced medical care will be provided by local civilian facilities (for example, Stavanger Legevakt). Some civilian medical facilities require advanced payment for medical care.

  1. Emergency dental care will only provided at local civilian facilities. Individuals will be expected to pay in advance.

  1. Please be advised that it is up to each individual to claim reimbursement for medical expenses through their nation.

  1. U.S. military personnel are authorized assistance from the 426th ABS Medical Aid Station located at JWC. Be advised there are no doctors on base. For those medical issues beyond the capability of the senior medic and for all dental issues, the Aid Station office will assist in making medical/dental appointments with local facilities and can also assist with TRICARE reimbursements. The 426th ABS phone number is +47 51 95 0563/0564. JWC RLS can assist with direction to the facility.

  1. Out processing

  1. Departure day is 26 SEP, no earlier than 1500.

  1. All participants are required to out process with JWC RLS. Items that have been signed for and exercise security access cards must be returned before final departure from the JWC training facility.

  1. Based on the participants’ departure information, personnel will be transported from their accommodations, JWC or Madla Camp (unless otherwise coordinated) to Stavanger airport.

  1. Miscellaneous Information

  1. Dress for military personnel is appropriate battle dress uniform (BDU). There is no requirement for personal protection equipment or weapons. Civilian attire is allowed after duty hours.

  1. No laundry service will be available during the event. There are “self help” launderettes available at JWC and Madla Camp. At JWC the laundry machines, operated by 426th ABS, are coin operated (10 NOK per turn). The laundry machines at Madla Camp are located in each accommodation building and are free of charge for the personnel accommodated in the camp.

  1. Exercise participants are highly encouraged to conduct a money exchange prior to arrival. Except for billeting and meal payments during in processing, EUR will not be accepted elsewhere throughout the exercise or in Norway. For planning purposes, the approximate exchange rate is eight NOK to one EUR, or six NOK to one USD.

  1. NCN phone service will be established throughout the working spaces at the JWC training facility. Personal cell phones are not permitted within the IAPDT work spaces on the bottom two floors of F Block. There are no pay phones for personal phone calls anywhere at Jatta.

  1. Recommended items to bring: Cash (EUR and NOK)/credit card, passport, business cards, alarm clock, shower shoes, robe, padlock, work-out clothes and a large size towel (note: a medium sized towel is issued at Madla Camp), water bottle, toiletries, over-the-counter medicines, wet/cold weather military/civilian clothes, electrical equipment adapter and hangers.

  1. Norway utilizes standard 2-pin 220-volt electrical supply. Gasoline coupons are not authorized and are not available for distribution.

  1. Personnel desiring accommodation, transportation, or messing arrangements other than those outlined in this instruction are individually responsible to coordinate arrangements and to advise JWC RLS.

  1. Further details or any items in addition to this Joining Instruction will be published as an addendum during in processing.

  1. NATO Military and Civilian employees deploying to Norway pursuant to NATO orders have the status, privileges and responsibilities provided under the NATO SOFA and NATO’s Supplementary Agreement with Norway.

  1. All personnel must respect the laws of Norway. Anyone violating local laws may be subject to prosecution by Norwegian authorities. Personnel traveling to Norway should know that Norway does not tolerate drinking alcohol prior to driving. The legal alcohol limit is 0.02% while driving. Essentially, consuming any amount of alcohol prior to driving will cause a person to exceed the legal limit. Anyone detained for driving after drinking alcohol can expect jail time, loss of license, and a very high fine.

  1. JWC RLS Points of Contact

  1. Mr. Hans Hidalgo (JWC RLS Planner). Tel.: NCN: 323- 9251, Commercial: + 47 5287 9251, Cellph: +47 480 15 885.

E-mail (Nato Secret): JWC SPT RLS Hidalgo H

E-mail (unclassified/open):

  1. SSG Martinez (JWC RLS Accommodation POC). Tel.: NCN: 323-9253, Commercial: +47 5287 9253. Cellph: +47 948 65 470.

E-mail (Nato Secret): JWC SPT RLS Martinez, Daniel OR-6

E-mail (unclassified/open):



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