Instructions Using the memo format, write a two-page

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Due: Friday, July 24, 2020

Worth: 10%


Using the MEMO FORMAT, write a TWO-PAGE informal report using ONE of the topics below. You have a choice between an Information Report and a Progress Report.

  1. Information Report:

You are the student representative for the Wellness Committee at Cambrian, which is currently looking for ways to improve wellness for students. As a student representative on the committee, you have been asked to assess what the College does for student wellness from a student’s perspective. This could mean physical, spiritual or psychological wellness.
Although a fictional situation, I recommend surveying the college and the services it offers. While details about the meetings and the committee work are imagined, try and make this true to students and their needs as possible. Remember, this is an information report and not a recommendation!

  1. Progress Report:

You work for a relatively small (300 employee) family-owned company, and your manager recently resigned quite suddenly. You were selected by your colleagues and the company owners to be on the hiring committee for the new manager. The last one was not very well liked, so you have also been tasked with providing a progress report about the search to your colleagues and the owners. Interviews begin next week. Your report should detail the progress the committee has made thus far: who the committee members are, how they were chosen, what the committee is looking for in a candidate, and how a candidate will be chosen. Any other details you feel are logical and important should also be included.

Use Times New Roman 12 pt. font, 1” margins

Include headings and organization as discussed in class
Marking Scheme

Content/Organization (10)

Format (10)

Spelling/Grammar (10)
Download 14.15 Kb.

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