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coardo = {n} coward

coax = {n} caw {Hence:} coaxar-coaxamento

coaxamento = {n} (act of) cawing, croaking

coaxar = {v} to caw, croak

cobalt (có-) = {n} cobalt; `azur' or `blau de cobalt' cobalt blue {Hence:} cobaltite; cobaltic; cobaltifere

cobaltic = {adj} cobaltic

cobaltifere = {adj} cobaltiferous

cobaltite = {n} [Mineral.] colbaltite

Coblenz (có-) = {npr} Coblenz

cobra = {n} [Zool.l cobra

coca = {n} coca {Hence:} cocaina &

cocaina (-ína) = {n} cocaine {Hence:} cocainismo; cocainizar-cocainization; cocainomano etc.

cocainizar = {v} to cocainize

cocainization = {n} cocainization

cocainismo = {n} cocainism

cocainomania (-ía) = {n} cocaine habit

cocaino-mano (-ó-) = {n} cocaine addict {Hence:} cocainomania

cocarda = {n} cockade

coccinella = {n} [Zool.l (Coccinella; {also:} ladybird, ladybug

cocco- = {n} [occurring in compounds] cocco-, cocc- (= grain, seed, berry) {Hence:} echinococco etc.; streptococco etc.; oxcycocco etc. ...

cocer [coc-/coct ] = {v} 1. to cook (as in "to cook meat, vegetables, etc."); 2. to bake ("to bake pottery"); `cocer in le forno' to bake {Hence:} coco; cocina &; coction; decocer &; recocer

cochi (-sh-) = {n} carriage, coach, car {Hence:} cochiero; cochiar

cochiar (-sh-) = {v} to drive (a carriage, coach, etc.)

cochiero (-sh-) = {n} coachman, driver

cochinilia (-sh-) = {n} 1. cochineal insect; 2. cochineal


cochlea see coclea

cocina = {n} kitchen; {also:} cooking, cuisine; libro de cocina cookery book, cookbook {Hence:} cocinero; cocinar

cocinar = {v} to cook (= to do the cooking)

cocinero = {n} cook

cocktail [Al = {n} cocktail

coclea, cochlea = {n} 1. snail; {also:} snail shell; 2. [Anat.] cochlea {Hence:} coclear &; coclearia; cocleate

coclear = {n} spoon; coclear de caffe coffee spoon {Hence:} coclearata; cocleariforme etc.

coclearata = {n} spoonful

coclearia, cochlearia = {n} [Bot.] Cochlearia

cocleari-forme = {adj} spoon-shaped

cocleate, cochleate = {adj} cochleate, cochleated (= shaped like a snail shell)

coco (1) = {n} cook

coco (2) = {n} 1. coco, coconut palm; 2. coconut

cocon [F] = {n} cocoon

coct- see cocer

coction = {n} 1. (action of) cooking; 2. digestion

cod- see codice

coda [I] = {n} [Mus.] coda

codice (có-) = {n} I. codex (1. manuscript volume; 2. pharmacopoeia); II. code (1. body of laws; 2. conventional system of rules, symbols, etc.); codice civil civil law; codice penal penal code; codice commercial commercial law; codice militar articles of war; codice telegraphic telegraphic code {Hence:} codicillo; codificar &

codicillo = {n} [Law] codicil

codificar = {v} to codify {Hence:} codification; codificator

codification = {n} codification

codificator = {n} codifier

coeducation = {n} coeducation

coefficiente = {n} [Math.] coefficient

coercer = {v} to coerce, compel Hencc: coercibile-coercibilitate, incoercibile; coercition; coercitive

coercibile = {adj} coercible

coercibilitate = {n} coercibility, coercibleness

coercition = {n} coercion, compulsion

coercitive = {adj} coercive

coetanee = {adj} coetaneous

coeterne = {adj} coeternal

coeternitate = {n} coeternity

coexistente = {adj} coexistent

coexistentia = {n} coexistence

coexister = {v} to coexist

coffretto = {n} (small) chest; {also:} small coffer, small trunk

coffro = {n} 1. coffer, casket, chest; 2. trunk (= traveling box or chest) {Hence:} coffretto; incoffrar

cogitar v. to cogitate {Hence:} cogitation; excogitar &

cogitation = {n} cogitation

Cognac [F] = {npr} Cognac; cognac cognac

cognate = {adj} cognate {Hence:} cognation; cognato

cognation = {n} 1. blood relationship, kinship; 2. [Law] cognation

cognato = {n} [Law] cognate (1. kinsman; 2. relative on the mother's side)

cognit- see cognoscer

cognite (có-) = {adj} (well-)known

cognition = {n} [Philos.] cognition

cognitive = {adj} cognitive

cognoscentia = {n} 1. knowledge, acquaintance; 2. acquaintance (= person with whom one is acquainted); cognoscentia de knowledge of, acquaintance with; prender cognoscentia de to take cognizance of

cognoscer [-gnosc-/-gnit-] = {v} to know, be acquainted with; cognoscer un persona de vista or de nomine to know someone by sight or by name; facer cognoscer to make known {Hence:} cognoscimento; cognoscentia; cognoscibile-incognoscibile; cognition; cognitive; cognoscitor; cognite-incognite-incognito; precognoscer-precognition; recognoscer &

cognoscibile = {adj} knowable, cognizable, cognoscible

cognoscimento = {n} 1. (act of) knowing; knowledge; 2. bill of lading

Cognoscitor = {n} connoisseur

cohabitar = {v} 1. to dwell or live together; 2. to cohabit

cohabitation = {n} cohabitation

cohereditar = {v} to inherit conjointly

cohereditario = {n} coheir; cohereditarios joint heirs

coherente 1. ppr of coherer; 2. {adj} coherent

coherentia = {n} coherence

coherer [-her-/-hes-] = {v} to cohere, be coherent {Hence:} coherente-coherentia, incoherente-incoherentia; cohesion; cohesive; cohesor; coheritor

coheritor = {n} [Radio] coherer

cohes- see coherer

cohesion = {n} cohesion

cohesive = {adj} cohesive

cohesor = {n} [Radio] coherer

cohorte = {n} [Rom. Antiq.] cohort

coincidental = {adj} coincidental

coincidente = {adj} coincident

coincidentia = {n} coincidence

coincider = {v} to coincide {Hence:} coincidente-coincidental, coincidentia

cointeressato = {n} joint party in interest

coke [A] = {n} coke

col- see con-

colar = {v} to strain, filter

colatorio = {n} strainer (= device for straining, filtering etc.)

colatura = {n} (process of) straining, filtering

cold-cream [A] = {n} [Cosmetics] cold cream

coleo- = {n} [occurring in compounds] coleo- (= sheath) {Hence:} coleoptere etc.

coleo-ptere = {adj} [Entom.] coleopterous {Hence:} coleoptero

coleoptero (-óp-) = {n} [Entom.] coleopter, beetle; coleopteros [Entom.] Coleoptera

coler [col-/cult-] = {v} 1. to cultivate, till; 2. to abide, dwell; 3. to care for; 4. to honor, reverence, worship {Hence:} colono &; cultivar &; cultor-viticultor etc.; cultura &: culte-cultismo, inculte; culto; agricola etc.; ignicola etc.; regnicola etc.; agricole etc.

colic = {adj} colic, colonic

colica = {n} colic

colitis (-ítis) = {n} colitis

colla = {n} paste, glue {Hence:} colloide &; collose; collar-discollar; ichthyocolla etc.; glycocolla etc.

collaber [-lab/-laps-] = {v} to collapse, break down {Hence:} collapso

collaborar = {v} 1. to collaborate; 2. to contribute ("to contribute to a periodical, etc.") {Hence:} collaboration; collaborator

collaboration = {n} collaboration

collaborator = {n} 1. collaborator; 2. contributor ("contributor to a periodical, etc.")

collaps- see collaber

collapso = {n} [Med.] collapse, breakdown

collar = {n} necklace, collar, etc. (= band, chain or the like, worn around the neck)

collar = {v} to paste, glue

collateral = {adj} collateral (1. side by side; 2. of common descent but by different line)

colle = {n} hill {Hence:} collina &

collect- see colliger

collecta = {n} 1. collection (= act of collecting money for a particular purpose); 2. [Liturg.] collect

collection = {n} collection (= things collected)

collective = {adj} collective

collectivismo = {n} collectivism

collectivista = {n} collectivist

collectivitate = {n} collectivity (1. quality of being collective; 2. collective whole; {also:} people as a body, community)

collectivo = {n} collective (1. collective whole; 2. [Cram.] "collective noun")

collector = {n} I. collector (1. one who collects stamps, books, prints, etc.; 2. official who collects taxes, duties, etc.); II. [Elec.] commutator

collega = {n} colleague

collegial = {adj} collegiate, collegial; ecclesia collegial collegiate church

collegian = {adj} high-school, preparatory-school

collegio = {n} 1. college (as in "college of cardinals"); 2. secondary school; collegio electoral Electoral College {Hence:} collegial; collegian

collider [-lid-/-lis-] = {v} to collide {Hence:} collision

colliger [-lig-/-lect-] = {v} I. to gather (1. to pick; 2. to infer); II. to collect (as in "to collect stamps") {Hence:} collection; collective-collectivismo, collectivista, collectivitate, collectivo; collector; collecta; recolliger &

collina = {n} hill {Hence:} collinetta; collinose

collinetta = {n} hillock

collinose = {adj} hilly

collis- see collider

collision = {n} collision (1. crash; 2. clash, conflict)

collo = {n} 1. neck; 2. [Clothing] collar {Hence:} collar; decollar &; accollar &; laticolle etc.

collocar = {v} to collocate {Hence:} collocation

collocation = {n} collocation

collodio = {n} [Chem.] collodion

colloidal = {adj} colloidal

colloide = {adj} colloid {Hence:} colloide (2)-colloidal

colloide = {n} colloid

colloquer [-loqu-/-locut-] = {v} to converse, be engaged in colloquy {Hence:} colloquio-colloquial-colloquialismo

colloquial = {adj} colloquial

colloquialismo = {n} colloquialism

colloquio = {n} colloquy (= conversation)

collose = {adj} sticky, gluey

colluder [-lud /-lus-] = {v} to collude {Hence:} collusion; collusive

collus- see colluder

collusion = {n} [Law] collusion

collusive = {adj} collusive, colluding

colo = {n} strainer (= device for straining filtering, etc.); also: colander, filter {Hence:} colar-colatorio, colatura, escolar &, recolar, percolar &

colon = {n} [Anat.] colon {Hence:} colitis-enterocolitis etc.; colic-colica

colonia = {n} colony (1. settlement in a new country; 2. as in "artists' colony"); colonia penitentiari penal farm or colony Colonia {npr} Cologne; aqua de Colonia (eau de) Cologne

colonial = {adj} colonial

colonizabile = {adj} colonizable

colonizar = {v} to colonize (= to establish a colony in)

colonization = {n} colonization

colonizator = {n} colonizer

colonna = {n} column (1. [Arch.]; 2. [Mil.]) {Hence:} colonnada; colonnello

colonnada = {n} colonnade

colonnello = {n} colonel; locotenente colonnello lieutenant colonel

colono = {n} 1. tenant farmer; 2. colonist, settler {Hence:} colonia-colonial; colonizar-colonizabile, colonization, colonizator

color = {n} color (1. as in "the colors of the rainbow"; 2. coloring matter, paint); color local local color {Hence:} colorista; colorar-coloration, colorito, discolorar; incolor; multicolor etc.; tricolor etc.

colorar = {v} to color (= to give color to)

coloration = {n} coloration

colorista = {n} colorist

colorito = {n} [Art] coloring

colossal = {adj} colossal

Colosseo (-éo) = {npr} Colosseum, Coliseum

colosso = {n} colossus {Hence:} Colosseo; colossal

colpar = {v} to hit, strike, etc.; {also:} to knock, rap, etc.

colpator = {n} one who hits, strikes, etc.

colpo = {n} blow, stroke; {also:} knock, rap; colpo de vento gust, blast of wind; colpo de sol sunstroke; colpo de gratia coup de grâce, finishing stroke; colpo de stato coup d'état; colpo de apoplexia apoplectic stroke; colpo de mar breaker (= foamcrested wave) {Hence:} colpar-colpator; paracolpos etc.

columba = {n} pigeon; {also:} dove {Hence:} columbite; columbario; columbera; columbin-Columbina

columbario = {n} [Rom. Antiq.] columbarium

Columbia = {n} 1. Colombia, Columbia; 2. Columbia (= America); Columbia Britannic British Columbia; Districto de Columbia District of Columbia

columbian = {adj} 1. Colombian, Columbian; 2. Columbian (= American)

columbera = {n} dovecot, pigeon-house

columbin = {adj} columbine, dove

Columbina = {npr} [Theat.] Columbine

columbite = {n} [Mineral.] columbite

columbium (-lúm-) = {n} [Chem.l columbium

Columbo, Christophoro = {npr} [1446?-1506] Christopher Columbus; le ovo de Columbo the egg of Columbus {Hence:} Columbia-columbian, columbium

columna = {n} column (1. [Arch.]; 2. [Print.]; 3. [Mil.]); columna vertebral spinal column, backbone; quinte columna fifth column {Hence:} columnada

columnada = {n} colonnade

com- = {n} [occurring in derivatives]; Comus [Mythol.] Comus {Hence:} comic-tragicomic etc.; comico; comedo etc.

com- see also con-

coma [-ma/-mat-] = {n} coma {Hence:} comatose

comat- see coma

comatose = {adj} comatose

combattente = {n} 1. combatant; 2. [Ornith.] ruff (= Machetes pugnax)

combatter = {v} 1. to fight with, combat; 2. to fight, struggle {Hence:} combatto; combattente; combattive-combattivitate

combattive = {adj} combative

combattivitate = {n} combativeness

combatto = {n} fight, combat; combatto singular single combat

combinabile = {adj} combinable

combinar = {v} to combine (= to cause to combine) {Hence:} combinabile; combination; combinatori

combination = {n} combination

combinatori = {adj} combinatory

comburente 1. ppr of comburer; 2. {adj} [Chem.] comburent

comburer [-bur-/-bust-] = {v} to burn up, consume {Hence:} comburente; combustibile-combustibilitate, incombustibile-incombustibilitate; combustion; combustive

combust- see comburer

combustibile = {adj} combustible (= capable of undergoing combustion) combustibile {n} 1. combustible; 2. fuel

combustibilitate = {n} combustibility

combustion = {n} combustion (1. process of burning; 2. [Chem.]; 3. violent agitation, tumult); combustion spontanee spontaneous combustion

combustive = {adj} combustive

comedia = {n} comedy

comediano = {n} comedian (1. actor in a comedy; 2. author of comedies)

com-edo = {n} comedian {Hence:} comedia-comediano; tragicomedia etc.

comenciamento = {n} beginning, commencement

comenciante = {n} beginner (= novice, tyro)

comenciar = {v} to begin, commence {Hence:} comenciamento; comenciante; comenciator; recomenciar-recomenciamento

comenciator = {n} beginner (= one who begins something)

comestibile = {adj} edible, eatable, comestible

comestibiles = {npl} (articles of) food, comestibles

cometa = {n} comet; cometa (de papiro) (paper) kite {Hence:} cometari

cometari = {adj} cometary

comic = {adj} comic (1. pertaining to comedy; 2. comical); opera comic light opera

comico = {n} comedian (= an actor who plays comedy)

comma = {n} comma (1. [Typog.]; 2. [Mus.])

commandamento = {n} commandment

commandante = {n} [Army, Navy] commander; {also:} commandant

commandar = {v} to command (1. to give an order to; 2. to have authority or power over) {Hence:} commando; commandamento; commandante; commandator

commandator = {n} commander (= one who exercises authority)

commando = {n} command (1. act of commanding; 2. power to command; 3. body of troops under a commander; {also:} commando)

commatrage (-aje) = {n} gossip(ing)

commatrar = {v} to gossip

commatre = {n} 1. (spiritual kinswoman by the sacrament of baptism) godmother, etc.; 2. gossip (= gossiping woman) {Hence:} commatrar-commatrage

commear = {v} to pass to and fro, go and come {Hence:} commeato

commeato = {n} furlough, leave

commedia dell'arte [I] commedia dell' arte

commemorar = {v} to commemorate {Hence:} commemoration; commemorative

commemoration = {n} commemoration; in commemoration de in commemoration of

commemorative = {adj} commemorative; servicio commemorative memorial (service)

commendabile = {adj} commendable

commendar = {v} to commend (= to praise) {Hence:} commendabile; commendation; recommendar &

commendation = {n} commendation (= praise)

commensurabile = {adj} [Math.] commensurable, commeasurable

commensurabilitate = {n} commensurability

commensurar = {v} to commeasure {Hence:} commensurabile-commensurabibtate, incommensurabile-incommensurabilitate, commensuration

commensuration = {n} commensuration

commentar = {v} to comment on, upon (1. to annotate; 2. to criticize, make comments on) {Hence:} commentario; commentator

commentario = {n} 1. commentary (= series of annotations on a text); 2. comments (= malicious talk); commentarios [Hist.] commentaries, memoirs

commentator = {n} commentator (= writer of a commentary on a text)

commento = {n} comment, criticism

commerciabile = {adj} marketable, merchantable

commercial = {adj} commercial

commercializar = {v} to commercialize

commercialization = {n} commercialization

commercialismo = {n} commercialism

commerciar = {v} to trade, deal (= to do business); commerciar con 1. to deal, do business, with; 2. to associate, have dealings with; commerciar in to deal in

commercio = {n} commerce (1. trade, business; 2. intercourse, dealings); Camera de Commercio Chamber of Commerce; facer le commercio ambulante to peddle (= to go about peddling) {Hence:} commercial-commercializar-commercialization, commercialismo, commercializar-commercialization; commerciar-commerciabile

commiscer [-misc-/-mixt-] = {v} to mix together, intermingle {Hence:} commixtion

commiserar = {v} to pity, commiserate {Hence:} commiseration

commiseration = {n} commiseration

commiss- see committer

commissar = {n} [U.S.S.R.] commissar

commissariato = {n} 1. commissioner's or commissary's position, tenure, bureau, etc.; 2. commissariat

commissario = {n} 1. commissioner, commissary; 2. commissar {Hence:} commissariato

commission = {n} commission (1. charge; 2. pro rata remuneration; 3. body of persons charged with some specified function); peccatos de omission e de commission sins of omission and commission; facer un commission to do an errand {Hence:} commissionero; commissionar

commissionar = {v} to commission ("to commission someone to do something")

commissionero = {n} commission agent

commisso = {n} clerk (1. office worker; 2. sales clerk); commisso viagiator traveling salesman

commissura = {n} commissure

committee [A] = {n} committee

committer [-mitt-/-miss-] = {v} to commit (1. to entrust; 2. to perpetrate) {Hence:} commission &; commissura; commissario &; commisso; fideicommitter etc.

commixt- see commiscer

commixtion = {n} commixture

commoda = {n} chest (of drawers); commode

commodar = {v} -; commodar un cosa a un persona to lend something to someone; to place a thing at someone's disposal

commodato = {n} [Law] commodatum, commodate

commode (có-) = {adj} handy, convenient, comfortable, suitable, etc. {Hence:} commoditate; commodar-commodato; accommodar &; incommode-incommoditate, incommodar; commoda

commoditate = {n} convenience, handiness, comfort, etc.; commoditates conveniences

commodore [A] = {n} commodore (= officer's rank in certain navies, with functions varying from nation to nation)

commot- see commover

commotion = {n} tremor, agitation, commotion (= violent physical or mental disturbance); commotion cerebral concussion of the brain

commover [-mov-/-mot-] = {v} to move (= to affect with emotion) {Hence:} commotion

commun = {adj} common (1. "common to more than one"; 2. ordinary, prevalent, etc.); loco commun commonplace, platitude; senso commun common sense; de commun accordo by common consent; in commun in common; foris or foras del commun out of the ordinary; communes commoners, common people; Camera del Communes House of Commons {Hence:} communion &; communismo; communista-ex-communista; communitate; communal; communicar &; communa &

communa = {n} [Admin., Pol.] commune; Communa (de Paris) Paris Commune {Hence:} communardo

communal = {adj} communal

communardo = {n} Communard

communicabile = {adj} communicable (= that can be communicated by speech or writing)

communicabilitate = {n} communicableness

communicar = {v} to communicate (1. to impart, transmit; 2. to interchange thoughts, ideas, etc. by speech or writing; 3. to receive Holy Communion) {Hence:} communicabile-communicabilitate, incommunicabile-incommunicabilitate; communication; communicative; communicator; communicato; excommunicar &

communication = {n} communication (1. act of imparting, transmitting; 2. interchange of thoughts, ideas, etc., by speech or writing; 3. verbal or written message); porta de communication communicating door

communicative = {adj} communicative, talkative

communicato = {n} communiqué

communicator = {n} communicator

communion = {n} communion; communion del sanctos communion of saints; sancte communion Holy Communion {Hence:} postcommunion

communismo = {n} communism

communista = {n} communist

communitate = {n} community (1. "community of interest, ideas, etc."; 2. [Sociol., Pol., etc.])

commutabile = {adj} commutable

commutabilitate = {n} commutability

commutar = {v} to commute (1. to change, exchange; 2. [Law]; 3. [Elec.] to commutate); commutar in [Law] to commute to {Hence:} commutabile-commutabilitate, incommutabile-incommutabilitate; commutation; commutative; commutator

commutation = {n} commutation (1. exchange; substitution; 2. [Law]; 3. [Elec.])

commutative = {adj} commutative (as in "commutative contract")

commutator = {n} [Elec.] commutator, change-over switch

como = {adv/conj} 1. how; 2. as; {also:} like, similarly to; como illa es belle! how beautiful she is! tante (grande) como as (big) as; (face) como (vos vole) (do) as (you wish); como si as though, as if

comocunque = {adv/conj} however, in whatever manner

compact- see comping-

compactar = {v} to compact, consolidate, condense

compacte = {adj} compact, dense

compaginar = {v} to assemble (= to join, link)

compania (-ía) = {n} company (1. companionhip; 2. group of people joined together for some purpose; 3. [Mil.]); tener compania a un persona to keep someone company; Smith e Compania Smith and Co. {Hence:} accompaniar &

companion = {n} companion (1. associate, fellow; 2. anything that matches or goes with another in kind, size, etc.); companion de armas companion in arms; bon companion boon companion, jolly fellow

comparabile = {adj} comparable; comparabile con comparable with; comparabile a comparable to

comparabilitate = {n} comparability

comparar = {v} to compare (as in "to compare two books")

comparation = {n} comparison; grados de comparation degrees of comparison

comparative = {adj} comparative

comparativo = {n} comparative

compare = {adj} like (another), equal (to another) {Hence:} comparar-comparabile-comparabilitate, incomparabile-incomparabilitate, comparation, comparative-comparativo

comparer = {v} to appear (in court), compear {Hence:} comparition

comparition = {n} appearance in court, compearance

compartimento = {n} compartment (1. division, partition, etc.; 2. [R.R.])

compartir = {v} to partition into smaller parts {Hence:} compartimento

compass- see compatir

compassar = {v} 1. to do (make, etc.) with studied care; 2. to determine (measure, etc.) by means of compasses {Hence:} compasso

compassion = {n} compassion

compasso = {n} compass (1. pair of compasses; 2. [Naut.])

compatibile = {adj} compatible {Hence:} compatibilitate; incompatibile-incompatibilitate

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