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ballistic = {adj} ballistic

ballistica = {n} ballistics

ballo = {n} ball (= formal dance)

ballon = {n} I. balloon (1. [Chem.]; 2. aerostat); II. (large, air-filled) ball

ballotta = {n} ballot (= ball, ticket, paper, etc., used in secret voting) {Hence:} ballottar-ballottada

ballottada = {n} [Man.] ballotade

ballottar = {v} 1. to ballot; 2. to toss, toss about

balnear = {adj} bath (= pertaining to baths); `station balnear' seaside resort

balneo = {n} bath (1. act of giving or taking a bath; 2. bath water); `balneos' baths (= hot or mineral springs) {Hence:} balnear; balneotherapia etc.

balneo-therapia (-ía) = {n} balneotherapy

balsamic = {adj} 1. balsamic; 2. balmy

balsamifere = {adj} balsamiferous

balsamina = {n} [Bot.] balsamine, garden balsam {Hence:} balsaminacee-balsaminaceas

balsaminaceas = {npl} [Bot.] Balsaminaceae

balsaminacee = {adj} [Bot.] balsaminaceous

balsamita = {n} [Bot.] tansy (= Tanacetum balsamita)

balsamo (bál-) = {n} balm, balsam (1. balsamic resin; 2. ointment) {Hence:} balsamina &; balsamita; balsamic; balsamifere; imbalsamar &

Balthasar = {npr} [Bib.] Belshazzar, Balthasar, Balthazar

baltic = {adj} Baltic; Mar Baltic Baltic (Sea); `Statos Baltic' Baltic States

Baltico = {npr} Baltic (Sea)

balto = {n} Balt (1. member of ethnic group including Lithuanians and Letts; 2. member of German land-owning class in the Baltic States; also: Baltic baron, etc.) {Hence:} baltic-Baltico; balto-slavo etc.

balto-slavic = {adj} Balto-Slavic

balto-slavo = {n} Balto-Slav {Hence:} balto-slavic

balustrada = {n} balustrade; {also:} railing

balustrar = {v} to balustrade

balustro = {n} baluster, banister {Hence:} balustrada; balustrar

bambu (-ú) = {n} [Bot.] bamboo

banal = {adj} banal, trite {Hence:} banalitate

banalitate = {n} banality, triteness

banana = {n} banana

banca = {n} bank (1. [Fin.]; 2. [Gambling]); `billet de banca' bank note {Hence:} bancari; banchero; bancar-bancabile; bancarupta etc.

bancabile = {adj} bankable

bancar = {v} [Fin.] to bank

bancari = {adj} bank; `(disconto) bancari' bank (discount); `(negotio) bancari' banking (business)

banca-rupta = {n} bankruptcy; `facer bancarupta' to go bankrupt {Hence:} bancaruptero

bancaruptero = {n} bankrupt

banch- = {see} `banco', `banca'

banchero = {n} banker

banchettar = {v} 1. to feast, eat lavishly; 2. to banquet

banchettator = {n} banqueter, feaster

banchetto = {n} banquet {Hence:} banchettar-banchettator

banco = {n} 1. bench; 2. bank, shoal; 3. counter (in a store) {Hence:} banchetto &; banca &

banda (1) = {n} band (1. group of people; 2. [Mus.]) {Hence:} disbandar &

banda (2) = {n} band (1. narrow strip of material; 2. bandage) {Hence:} bandar-bandage

bandage (-aje) = {n} bandage, dressing

bandar = {v} to bandage; `bandar le oculos a un persona' to blindfold a person

bandiera = {n} banner, flag {Hence:} bandierola

bandierola = {n} banderole, streamer

banditismo = {n} banditry, banditism

bandito = {n} bandit {Hence:} banditismo

baniar = {v} to bathe (= to give a bath to); `baniar se' 1. to take a bath; 2. to go in bathing

baniator = {n} bather

banio = {n} bath (1. act of giving or taking a bath; 2. bath water); `banios' baths (= hot or mineral springs); `camera de banio' bathroom {Hence:} baniar-baniator; banio-maria etc.

banio-maria (-ía) = {n} 1. water bath; 2. double boiler

banjo = {n} banjo

bannimento = {n} banishment (1. act of exiling; 2. exile)

bannir = {v} to banish

banno = {n} 1. proclamation, edict; 2. (= ban sentence of outlawry); 3. banishment; bannos banns {Hence:} bannir-bannimento

baptizar = {v} to baptize; {also:} to christen {Hence:} baptismo-baptismal; baptista; baptisterio; baptizator; anabaptizar-anabaptismo, anabaptista; rebaptizar-rebaptismo

baptizator = {n} baptizer

baptismal = {adj} baptismal

baptismo = {n} baptism; `nomine de baptismo' baptismal or Christian name

baptista (1) = {n} 1. baptizer; 2. [Theol.] Baptist, Anabaptist; `Sancte Johannes Baptista' Saint John the Baptist

baptista (2) = {adj} [Theol.] Baptist, Anabaptist

baptisterio = {n} baptistery (1. part of a church reserved for baptism; 2. receptacle containing water for the baptismal rite)

bar [A] = {n} bar (= place where liquor is served)

barba = {n} beard; `facer le barba (a un persona)' to shave (someone); `Barba Blau' Bluebeard {Hence:} barbero; barberia; barbate; barbar; disbarbar-disbarbate

barbar = {v} to grow a beard

barbare = {adj} barbarous {Hence:} barbaritate; barbarismo; barbarizar; barbaro-barbaric; semibarbare etc.

barbaric = {adj} barbaric

barbarizar = {v} to barbarize

barbarismo = {n} barbarism (1. "barbarism in language"; 2. barbarous social or intellectual condition)

barbaritate = {n} barbarity, barbarousness

barbaro (bá-) = {n} barbarian

barbate = {adj} bearded

barberia (-ía) = {n} barbershop

barbero = {n} barber

barca = {n} boat, bark {Hence:} barcata; barchero; disbarcar-disbarcamento, disbarcatorio; imbarcar-imbarcamento, imbarcation, imbarcatorio, disimbarcar-disimbarcation

barcarola [I] = {n} [Mus.] barcarole, barcarolle

barcata = {n} boatload

barch- = {see} `barca'

barchero = {n} boatman

bardana = {n} burdock

barium (bá-) = {n} barium

baro- = {n} [occurring in compounds] baro- (as in "barometer") {Hence:} barometro etc.; barothermohygrographo etc.; isobare etc.

baroc = {adj} baroque {Hence:} baroco

baroco = {n} baroque (period style, etc.)

baro-gramma = {n} [Meteorol.] barogram

baro-grapho (-ó-) = {n} [Meteorol.] barograph

baro-logia (-ía) = {n} barology

barometric = {adj} barometric

baro-metro (-ó-) = {n} barometer {Hence:} barometric; barometrographo etc.

barometrographia (-ía) = {n} [Meteorol.] barometrography

barometro-grapho (-ógrapho) = {n} [Meteorol.] barometrograph, barograph {Hence:} barometrographia

baron = {n} baron (= nobleman) {Hence:} baronage; baronessa; baronetto; baronia

baronage (-aje) = {n} baronage (1. whole body of barons; 2. dignity or rank of a baron)

baronessa = {n} baroness

baronetto = {n} baronet

baronia (-ía) = {n} barony

baro-thermo-hygrographo (-ógrapho) = {n} barothermohygrograph

barra = {n} I. bar (1. as in "bar of iron, bar of wood," etc.; 2. [Her.]; 3. ridge of horse's palate; 4. "sand bar"; 5. [Law] place where prisoner stands; 6. [Mus.] bar, bar line); II. [Naut.] tiller {Hence:} barriera; barrar-barrage

barraca = {n} 1. hut; 2. barrack (= plain and large building) {Hence:} barracon

barracon = {n} barracoon

barrage (-aje) = {n} I. barrier, bar, obstacle; II. barrage (1. dam; 2. [Mil.])

barrar = {v} to bar (= to close to entrance)

barrica (-íca) = {n} barrico, keg {Hence:} barricada &

barricada = {n} barricade {Hence:} barricadar

barricadar = {v} to barricade

barriera = {n} 1. barrier, obstacle; 2. stockade, fence; 3. tollgate

barril = {n} barrel (1. cask; 2. [Meas.]) {Hence:} barrilero; imbarrilar

barrilero = {n} cooper

bary- = {adj} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] bary- (= heavy) {Hence:} baryta; barytone etc.

baryta = {n} [Mineral.] baryta

bary-tone = {adj} [Phonet.] baritone {Hence:} barytono

barytono (-ítono) = {n} baritone (1. baritone voice; 2. musical instrument)

basal = {adj} basal (1. basic; 2. [Physiol.])

basaltic = {adj} basaltic

basalto = {n} [Mineral.] basalt {Hence:} basaltic

basamento = {n} 1. basement (= lower part of anything); 2. [Arch.] footing (of a column or wall), basement

basar = {v} to base, found; `basar se super' to be based on

bascula = {n} 1. [Technol.] bascule (as in "bascule escapement"); 2. platform scale, weighbridge {Hence:} basculari; bascular-basculation

bascular = {v} to move or be moving leverwise (over a fixed point)

basculari = {adj} bascule (as in "bascule bridge")

basculation = {n} [Surg.] basculation

base = {n} I. base (1. bottom, substructure; 2. [Mil.]; 3. [Chem.]); II. basis, foundation; `base de aviation' air base {Hence:} basal; basic-basicitate, bibasic etc.: basar-basamento; gynobase etc.

baseball [A] = {n} [Sports] baseball

Basel [G] = {npr} Basel, Basle

basiar = {v} to kiss

basic = {adj} basic; {also:} [Chem.]

basicitate = {n} [Chem.] basicity

basilica = {n} basilica (1. [Rom. Hist.]; 2. basilican type of church building)

basio = {n} kiss; `basio de Juda' Judas kiss {Hence:} basiar

bassar = {v} to lower (= to make lower)

basse = {adj} low (1. not high; 2. base, mean); `in voce basse' in a low voice, softly; `marea basse' low tide {Hence:} bassessa; bassar; abassar-abassamento; basse-relievo etc.; basso (1)-contrabasso; basso (2)

basse-relievo = {n} bas-relief

bassessa = {n} baseness

bassinetto = {n} 1. small basin, (shallow) bowl; 2. [Armory] basinet

bassino = {n} basin (1. wide, shallow bowl; 2. dock; 3. "river basin") {Hence:} bassinetto

basso (1) = {n} I. bottom, lower part (of a thing); II. [Mus.] bass (1. lowest part of a musical score; 2. instrument for the lowest part of a musical score; 3. lowest male voice); `a basso' down, downward; `in basso' 1. down, below; {also:} downstairs; 2. down, downward; {also:} downstairs; `a basso (le traitores)!' down with (the traitors)!

basso (2) = {adv} low (1. in a low position; 2. softly)

basson = {n} [Mus.] bassoon

basta = {interj} enough! stop!

bastante = 1 {ppr} of `bastar'; 2. {adj} enough, sufficient; 3. {adv} enough, sufficiently

bastantia = {n} sufficiency, enough

bastar = {v} to be enough, suffice {Hence:} bastante-bastantia

bastarde = {adj} bastard (1. born out of wedlock; 2. spurious; 3. [Print.] as in "bastard type")

bastardia (-ía) = {n} bastardy (= quality of being a bastard)

bastardo = {n} bastard (= illegitimate child) {Hence:} bastarde; bastardia

bastille [F] = {n} [Fortif.] bastille; `Bastille' Bastille

bastion = {n} [Fortif.] bastion

basto = {n} packsaddle

baston = {n} 1. stick, staff; 2. cane, walking stick; `baston de marechal' field marshal's baton {Hence:} bastonada; bastonar

bastonada = {n} bastinado, bastinade

bastonar = {v} to cudgel; to bastinado

batata = {n} sweet potato, batata

*batello = {n} small boat, usually without cover

batik [Malay] = {n} batik; {also:} batiked material {Hence:} batikar

batikar = {v} to batik

batista = {n} batiste

batracho- = {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] {Hence:} batrachomyomachia etc. ...

batracho-myo-machia (-ía) = {n} Batrachomyomachy, Batrachomyomachia (= Battle of the Frogs and the Mice)

battalia = {n} battle; `in battalia' in battle array; `campo de battalia' battlefield {Hence:} battaliar; battaliator

battaliar = {v} to battle

battaliator = {n} battler

battalion = {n} battalion

batter = {v} to beat (1. to strike, pound; 2. to flap; 3. to defeat); `batter se' to fight; `batter moneta' to coin, mint money; `batter (le ferro)' to hammer (iron) {Hence:} battimento; abatter &; combatter &; debatter &; rebatter

batteria (-ía) = {n} 1. [Mil.] battery; 2. kitchen utensils; `batteria (electric)' (electric) battery

battimento = {n} beating (= action of striking, throbbing, fluttering, etc.)

bavare = {adj} Bavarian {Hence:} bavaro-Bavaria, bavarese

bavarese = {adj} Bavarian

Bavaria = {npr} Bavaria

bavaro (bá-) = {n} Bavarian

Bayona = {npr} Bayonne {Hence:} bayonetta

bayonetta = {n} bayonet

Bayonne = {npr} Bayonne

bazar = {n} bazaar (= Oriental market place; {also:} as in "charity bazaar")

beate = {adj} 1. blissful, happy; 2. devout; {also:} sanctimonious {Hence:} beatitude; beatific; beatificar-beatification

beatific = {adj} beatific

beatificar = {v} to beatify

beatification = {n} beatification

beatitude = {n} beatitude

becca-fico = {n} [Ornith.] beccafico

beccar = {v} to peck (= to pick with the beak)

beccata = {n} beakful, billful

becco = {n} beak, bill; `becco (de gas)' (gas) burner {Hence:} beccata; beccar-beccafico etc.

beduin = {n} Bedouin

beefsteak [A] = {n} beefsteak

bel- = {see} `belle'

belga = {n} Belgian {Hence:} Belgica; belge

belge = {adj} Belgian

Belgica = {npr} Belgium

belladonna = {n} [Bot.] deadly nightshade; belladonna

bellar = {v} to war

belle = {adj} beautiful {Hence:} beltate; imbellir-imbellimento

belles-lettres [F] = {npl} belles-lettres; {also:} fiction {Hence:} belletrista-belletristic

belletr- = {see} `belles-lettres'

belletrista = {n} belletrist; {also:} fiction writer

belletristic = {adj} belletristic; {also:} fiction, fictional

bellic = {adj} war (= belonging to war)

bellicose = {adj} bellicose

bellicositate = {n} bellicosity

belli-gerente = {adj} belligerent (= waging war) {Hence:} belligerentia

belli-gerente = {n} belligerent

belligerentia = {n} belligerency

bello = {n} war {Hence:} bellic-bellicose-bellicositate; bellar-rebellar &; belligerente etc.

beltate = {n} beauty (1. loveliness or charm to the sense of sight; 2. beautiful woman)

bemolle = {n} [Mus.] flat

ben (1) = {adv} well; ben! 1. good!; 2. all right!; `ben que' although; `ir ben' 1. to go well; 2. to be well, in good health; `sentir se ben' to feel well {Hence:} benigne &; benefic &; ben-esser etc.; benefacer etc.; benevole etc.; benevolente etc.; benvenite etc.

ben (2) = {n} 1. good (= that which is good); 2. possession, property, etc.; `ben public' public good, commonweal; `benes mobile' personal property, movables; `benes immobile' real estate, immovables

bene-dicer [-dic-/-dict-] = {v} to bless (1. to consecrate; 2. to invoke blessings upon) {Hence:} benediction; benedicte

benedict- = {see} `benedicer'

benedicte = {adj} blessed (1. consecrated holy; 2. enjoying happiness or bliss); `aqua benedicte' holy water

benedictin = {adj} Benedictine

benedictino = {n} 1. Benedictine (monk); 2. benedictine (liqueur)

benediction = {n} benediction, blessing

Benedicto = {nprm} Benedict {Hence:} benedictin-benedictino

bene-facer [-fac-/-fact-] = {v} to do good, be beneficent {Hence:} benefactor

benefact- = {see} `benefacer'

benefactor = {n} benefactor

benefic (-éfic) = {adj} beneficial, benefic {Hence:} beneficio-beneficiario, beneficiar; beneficente-beneficentia

beneficente = {adj} beneficent

beneficentia = {n} beneficence (= active kindness)

beneficiar = {v} to benefit (someone or something); `beneficiar de' to benefit by or from

beneficiario = {n} beneficiary

beneficio = {n} 1. benefit (= advantage, favor); 2. benefice

ben-esser = {n} well-being

*ben que = {conj} although

bene-vole = {adj} benevolent

bene-volente = {adj} benevolent {Hence:} benevolentia

benevolentia = {n} benevolence, good will

benigne = {adj} benign (1. kind, gentle; 2. [Med.] {Hence:} benignitate

benignitate = {n} benignity; kindness

ben-venite = {adj} welcome

benz- = {see} `benzoe'

benzina = {n} benzine

benzoato = {n} benzoate

benzoe (-zóe) = {n} benzoin (1. gum benzoin, benjamin; 2. [Bot.]) {Hence:} benzoato; benzoic; benzoin; benzina-nitrobenzina etc.; benzol

benzoic (-óic) = {adj} benzoic

benzoin (-ín) = {n} benzoin (1. gum benzoin, benjamin; 2. [Bot.]; 3. [Chem.])

benzol = {n} benzol

Beotia = {n} Boeotia {Hence:} beotie-beotio

beotie = {adj} Boeotian

beotio = {n} 1. Boeotian (1. inhabitant of Boeotia; 2. blockhead, Philistine)

bequadro = {n} [Mus;.] natural (sign)

berillos = {npl} glasses, spectacles

Berlin [G] = {npr} Berlin {Hence:} berlinese; berlina

berlina = {n} berlin (= four-wheeled carriage)

berlinese (1) = {adj} Berlin, of Berlin

berlinese (2) = {n} Berliner

Bern [G] = {npr} Bern {Hence:} bernese

bernese = {adj} Bernese

beryllium (-íllium) = {n} [Chem.] beryllium

beryllo = {n} beryl {Hence:} beryllium; chrysoberyllo etc.

bestia = {n} beast {Hence:} bestial-bestialitate

bestial (1) = {adj} bestial, beastly

bestial (2) = {n} cattle, livestock

bestialitate = {n} bestiality, beastliness

beta (1) = {n} [Bot.] beet; `beta foliose' leaf beet; `beta salvage' wild beet; `beta de forrage' mangel-wurzel; `beta de sucro' sugar beet {Hence:} betarapa etc.

beta (2) = {n} beta (= second letter of the Greek alphabet); `radio beta' beta ray; `particula beta' beta particle

beta-rapa = {n} beet (= "common red beet")

betel (bé-) = {n} [Bot.] betel

beton = {n} concrete; `beton armate' iron concrete, reinforced concrete {Hence:} betonar

betonar = {v} to construct with concrete, face with concrete

betula = {n} birch

bi- = {adj} [occurring in compounds] bi- (= two, twice) {Hence:} bicyclo etc.; binomio etc.; bicarbonato etc.; bicorne etc.; bigame etc.: biennal etc.; bilabial etc.; bifide etc.; bifurcar etc.

bi-basic = {adj} [Chem.] dibasic, bibasic

biber (1) = {v} to drink {Hence:} bibule; bibibile-imbibibile; bibitor; bibitura; bibita; imbiber-imbibimento, imbibition; biber (2) &

biber (2) = {n} drink, drinking {Hence:} biberage; abiberar-abiberatorio

biberage (-aje) = {n} beverage, drink; potion

biberon [F] = {n} baby-bottle

bibibile = {adj} drinkable

bibita (bíb-) = {n} drink (1. draught, glassful, etc. of a given beverage; 2. beverage)

bibitor = {n} drinker, drunkard

bibitura = {n} beverage, drink

Biblia = {n} Bible {Hence:} biblista; biblic

biblic = {adj} biblical; `societate biblic' Bible Socicty

biblio- = {n} [occurring in compounds] biblio- (as in "bibliography," "bibliomancy") {Hence:} bibliotheca etc.; bibliophile etc.; bibliographo etc.; bibliomantia etc.

bibliographia (-ía) = {n} bibliography (1. description or history of books; 2. bibliographical list)

bibliographic = {adj} bibliographic

biblio-grapho (-ó-) = {n} bibliographer {Hence:} bibliographia; bibliographic

biblio-latra (-ó-) = {n} bibliolater {Hence:} bibliolatria

bibliolatria (-ía) = {n} bibliolatry

biblio-mane = {adj} bibliomaniac, bibliomaniacal {Hence:} bibliomano

biblio-mania (-ía) = {n} bibliomania

bibliomano (-ó-) = {n} bibliomaniac, bibliomane

biblio-mantia (-ía) = {n} bibliomancy

biblio-phile = {adj} bibliophile {Hence:} bibliophilo

bibliophilo (-ó-) = {n} bibliophile

biblio-theca = {n} I. library (1. place where a collection of books is kept; 2. collection of books); II. closed bookcase {Hence:} bibliothecario

bibliothecario = {n} librarian

biblista = {n} Biblist, Biblicist

bibule = {adj} bibulous, addicted to drink

bi-carbonato = {n} bicarbonate

bi-carburo = {n} bicarburet, bicarbide

bicario = {n} tumbler, goblet, beaker, etc.

bi-centenari = {adj} bicentenary

bi-centenario = {n} bicentenary, bicentennial

bi-chromato = {n} [Chem.] bichromate

bicipital = {adj} bicipital

bi-cipite (1) (-cí-) = {adj} bicipital {Hence:} bicipite (2)-bicipital

bi-cipite (2) (-cí-) = {n} biceps

bi-color = {adj} bicolored, bicolor

bi-corne = {adj} bicorn

bi-cornute = {adj} bicorn, bicornuate

bi-cuspide (-cús-) = {adj} bicuspid

bicyclar = {v} to cycle, bicycle

bicycletta = {n} bicycle

bi-cyclic (1) = {adj} bicyclic (= of two cycles, circles, or wheels)

bicyclic (2) = {adj} bicyclic (= of bicycles)

bicyclista = {n} cyclist, bicyclist

bi-cyclo = {n} bicycle {Hence:} bicycletta; bicyclista; bicyclic (2); bicyclar

bi-dente = {n} bident (= two-pronged instrument)

bi-dimensional = {adj} bidimentional

biella = {n} [Mach.] connecting rod

bi-ennal = {adj} biennial (1. lasting two years; 2. occurring every two years)

bi-fide (bí-) = {adj} bifid

bi-focal = {adj} bifocal, having two foci

bi-forme = {adj} biform

bi-furcar = {v} to bifurcate {Hence:} bifurcation

bifurcation = {n} bifurcation

bi-game (bí-) = {adj} bigamous {Hence:} bigamia; bigamo

bigamia (-ía) = {n} bigamy

bigamo (bí-) = {n} bigamist

bigot = {n} bigot; {attrib.:} bigoted {Hence:} bigoteria

bigoteria (-ía) = {n} bigotry

bi-labial = {adj} [Gram.] bilabial

bi-lateral = {adj} bilateral

bile = {n} bile (1. [Physiol.]; {also:} gall; 2. choler, irascibility, ill-humor) {Hence:} biliari; biliose-biliositate; biliverdina etc.; atrabile etc.

bili- = {see} `bile'

biliardo = {n} 1. billiards; 2. billiard table; `bala de biliardo' billiard ball; `jocar al biliardo' to play billiards

biliari = {adj} [Physiol.] biliary; `calculo biliari' gallstone, bilestone, biliary calculus

bi-lingue = {adj} bilingual {Hence:} bilinguismo

bilinguismo = {n} bilingualism

biliose = {adj} bilious (1. [Med.]; 2. choleric, ill-tempered)

biliositate = {n} biliousness

bili-verdina = {n} [Biochem.] biliverdin

bill [A] = {n} bill (= proposed law)

billet = {n} 1. note (= short letter); 2. ticket (as in "railroad ticket"); 3.billet (= lodging order); `billet (de banca)' (bank) note, bill; `billet a ordine' promissory note made out to order {Hence:} billetero; billeteria; billetar

billetar = {v} to billet

billeteria (-ía) = {n} ticket-window, box-office

billetero = {n} ticket seller

billion = {n} billion (1. thousand millions; 2. million millions) {Hence:} billionesime

billionesime (-ésime) = {adj} billionth; `le billionesime parte, le billionesimo' the billionth part, the billionth

bi-lobate = {adj} bilobate, two-lobed

bi-mane = {adj} [Zool.] bimanous

bimestral = {adj} bimonthly (= occurring once in two months)

bi-mestre = {n} period of two months {Hence:} bimestral

bi-metallismo = {n} bimetallism

bi-metallista = {n} bimetallist

bin = {adj} two by two, two at a time {Hence:} binari; combinar &; binoculo etc.

binari = {adj} binary

bin-oculo = {n} binoculars; {also:} opera glasses

bi-nomie = {adj} [Alg.] binomial {Hence:} binomio

binomio = {n} [Alg.] binomial

bio- = {n} [occurring in compounds] bio- (as in "biology" {Hence:} biologo etc.; biochimia etc.; biogenetic etc; aerobie etc.; amphibie etc.; cenobio etc.; microbio etc.

bio-chimia (-ía) = {n} biochemistry {Hence:} biochimista; biochimic

biochimic = {adj} biochemical

biochimista = {n} biochemist

bio-genese (-gé-) = {n} biogenesis (1. genesis of organinims; 2. "theory of biogenesis") {Hence:} abiogenese

bio-genesis (-gé-) = {n} biogenesis (1. genesis of organisms; 2. "theory of biogenesis") {Hence:} abiogenesis

bio-genetic = {adj} biogenetic {Hence:} abiogenetic

biographia (-ía) = {n} biography

biographic = {adj} biographic

bio-grapho (-ó-) = {n} biographer {Hence:} biographia-autobiographia; biographic-autobiographic

biologia (-ía) = {n} biology

biologic = {adj} biological

biologista = {n} biologist

bio-logo (-ó-) = {n} biologist {Hence:} biologia-biologista; biologic

bi-oxydo (-óx-) = {n} dioxide

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