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International Civil Aviation Organization



17 May 2010


Paris, France 17-19 May 2010

Agenda Item 3a:

ATN/OSI Document 9880 Update Status – Security Updates

Amendment Proposal


Compressed Certificates in Doc 9880

Prepared by: FAA

Presented by: Vic Patel


This working paper includes draft updates to ICAO Doc 9880 regarding the use of Compressed Certificates.


The working group is invited to review Amendment Proposal and consider approving the change to Doc 9880.


    1. One of recommendations of the Honeywell Validation Report is to remove Compressed Certificates from Doc 9880.

  2. discussion

    1. This AP proposes using the Spec 42 Certificate profile for the format and content of Compressed Certificates but PER encode them over the air-ground link.

    2. The Honeywell Validation Report recommended removing compressed certificates. The rational for the recommendation is that certain constraints on ATN compressed certificates would prevent them from being generated by commercial Certificate Authorities. The key constraint is that Doc 9880 specifies that extension fields appear in a particular order, which is not an industry standard practice.

    3. The Honeywell Validation Report also recommended that Doc 9880 be updated to use a mechanism in ACARS Message Security (AMS) whereby an aircraft only requests a ground certificate if it does not already have a valid certificate.

    4. Section 4.3.2 of Doc 9880 specifies the format and allowed content in each field of an ATN Compressed Certificate.

Amendment Proposal #xxx


Refer to SEC 2 standard for ECC Domain Parameters

AP working paper number and date

M16/WPxx 17 May 2010

Document(s) Affected:

ICAO Dc 9880 Part IV-B

Document Version:

Draft June 2009

Sections of Documents Affected:



Vic Patel

Coordinator's Address:

ATO-P, AJP-1740

William J. Hughes Technical Center

Atlantic City Airport, NJ, 08405


Coordinator's Phone:

+1 609 485 5046

Coordinator's Fax:

+1 609 485 5630

Coordinator's E-mail Address:


Problem description:

ATN compressed certificates cannot be generated by commercial CAs.


One of recommendations of the Honeywell Validation Report is to remove Compressed Certificates from Doc 9880.

Backwards compatibility:

Amendment Proposal:

See below.

WG-M Status:

SUBMITTED 5/17/2010

Replace section with the following: Encoding and Syntax of Compressed Certificates Compressed ATN Certificates shall be Uncompressed ATN Certificates (reference 4.3.1) that are encoded using the basic aligned variant of the Packed Encoding Rules (PER) as specified in ISO/IEC 8825-2.

Remove the remaining sections of 4.3.2

  1. ACTION BY the meeting

    1. The ACP WG-M is invited to:

  1. Review the revisions to Doc 9880 identified by the AP in this Working Paper and provide comments and feedback regarding the proposed changes as described.

    1. Because it results in bandwidth savings with PER encoded certificates, the FAA recommends acceptance of these changes and requests endorsement by the Working Group to update Doc 9880 as described in the AP.

    2. With respect to the Honeywell recommendation for the aircraft to signal whether or not it already has a valid certificate, the FAA recommends that this be considered along with the proposal to implement ATN Security in a Secure Dialogue Service or as a separate AP.

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