International relations practice

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  1. The Cold war was between

a. America & USSR b. China & America c. Pakistan & India d. Israel & Palestine

  1. Realists view human nature as

a.selfish b. generous c.cooperative d. class-oriented

  1. Who is known for systemizing classical realism ?

a.Kissinger b. Chomsky c. Morgenthau d. Gorbachev

  1. The first wave of feminism mainly refers to women’s

  1. Social rights b. property rights c. suffrage movement d. patriarchy

  1. Pakistan’s foreign minister nowadays is

  1. Asad Umar b. Shah Mehmood Qureshi c. Imran Khan d. Yasmeen Rashid

  1. Which one is the oldest approach in International Relations

  1. Realism b. Liberalism c. Marxism d. Dependency theory

  1. Power is the most important factor according to which of the following

  1. Neo-realism b. classical realism c. egoism d. republican liberalism

  1. Which type says that sexual differences are irrelevant and calls for equal rights for women and men in public realm

  1. Liberal feminism b. post-feminism c. Marxist feminism d. radical feminism

  1. Track 1 diplomacy occurs inside

  1. Official governmental channels b. between the public c. through social media d. none of these

  1. The present governor of the State Bank of Pakistan is

  1. Shahid Kardar b. Dr Reza Baqir c. Shamshad Akhtar d. Ishaq Dar

Q2. Give short answers

  1. Define diplomacy. Give examples of any two types of diplomacy.

  2. What do you mean by International Political Economy?

  3. What is feminism? Describe any two types of feminism.

  4. Define International Relations.

  5. Why can’t International Relations as a social science not predict future events with 100% accuracy? Explain with one example.

  6. Define foreign policy.

  7. What is Pakistan’s foreign policy on Kashmir?

  8. Name two liberation movements Pakistan supports on the basis of its Islamic ideology.

  9. Define International Political Economy.

  10. What is the theory of Incrementalism in the study of International Relations?

  11. Name two objectives of a nation’s foreign policy?

  12. What is the difference between a unipolar and bipolar world order?

  13. What does CPEC stand for?

  14. What is the Marxist approach in International Political Economy?

  15. State two important factors that shape Pakistan’s political economy?


Q. Critically evaluate the three main approaches in International Relations.

Q. Discuss the features of the contemporary environment of International Relations.

Q. Explain the uses of morality in International Relations

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