Into the Wild Chapter 3: Carthage

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Into The Wild ch3-4 (1)

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Into the Wild
Chapter 3: Carthage
1. Describe Carthage. What about the town appealed to McCandless?
2. Characterize the relationship between Westerberg and McCandless. What admirable traits did
Westerberg see in McCandless?
3. What trait did Westerberg think got McCandless into trouble
4. Why was Westerberg imprisoned
5. What can be inferred about McCandless through the gift he gave Westerberg (a copy of
War and Peace)?
6. What can the reader infer about McCandless through the gift he gave his mother (candy, chocolates, and a card
7. Describe McCandless’s family and educational background.
8. What appeared to be a source of discord between McCandless and his parents
9. How did McCandless prevent his parents from finding out he left Atlanta

Chapter 4: Detrital Wash
1. Describe the Lake Mead National Recreation Area where Chris camped.
2. Why might McCandless have decided against seeking help from the rangers when his car battery died
3. What reaction did McCandless have to losing the use of his car
4. What was the significance of McCandless’s burning his money What role does money play in this chapter
5. How did Walt and Billie learn their son was in California
6. Why might McCandless have referred to himself in the third person in his journal entries
7. As his adventure continued, McCandless became thinner, had run-ins with the law, and brushes with death. Despite all these, how did he feel about his journey, and why

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