Masoyoshi Son The Bill Gates of Japan

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Masoyoshi Son

The Bill Gates of Japan
“He's worth billions, and stalked by young Internet entrepreneurs from Seoul to Silicon Valley seeking his cash and cachet. Yet you would hardly know it from meeting Masayoshi Son. What you get is plenty of boyish charm and a disarming grin. Son, a young-looking 42, is the sort of guy who shows up at a strategy meeting in New York wearing Analog Age white socks--marring his stab at the all-black casual look.”1 Not the typical internet tycoon by many standards, Son has helped change the face of the world internet.

Masayoshi Son is the founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of SOFTBANK CORP.2 Softbank Corporation is a company designed to make information available to every person everywhere no matter how they look to find it. The company used its profits to form the basis for other companies such as Yahoo!, Kingston Technology, Ziff Davis Media and E*TRADE.3 Through Son’s perseverance, Softbank has become a leader of the internet revolution and has made Son one of the wealthiest and most admired men of this century.

The going was not always so easy for Mr. Son however. Born and raised in Japan, Son moved to America when he was 16 years-old to attend the University of California Berkley and major in economics. He become enamored with a picture of a computer chip while there and used it as inspiration throughout his collegiate career. Son made his first million in college importing arcade games from Japan for the campus.4 And by the time he was 23, in 1981, he had founded his now famous Softbank Corporation. While he had high hopes for the company, his peers did not and he went at it alone until his monetary predictions came true- just as he had thought, the company was worth approximately $400 million by 1986 and $1 billion by 1991.

Here is a list of Masayoshi’s current accomplishments:

  • President and CEO, Softbank Corporation; voted number 4 last year5

  • Net worth, $2.2 billion at age 42

  • Leading member of Japan’s Prime Minister’s IT Strategy Council




Worldwide collection of networks that links millions of businesses, government agencies, educational institutions and individuals.


Collection of computers and devices connected together via communications devices and transmission media, allowing computers to share resources.


Describes the state of a computer when connected to a network.



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