Introduction to craft

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Calabash Decoration, this is the process of making decorative marks on the surface of a calabash for decorative

and functional purposes.

Bead works, This the practice of using beads, stones, ivory and other precious materisls to make jewelry.
This includes necklace, ear rings, ankle chains, etc.

This refers to the use of dye-stuff, colored chemical substance to alter the original color of the fiber. To achieve or create designs on any fabric, two important processes are involved. That is tie and dye and batik. Chemical involve in tie and dye and batik mainly:- dye-stuffs, caustic soda, washing soda, sodium sulphite popularly known as hydros, table salt, washing soda, etc.

Wall Decoration, This is the making of patterns on the wall to futher add beauty to the walls of the house both interior and exterior.
Functions of Crafts

  1. Craft practices help every individual that engages in it to be self employed and reliant.

  1. Craft help to promote communial and community development in the society.

  1. Craft helps to promote the culture of a particular geographical area and expose it to development and growth.

  1. Craft helps the government of a particular area or country to earn foreign ecxhange through tourism.

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