Is a sad story of 2 brothers ruling each half. The olderbrother rules a desert half; the younger too

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“Atlantis”Land of Gold is a sad story of 2 brothers ruling each half. The olderbrother rules a desert half; the younger too,but he transports earth and trees and makes it a Paradise-garden. The older brother chases him away villifies his posperity orders a Taboo on his memory : Calls himself”Sun-God”:SHAMASH/Marduk even

Gilgamesh The Egyptians call him:”RAH”-Amon, he rewrites history telling that his younger Brother(>SETH.)was the unfaithfull one that attacked Him. This SETH is synonymus to Osiris; Osiris was Seth’s former name:Greek:Posidon.

Ezrah makes the Younger :Adam and the Older Gibril: who like Azrael burns crop out of jeallousy in: ”GENESIS”

The Older brother died 5 years after he ousted his younger brother from “Paradise”But his Taboo-Decrete was final.

This is the Story of Atlantis that Plato found but altered by the Older brother is a falsfication that shaped Christianity.

Since then, Planets collided and Mars’meteorites hit theArtic; Atlantis became a shifted sub-Continent duly forgotten.

Currently an invisible Atlantishype is going on between 3 scholars who relied solely on Plato’s corrupted account.

Golden Walls of Atlantis, what has become of them? Explaining why Atlantis is not in the AtlanticOcean.

RECTIFICATIONon French Prof.COLLINA-GiRARD’s GEOgraphical mis-representation of Plato’s”Atlantis”during the past 2000 years

GEO-Lecture/Shortpaper LIST of common oversight/or’stupid’mistakes made, in reading Plato’s ATLANTIS

Surely Sherlock Holmes’ld clear the”Lost-Cities-of-Atlantis-Case”(or by any ’young man’ with “a good imagination”!)

  1. We aim to proof that”Atlantis”existed in 3 Parts: India-Major(=Somalia); india-Media(=Arabia-Felix);india-Minor(=india)

All of our research is “common-Knowledge”(by classic Scholars!)but Technologists think:ancient Writers are just Liars
PROLOGUE/ introduction; into historical research for Epic Movie-Compagnies

Mel Gibson made the film”Passion of Christ” full 4 yrs after Dr Carotta’s Bookpublication”Was J.C.>Caesar”?

Which proofs that”Christ”was just a COIN Text-Abrevation of”Archireus-Megistos”meaning”TreasurePresident”

NOW ‘Paramount-Pictures’is about to start over”The tenCommandments”(directorSir Al.Parker/Mark Gordon.)

All FilmdirectorsEmail is’secret’so How can we tell them that the DECALOGUE is bogus? ( As proven below.)

Atlantis and individualAtlantisresearchers all refused to read our”Facts & Fallacies about Atlantis”!

Pitching this article to editorial or staffmembers takes too much time: non of them forwarded a”proper Email”

What more can we do to “avert”the General public of ANCIENT Forgeries if no NewspaperEditor seems intrested?
1.Atlantis in Brief: apocalypse

ATLANTIS was inARABIA-FELIX King ATLAS was’ADAM/SHU’&Eva>”Tefnut” Capital:”RAS-Adam”/Posidonis)

The BIBLE-connection is that GENESIS is ‘all about’ the (”Canaanite”)KINGS of Punicia(>Gaanaa-Shas)

ATLANTISprosperity wained after theWreath-of-the-Gods(DeukalionFlood) the Golden Walls are still under the Capital

POSIDONIS/Aden; today the Capital of S-Yemen Republic which is likeMusqat,perched on white; Ori-calchum

GoldCalcareous:”MUD-Volcano”Which collaped several times. Hence:those’dug’ alternating”Gold-wallrings”

After thus being waterlogged Atlantis subsoil became”Liquified Earth”as in Herakeia the Ptolemic Harbour in ABUKIR

The sinking of Atlantis is described in EZRA’s variation”Exodus”(Mudbar)and:”Apocalypse”.bothDisplay ”10 plagues”in the Latter announced by’Angles’sounding Horns(=Elephants blowing on their trunks, in peril.)
The TWO Apocalyps Beasts( “5-headed Elephants.”) were mounted byMegareus/Horus & King(=Seten-Sar)Seth-Posaidoon. ’Classic’Grimm/ Mother Goose(Egyptian!)Stories are derived from Apocalype e.g.Beauty & the Beast

The Christmas Nativiti-Stable icon On French Church-Fronts(900-ad)may depict any average farmer’s family as seen by (>Francesco Carotta.)But is Allegoric, the ASS is’Christ’ as: “Mega-Reus” and the’Oxen’ is anElephant-Ox

At Mozes descent from Mnt.kHoreb he wore (Elephant-)Horns on his(Conical!Hat)>Rembrandt made it’Lightrays’

HornedSatan was King-of-Atlantis>Seten)”Satan/Chai-tano/(H-)ades(Thot/Posidon.theElephant appearance of wiseCheiron!

SEREN’ was the Punic name for Elephant They were those Canaanic”Giants”in their Kennels spotted by the fearfull israelites

2. ANCIENT PROOF that TRINITY can be ONE Person

In the weiging of the souls;Psychostasis Christ is the Sungod:”Shamas” and the Vilified Elephant God>Poseidon the Devil

The devils’horns are elephant tusks and his 2 prongedHarpoon is derived from Posidons3prongedHarpoon. When the

God “Kronos”devided the World amongst Zeus-Posidon-Hades he was talking to ONE person with 3 Names: king Atlas

Basil the Great Archbishop ofCaesarea( in:Capadocia.)had access to Punic scriptures suggesting a( Posidon)Trinity(+379ad)

Likewise one could call Saddam Hussein a trinity; as (ex-)President of iraq he is still a titulary fieldmarshall &Kaliph ofBagdad

One should not villfy a downtrodden Enemy. Allow ‘Kaliph Saddam’ to paint his beard black & wear a goldrimmed Turban!
3. Those THREE WISE MEN from the EAST>>>

The 3’Wise Men”from the East is”Geryon”(the 3 Elephant Symbol ofAtlantis )who carried FrankincenseBasketts

Actually Geryon had a Bird, Fish and lamb in his hands. Since Geryon was the three Elephant symbol of Atlantis now under taboo what he held in his hand was also made taboo( by accident )so The Muslim taboo on things in the air; water or Land is a Text-mistake! AS is

The 1st Commandment about a Jealous God who does not want’graven immages’around him (of Other Gods; of “Heaven; Sea or Land”.)

One of the 10 Atlantis Kings was Gadara(>Aden-Ras)”Cadiz”, the other>Asan is known as:”Azania”/Ugandha.

4. Atlantis in Bible: GENESIS(=new”kush” )

Atlantis falling and Exodus was just a Family Tif about Twin-Brothers>’Mega-Sars’ hating eachother to pieces

The Honour of First Discovery of Atlantis is contested by 3 academics: Prof. Collina-Girard, who,

plagiated from GEOgeorgeos-Diaz-Montexano and Prof Rainer Kuhne,german Physicist and:R.Sarmast.

Stan DEO situated Hesperis/Atlantis in Fr.Somalia; Robert Sarmast even in Cyprus(DosSantos:South-Chinese Sea!)
They got publicity by grace from the BBC, but ignore that ‘Atlantis’ is a (double-)Pentapolis:Thus10 “Harbours”

Encircling, theGULF-of-ADEN; thus aThallaso-cracy NOT aSingle Stand-alone-Islett, with 10Cities atCape-Spartel

THEY also ignore that in antiquity the Punicians colonized Spain in-coming from South-Arabia !

Minoans is a combination of:”Minyers; Mineans/Myrmidones/Mykenai”;Later,Pelgasken. Etrusks, &Trojans

followed in their wake. South-Arabia-Felix was ironically called:the”KNOWN-WORLD”Taragona”or
“Terra-Conensis”Terra-Gognita(”Gog”=Kush-Land)Magog,is’Kemet’=upperEgypt(=Ethiopia)Kish-Kindha is Arabia

‘Atlantis’ is Hesperia comprised by the “3-Indiah’s”(by:icon of3-Elephants.)Anti-Athe our”Atlantis=Somalia>indiaMajor”.

Minean/Sabaean Script:Lineair”A/B”are both Luwish a Punic Dialect. Greek:”WANASSA/Wanax”means“Kings” or rather:”Queens”of Can-aan>>Sin-Amoon(today>Sanaa). Wanassa>Woman riding Elephant>Demeter/Hindu:Chamunda

VEDA’s not older than1050-bc when anEgyptian King oustedAmon Priests to india.Or, as late as: 350=bcwhen Egyptian Amon priest(Kartikea) introduced theBrahman cult in india:eg Sri-Valmiki with”Rama-Yana”/Ram-Yan

This isle-Kingdom of sri-Lanka(=Crete)is S.Arabia ruled by Pandava’s(Ravana!)our>Hebrews=Hiberia(Rashaksas)

5. Atlantis is Genesis;in Arabia

GENESIS describes thePunic”Exodus”: After one Deluge(>that “Plagued”10 Cities.) St.John’s Revelations

(of the Apocalypse)describes 10 Plagues announced by 10 Angels Serafins,blowing Horns.Dad-God: THOT,

Or ‘cHad-dad’, Grand God-King of Punt(=Somalia)in Punic: This ”High-King”: Magnus-Megassares”;
OCEANUS ’Allotted” the”KNOWN-WORLD”amongst his 2 Sons:The”Cassite”Kings: Egyptos(Daityas)

& Danaos.(Davanas)Egyptos,a megalomaniac”Yahweh”(=Ra-Amoon)(got Tyrins/SUR.)but wanted Danaos’Part too

His (Sudanese)cherim/Marauders-Band started from Fr. Somalia. Plato’s;”attack of Atlantis(Punt)onAthens(Hesperia)

Biblical it was the ill-fated attack on ‘Ai’(=Bit-Adini”)Greek the repelled siege on>( old )Athens (=Aden)

Biblical the ivorySerafins(Kanake) against the ironCherubims with fireSwords(Hindu: Davanas against Adityas)

Culminating in the”Tarakamaya”or War of the Gods/Turning of the Milksea/ (greek:Titano/Giganto-Machia.)

Egyptos, becameKing-of-the-Jews(‘israelites’), As’Mega-Reus’GIBRIL>Hebrew-EL”, even, before his Nephew Saul)

So Danaos is ADAM(a corruption of:PosAidon)fled to Lybia;Tarsus;Thessalia then founded>(New-)Athens. ShiftingToponyms>Mozes married a’Kushite’ Woman(Tarbis/Sephira)from ‘Median’(=Atlantis/Mitanni!)His daughter iris(the ill-famous”Lillith”>Eileithya)stayed as Queen of:Hades She was thus”Persephone”Queen of Atlantis!(=hAden.)

As”Sis-God”she was named”inanna/S-istar/Atar-Gatis”>Goddess-of-Atlantis.(Eva>was’Demeter’=tiamaat)
6. Plato’s Atlantis in Spain or in Marocco? (=Marruecos.)

The Spanish Court invented this “False”notion/or propaganda Fides to legalize As sort of ’Dowery’ or“ANABASIS-Hesperis”:theProtectorate of “Spanish-Morocco in 1505 /1955. MYTH: in Antiquity “Hesperis”(=Spain!) daughter of a Punician King:”cHeber”(GIBRIL)!married KingATLASof Mauretania.(Posidon!) How ironical !after Expulsion

of, Jews;that Spain(>Hesperis/iBeria) legalizes aConquest by quote of her ’ancient’ rightful Hebrew ancestry!

SO, by this’mistake’:SpanishHistorical HomeWebsites promote Spain &Morocco as Honour heritors ofAtlantis

Another fake claim:ONLY byColumbus’Geo-Error, is:’Brazillia & Antillia who also consider themselves”Atlantis; even Mexico(By a Filmpromotion of WaltDisney!)YET, Cabo-Verde/Mauretania &Lybia should be “Sub-Sive” ‘Aegypto’=Upper-Egypt; in:Somalia( Ras-Asir/Cape Gardafui.))Columbus was secretive about a very ancient Map; denoting favorite(“Monsoon”)tradewinds Past “Brazil”. This must’ve been an Arabic map that was drawn upside down! With coordinates of indeed,a 30.000km “Known-World”Circumference dating from-1000bc The Geo-therms:”High-Brazil”(=Aden) and Antillies(“Up-Wind>)=Somalia belong to the Gulf-of-Aden!

7. Atlantis Turned on its axis in -855 bc

American Oil exploration Rigs have noticed features of ancient Lakes in all Flat sand-Deserts.

Allantis did’drown in ca.900bc not in 9000bc the Oceans were dry cracks the Mountains:Great Lakes!

In 855-bc aComet:”Mazzaroth”orLucifer jolted theMoon which bounched off theEarth at ADEN

The Continent of Atlantis(>opposite “Hesperis”)called’India-Minor/Gadara, sheared off the Somalian Shefala.

Momentarly theEarth stood still then shifted180%reversing theZodiacsigns usedbyGEOgraphers; as

Meridian/Cardinal Location Coordinates to identify the worlds Capitals ‘attached to the Constellations’

After-855 Memnon Son of King Tithonos of Susa(Persia)was misnomed:”Blackprince from Ethiopia!

The toponyms also shifted! Puntaland became Pulastina in israel; and”Pontus/Hiberia in Armenia!

Spain became also”Hiberia”(a Corruption of Hesperia>Atlantis!) The”Black Sea(or Pontus Euxines) actually

Mirrors the South-Arabian Coast! Also with this DARK-Wine Sea(a Toponym from:Periplus mare erytraeum!)

This means that the Archonauts went South not north to an unknown”Colchis”in India-Minor(not in Georgia)

Thus before”855 bc”The Bible-itinerary of Joshua was in East-Africa &the beloved Land in:Ethiopia>’Utopia’

Homerus ,superimposed the’NEWZodiacCoordinates from:-750 on the Odyssee’ (done in-(861)860-855 )

thus got the whole itinerary ‘Upside-Down’!Odysseus went by the Redsea vainly for Gold, to:Borneo

The“Cyclops”>”Sons-of-Posidon”he met,were:Gold-dusted Mud-Volcanoes round Gulf-of-Aden

Probably the Golddustcomett that had hit Venus and Mars>also “furrowed”the African Rift”which

Caused a White Dustcloud in Hindu Rig-veda The”Churning of the Milksea”Chunks off the “goldenKomet”

This’Light-Angel’falling into the(River-)Ocean( thus’Atlantis’>india-minor)is one of the “Bible-mysteries”

mingled with Chalk to form the amalgameted metal :”Orichalcum” King Solomon’s”Gold-Mountains”

in his “Garden in Paradise”, was the Condiment against farthing:”Sinapius-Alba”of the Brassica-Family
8. Atlantis was flushed-out by a rain-torrent

Atlanteans were Canaldigging-fools they so watermined the very ‘Knol’of their existance (Like”Harappa”)

Arab(‘Hebrew’)Worldmaps are still drawn in Reverse! Until 1448 western Mappa-Mundi, e.g. of

Andreas Walsperger(Hamburg)were also drawn’Upside-Down’! Science-Novellist H.G.Wells, in

His Book”The man who wanted to make miracles/Miracle-man”explained the ‘Effects of Reversal’:

Atlantis attheOutlett of the:”Rub-Al-Chali”Sea was drowned fromAbove by the rivers:’ABANA’&

Farpar:Earth’s-Spinn-interruption-Momentum caused all”Altoplano”Seas to empty in nearly ’Dry”

Ocean Beds, in which formerly the”RIVER”Ocean+Kissoon/Tigre;Eprat and Pison(>Indus)streamed.

The continental drift of india may’ve been ‘helped’by a Gas-Hydrant deposit under theSomali-Basin.

The 4Canadian Great lakes did empty around 855bc but the supposed IceageSheet was aWhatershed.

The trajectory of the Golddust bearing Comet can be followed over Africa via the GolddustPlacer-Deposits

( Whereas the common Gold-ores are formed by friction of Vulcanic rocks(“Dykes”) or around Saltdomes.)

in Europe where Layers of fluid granite splashed over each other, isolated ”Golddust-chaches” were found.

Micheal Wood the”Where Troy stood”Tvproducer,should go”prospecting”for Gold-Legends in poor-ADEN!
9. Atlantis’ mainGod, was the: white Elephant

Atlas who upheld the Heavens was ‘Aquarius”>Shu a waterspouting Elephant the Biblical’Adam’

Heracles was tied to Atlas but SHU was helped by 2 Goats:”Knum”(=punic 2Elephants) (>4 Legs>4 Pillars?!)

Heracles Tenth Labor was stealing Geryon’s Sun-BullsHerd! The slewnGiant”CACUS”was anintelligent Elephant
in EgyptianArt the Kings-of-Atlantis were depicted asElephant-God: wearing trinkletts; Ivory Helmet &

Tusk-Hairdoo(Hecate-Triformis/Hathor;Curlbeard simulating aElephant Trunk)with a Crook(Trunk)Staf

Papa-God’ ordered a Taboo onElePhant Icons The truncated Head(>of Ganeshah!)became aWinged

Serpent. Zodiac-Starsign”Capricorn”is Posidon’s seaSteed:Siva-Airwata. DAGON is Posidon seated ON

Aseahorse(Winged-Fish)FormerlyAtlantis was symbolised by 4Elephants(only 3 Visible)inIndia:KrishnaTrimurti

The Trojan-horse was a Ships’Camel’ in the form of a”Sea-Horse-with wings”but strangely called”of Athena”

Then.whyAthena wears as herHelmbush 3 Sea-Horses of Poseidon?(haven’t studied that queer iconography inDetail)
10. ‘DUMBO’ the flying ELEPHANT existed as a METAPHOR for the Great-KING of ATLANTIS!

Other winged animals as Christ-Lamb; GoatSphinxes; Chimaera; Basilisk; Griffon>Rookbird, the Fierce, fire-spouting (Water!-)Dragons as Levathian, Laton, Ladon & the Hydra; the ‘ Horses’of Resos & Xanthos+Baalios (owned by Achilleus.)plus the flying ‘Steed’of King Adrastus (Arrion)were (tabooed)Elephants from “Horse-dealer”Hippootes( the other name for King of Atlantis:Aiolos)The Elephants Xanthos & Baalios had Caelano,

An Oceanide(=thus Atlantide!) Nymph for their mother (“Posidon”MegassareusOceanus wasKing of Atlantis

GARUDA”of Indra was an Elephant;Elephants were nicknamed with BIRDnames hence the “confusion“!

The“Sirens”of’EscheriaCoast’were huming Elephants Sar/Siren/Seten/Satan/Catano means just“Elephant-King.”

Although,not mentioned by Odysseus;the Phoenician/Faiacia-isle of Seriphos must’ve had tameElephant-Herds

Their”Flying”ships may have been hotair Balloons from Pigskin or maybe Elephant-bladders andMud!MethaneGas

These’Faiaia’on their island Seriphos were the Phoenician ‘Horse’traders island of present:Socotera(>Jemen)

When asked how she got”Wind”of Solomon’s Wisdom the Queen of Sheba,said”aLittle Bird told me!”

This is in Analogy with”An Elephant” told me. Lord of the 4 Pillars/”Corners”was anAssyrian Royal Title

The 4ElePhantsbecame(in Egypt)4Canopes; & 4 Evangelists(as Winged Animals) in the Coptic Church.

Gods”winged messengers”were thus white Elephants: if Elephant DUNG is represented as the SUN!

How come Nobody queeried why the DUNG(Winged Scarab!) but not the Elephant is Egypt’s SUN-Sign!

The‘SunBulls ofHelios’on“Tirinakia”(=Either Ceylon or Sumatra )were not brown(water/apis)Bulls but Elephants;

Somehow around 1055 bc the Black Bull>Apis (Hindu:”Nanda” )replaced the Elephant in Egypt 7 india

The”diving”’Tritons’observed by jASON in Lake Tritonis(>Lake Victoria)were obvious underwater fouraging Elephants

The Elephants in BuddistCountry StatesCoat-of-Arms is reminicent of Atlantis White Elephants
These Elephants were, surmounted inGreece by: Afrodite,Artemis;Hera+Hecate THEY are the 4Cardinal-Winds’ Afrodite; Artemis; Hera are the 3 Wifes of Baal-Ate>Allah!) al-At; al-Manat; al-Uzziah standing on Elephants! Story goes;after Chronos was castrated by Zeus;that Allah wanted no sons doing the same mischief! to his Person

The4Cardinal Windbags became 3”Goddesses-wifes”of Allah StateSymbols”Al-Uzzia Al-Manat Al-Baalat Elephants!without issue

12. Atlantis>’Land-of-the-4-Winds’

Lord of the 4”Corners”/Lord of”Atlantis”(el-Paradiso-Hesperis)was anHonorific Title of Sargon-1

When Mohammed got displeased with Jerusalem to bow to,he called Mecca:”The fifth-Cardinal=Point(=Punt.)

a Mosque represents the Paradise(-Garden,) of Hesperis.Hatsepsut marked each”Punt-Voyage”with Obelisks

The(4)”Pillars-of-Hercules”is>ATE.but, Atlantis”means:Anti-ATEthus(Somalia=”Punt”/atlantis)opposite”Hesperis-

/ADEN”! The King(of)ATLAS is represented with a Globe showing a red 4-Armed Cross>=the 4’Meridiums’)

On Jezus’ shoulders also, rests anotherGlobe/Nimbus showing (4)Arms as”meridiaCrossin”,so, Jezus is”Atlas”!

Atlas is also Thot; thus jezus is Thot (who “lost his pencil”(=Stylus) when the Kodac-Moment shot,was taken.)

We establish that the PUNIC Myth of DEMETER(>Eva)and Persephone(>Lillith/Eileithia)has been doctered and copied

By ScribeEZRA for the specific purpose to get Jews back to the”Holy-Land”(El-Paradiso-ADEN.) by a ploy called the Jewish”Anabasis”. (or: just “The Anabasis”)Brig.General Xenophon adapted his BookTitle on That!

GENESIS”(Kebra-Nagast)means:Gane-Sha;”Kings-of-Canaan”Story of (the-Elephant)Kingsfrom the PersianArchives

The Homeric”Question” is herewith’solved’too(concerning:Pylos!)He had his Odyssee-SEA-Chart Upside-Down.

Consequently Schliemann’s TROY isalso’Mirrored’on the square Map of Turkey it is: Tarsus( now:”Gulukule”)

13. Atlantis was”Greater-Than Asia &Lybia together”=aGeotherm lost in translation: Plato,was read wrong:for 2000years He ment that Atlantis was earlier called: “Greater-Syria”/Greater-Asia and “Greater-Lybia” itselve! SYRIAmay come from Siren-ia meaning thus “Elephant-Land”anAtlantis pseudonym!

Scholars tought; Spanish Punicians came from Cyrenaica, meaning New-Syria but CoastalElephants’re hunted down

The Thesis of an”ATLANTIS in an Atlantic Ocean at Gibraltar-Spain is proven erroneous! The

“Academie-des-Science Francaise” should publicize aStatement that theirAssumption is wrong

My Science-Partner and I say :’Atlantis’was The”Continent of India-Minor”opposite India-Media>’Hesperis’

>the Gardens-of-the Hesperides”; are the same as the Hyades, Horae; Harpies;Graia;Gorgones.EDEN, Etc

Ofcourse this is only the Upper Half of “Atlantis” called”Athe”(“High-Brazil”)the Lowerpart or”Athe-Antis”was

Opposite “Hesperis/Hyper-Atlantis”and thus was “Punt”or Somaliland encompasing the Gulf-of-Aden.

We apologize that we had to be brief; because most Editors insist on Articles not exeding 500-Words!

Plato; Ezra; Valmiki all wrote about 400bc about>Atlantis> Genesis> Ramayana why specifically in 400bc???

Although Aischylus; Sophocles etc wrote about Thebes& Troy before 400 bc.”Atlantis”became known only after 400bc

PrinceAmyrtaos( 405-399.bc) revolted from the Persian KingArtaxerxes-II &opened EgyptianArchives forStudybytheScholars

This Opportunity endured only 5 Years for in 331bc,Alexander burned those egyptian Archives at Persepolis for Thais!

SomeCopies were found at Oxyrynchus(near Fayum)but were for local use differing widelyfrom the PeisistratosLibrary

14. NOW, what about THE ELEPHANTS must we let them be culled in inlandZoos in Kenia & Cameroun?

Zoo Elephants should get a swimmingpool & Sands in Afrika &go to Seasite Reserves not to be culled,inland.

NewElephant reserves should border the (Unused)Seacoasts e.g. theSkeletonCoast inNorth Namibia, with(Commercially worthless)underwater seagrasses; that Elephants can fodder on without being killed by passing seamen such men like Odysseus or the Argonauts killing>Tritons /SUN”bulls”of Helios at isle TiRiNaKia(Either SoCotra or Ceylon(not Sicilly)


TO THE SCIENTIFIC ESTABLISHMENT: discarding fact&fallacies, Did WE find The TRUE Atlantis in your Opinion???

Adam’ was only in a Litterary sence the ‘1stMan’; he was a King of Atlantis(=Titans)And an Egyptian Pharaoh….

In 1936 Astronomer/Cosmologist dr R.Lyttleton postulated that the”Big-Bang” was not the start of the Galaxxy, but from an explosion of a 5th Gaz-Giantplanet inbetween the Sun and Jupiter; it’s Core fragmented into 3 parts:

Earth, Mars & Venus(which got into separate orbits &”jointed”briefly in:1075 and 855 bc. The “Valles Marineris ,

Seems a result of a “Jeu-de-Boules”game between Mars & Venus”as is the Kattara-&Danakil-Depressions made by the falling comet “Di-One”(=Typhoneus; a fragment of the Moon; henche the “Notion”of the moon creating the Indian Ocean>Somali Basin. )Mars co-existed withEarth; as a warm watery Planet:>”Posidon”(=Osiris) until it’s collission in 1075bc made it barren, because of the 1/3detachment called”Mercury>”son-of-Mars &resulting lower gravity: MarsDiscoveries of organic ‘methane’Gasses in silted-up riverEstuaries makes for a multitude of Atlantis-like Golddust-Mudvolcanos (which didNOTexplode nor freeze over; but are slowly releasing methane gasses)In the History of Atlantis”Part-Two” we explore the socalled”War-of-the-Gods”The Giganto-Machia”

SINCERELY yrs, from; Alexander MUSTER/Basile V BEMMELEN, amateur-Litt.Researchers. (PollyUniv.)-Delft/Holland

ABOUT US:Alexander was an Architectural Student; his FOSTERfather Basil, a Graphical Director from a Sugar-Mill.
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