It saksharatha Mission An Autonomous Body (R) under Govt of Kerala, Sec xii/1955

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IT Saksharatha Mission
An Autonomous Body (R) under Govt of Kerala, Sec XII/1955


Certificate in Logical Programing(CLP)
Course ID: ITSMCP102
3 months (Course + Assessment + Certification)

Total Course Fees: Rs. 5000* + Taxes,
Registration Fees + Application + ID + Examination + Certification: Rs. 1380

iCLP101 History of logical programing( 5 Credits)

Logical programing, use of LP in computer programing , various approaches , , Declarative programming: goals, programs, recursion; Non logical features;

iCLP201 Logic Programing Concepts(10 Credits)

Logic and Control, Problem Solving, Negation as Failure, Knowledge Representation

iCLP301 Variants and Extensions(10 Credits)

Prolog , Abductive Logic Programing, Metalogic Programing, Constraint logic programing, Concurrent logic programing, Concurrent Constraint logic programing, Inductive Logic Programing, Higher order Logic Programing, Linear Logic Programing, Object oriented Logic Programing, Transaction logic programing

iCLP401 OOP(Object Oriented Language (10 Credits)

Non OOP predecessor language, history , features, Object orientation and database, Real-world modelling and relationships, OOP and control flow.

iCLP401 Communication Basics (10 Credits)

Basic vocabulary and grammar, English Tenses, Essay writing, Letter writing


  •  Robert Kowalski :Predicate Logic as a Programming Language

  • M.R. Huth and M.D. Ryan :Logic in Computer Science, Modelling and Reasoning about Systems

  • Baral, C. Gelf :Logic programming and knowledge representation

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