Jeevan Kumar Shetty

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Jeevan Kumar Shetty

#26, ”Sriranga”

Patel Mniyappa Layout

1st Main, 2nd Cross

V. Nagenahalli , RT Nagar POST

Bangalore-560032, Karnataka.

Contact no: 9845389021;

A challenging Technical & Administration position with a progressive company that will effectively utilize acquired expertise, experience in helping Technical thrive. Extensive work in IT related Technical projects, System Supports & administration of Systems.

Brief Overview:

  • Around 7.4 Years of Work experience with sound knowledge in Backup and Recovery, Unix server operations, Installing, configuring & Troubleshooting Network and Operating system,SAN etc
  • Expertise in working in fast-paced, high-tech environments requiring skills in scheduling, management and team building

  • Experience in Backup Products such as EMC Avamar, Symantec Netbackup , EMC Networker and EMC Data Domain . Also well experienced in Sun Solaris Radware Application Director , Juniper Gateway Appliance,Veritas Volume Manager, SAN(Hitachi 9990/9985 Storage,Sun StorageTek D2540),Red Hat Linux and Iplanet Web application

Academic Details:
BE in Computer Science and engineering from VTU, Karnataka (2003) – (Result 71% Aggregate)


  • Sun Certified System Administration (SCSA Part 1 & Part 2)

  • EMC ISM Certified

  • EMC Avamar Certified

Trainings Attended

  • SUN Solaris Administration training at Wipro InfoTech

  • VERITAS Netbackup Training in Wipro InfoTech

  • VERITAS Volume Manager at Wipro Infotech

  • RADWARE Application Director at Wipro Infotech

  • Avamar/DPA Training in EMC

  • Data Domain Training in EMC

  • Networker Training in EMC

  • SAN Training in EMC

Awards and Recognitions

  • Feather in the Cap award by Wipro

  • Customer Appreciation in EMC

Professional Experience:

  1. EMC Corporation – Bangalore

Implimenation Delivery Engineer

Professional Level-Senior

Period: Dec 2010 – Till Date

2 Wipro Infotech, Electronic city

Designation: Senior Engineer-Server Management

Professional Level: Senior

Period: Dec 2006 – Nov 2010

Wipro Infotech through Abhinand Computer Services, Electronic city

Designation: Solaris L1

Professional Level: Junior

Period: May 2005 - Dec 2006

  1. NMAM Institute of Technology,Nitte

Designation: Faculty in IT and administrator

Period: OCT 2003 - June 2004

Current Job Profile in EMC Corporation

I am Part of TSS-Backup and Recovery Software Division where I am Handling Implementation for EMC Backup products such as Avamar, Data Domain, Networker and DPA. I have also designed couple of customer environment for Avatar Backup

  • Installation, Configuration of Avamar , Data Domain, DPA and Networker

  • Troubleshooting and performance Tuning.

  • Configuring Flat File System backups for both Windows and Unix, NAS backups using NDMP accelerator, Vware Gues backup , Exchange backup, VMWARe, SQL etc

  • Implementing solutions that meets and/or exceeds customer’s expectations based on requirements defined by scope document and staying within budgeted estimates

  • Installation configuration and administration

  • Add Node and Rebalance

  • Migration of Avamar from 4.x/5.x to 6.x using Root to Root Replication

  • Standard Replication of Avamar

  • Avamar Tape out with Networker

  • Avamar Data Transport With Networker

  • Networker Implementation and Administration

  • Networker Integration with data Domain

  • Networker integration with Avamar

  • Configuring backups for Windows, Linux, SQL , Exchange using NMM

  • Participate in business development and technical pre-sales activities, as required.

  • Create SOWs, and hand-over / sign-off documents

  • Perform Quality Assurance for engagement deliverables.

  • Backup capacity planning and tracking performance metrics.

  • Implementing and configuring various backup policies based on customer needs

  • Implement Backup solutions based on the documented process

  • Provide knowledge transfer to customers appointed System Administrator and customer’s business users

  • Collaborate with other professionals, transferring expertise in delivering and supporting Backup Solutions

  • Maintain a high degree of proficiency with BRS solutions and their appropriate application as per the requirements

  • Identify and document best practices and challenges associated with configuring solutions

  • Follow all procedures relevant to your responsibilities and properly escalate inconsistencies found in procedures to your manager

  • Perform a wide range of activities on EMC-BRS products including product implementations on multiple platforms, product architecture, and proper deployment of advanced product features, product upgrades, product health checks, knowledge transfer, client training, and troubleshooting. Identify additional sales opportunities resulting from engagement work.

Job Profile as Senior Engineer-Server Management in Wipro Infotech

I am part of System Administration team which is responsible for administering the Business critical servers Wipro Data Centre. It is a setup, having more than 200+ Sun/AIX/Linux Servers connected to Hitatchi 9985, 9980, Sun 6410 Storage. Software applications running on these Servers are Oracle 9i, iPlanet App. Server & Web Server, Veritas Net Backup 6.0 etc

Veritas Netbackup

  • Installation, Management and Troubleshooting of Veritas Net backup 6.0 on Windows and Unix Platform

  • Configuring Master Server, SAN Media Server, LAN Clients on Solaris, Windows, Linux and AIX platforms

  • Perform Backup/Restoration for 100+ SAN/LAN clients with approximate data size of 9TB daily.

  • Perform MS SQL Agent Based backup and restoration

  • DR Restoration using phase 1(Catalogue Restoration) and phase 2 import

  • User Administration.

  • Trouble shooting performance related issues.

  • Monitor and troubleshoot the backup jobs using log files.

  • Document Backup procedures, Schedules, Failures and plan for improvement of backup strategies.

  • Creating backup policies


  • Installation, Configuration, & Administration of Sun Solaris

  • Troubleshooting and performance Tuning.

  • Process administration and management like monitoring, start/stop/kill various processes/sub process.

  • File System administration and management using Solaris Volume Manager

  • Network File System: NFSServer

  • User and Group Management

  • Installation/Upgrade, System Startup and System Shutdown as needed

  • Package installation and Patch management

  • Scheduled various regular, periodic, futures, queue tasks by using crontab, at.

  • Working Knowledge in services like Rlogin, Telnet, FTP.

  • Knowledge in Open Boot PROM.

  • Backup and Restore

  • NFS and Autos Configuration and administration.

  • Server Installation and configuration.

  • Familiar with backup and restore utilities.

  • Configuration and administration of Jumpstart Servers

  • RAID (Software RAID )

  • Configuration of RAID 0 ,RAID 1 & RAID 5

  • Attach/Dettach submirrors for RAID 1

  • Configure RAID 1+0 and RAID 0+1

  • Administration of DNS (bind) on Solaris

  • Installing Solaris 10 with ZFS root file system

  • Familier with zpool creation and administration.

  • Creation of ldom and administration.


  • Working Experience on Hitachi 9990/9985 USP/NSC

  • LUN allocation done for windows,solaris,Linux clients using LUN Manager for Hitachi Storage

  • LU Size Expansion using Lun Expansion

  • Experience on and Storagetek D2540,6410

  • Lun Allocation done for windows, solaris, Linux clients using CAM for StorageTek 2540

  • Creation of Switch Zone, and Zone configure

  • Create host, host group and initiators

  • Volume creation and map to host or host group

  • Verification of assigned Luns on clients

Veritas volume Manager

  • Installation of veritas volume Manager.

  • Initialising disk for Veritas Volume Manager

  • Creating Veritas Disk Group.

  • Creating Veritas Volume

  • Creating Veritas Filesystem.

  • File system shrink and grow operation in Veritas file system

  • Creating stripe,concatination and mirrored volumes using Veritas Volume Manager

  • Removing stripe,concatination and mirrored volumes

  • Root slice mirroring using Veritas Volume Manager

  • Deport and Import a DG

Enterprise Red Hat Linux

  • Installation& Administration of Enterprise Red Hat Linux 4.X,5.x

  • Network File System: NFS

  • File System Management using LVM

  • Troubleshooting and performance Tuning.

  • Installation of RPMs

  • Installion and configuration of squid/squidGuard on Lniux

  • Usage of iptables for hradening of OS

  • Upgrading Kernel

Radware Application director and Appxl

  • Creating Farm

  • Health Monitoring

  • Cllient management

  • Load balancing using Layer 4 Policies

  • Load balancing using Layer 7 policies with cookie persistancy

  • SSL Offloading of http tarffic using Appxl

Job Profile as Solaris L1 engineer in Abhinand computer Services(May 2005 to 2006)

  • Administration of Solaris OS

  • Orderly startup and shutdown of iplanet application/webservers as per laid down procedures

  • Monitoring application related process (eg: java engines) and load average

  • Backup and Restorations of file systems

  • Cron jobs scheduling and monitoring

  • Monitoring Disk usage

  • Verifying application and system logs periodically and clean up log files

  • Porting of source code to production servers and development server using VSS and smart FTP

  • Security management

  • Exposure to shell scripts

  • Creating and Managing User Accounts & Groups.

  • Performance monitoring

  • Monitoring system log files

  • Disk and File system and management

  • Manual Backup tasks

  • Coordinating with Vendors for any critical hardware problems till the problem gets resolved

Job Profile as IT Faculty and Administrator(Oct 2003- June 2004)

  • Was Training IT Related Subjects and was handling Practical sessions along with Systme administration

Educational Qualifications
BE in Computer Science and engineering from VTU, Karnataka (2003) – (Result 71% Aggregate)


Name : Jeevan K S

Address : #26, ”Sriranga” ,Patel Mniyappa Layout,1st Main, 2nd Cross,

V. Nagenahalli , RT Nagar POST, Bangalore-560032, Karnataka

Email :

Phone : 9845389021
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