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Teletracking Mobile XT

EVC Supervisor Responsibilities

  • Assign a mobile device to each Associate at the start of shift.

  • Ensure that the Associates log into mobile device at the start of shift.

  • Carry and Check Notebook Tablet every 15 minutes throughout the shift for Home Screen Overview (i.e. Multi-View, Employees, Break, Lunch).

  • Carry pager and resolve all alerts pertaining to the assigned buildings.

  • Walk through assigned units every hour throughout the shift.

  • Cancel the cleaning request for rooms that have been placed in the Delayed status (beige color in TeleTracking) by the EVC Associates with reason “Patient Returning to Room”

  • Communicate with the Charge Nurse to inform them of the cancelation status.

  • Ensure that each Associate logs-out at the end of the shift.

  • Ensure that the Associates sign the mobile device paper log upon returning mobile device.

Download 7.16 Kb.

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