Jhon Richard Stronks 625 E. 18th Street Houston, tx 77008

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Jhon Richard Stronks

625 E. 18th Street

Houston, TX 77008


Training and Education

TTI Certificate, Teacher Training Institute, Atlanta GA 2004
California State University Long Beach, Ca 1995 - 1998
California State University Fresno, Ca 1992- 1995
The Dance Studio of Fresno 1990- 1995

Winifred R. Harris - African/Horton/ Dunham, Michele Simmons - Ailey Horton/Graham,

Susan Mclain - Graham. Ruth Griffith – Hawkins/BMC, Lane Sayles - Humphrey/Limon,

Keith Johnson - Release, Silver Wilson - African, Della Davidson - Release, Sue Schroeder - Bill Evans, Dieter Bauman - Release, Saroya Corbett – Dunham Technique


Sue Sampson-Dalena, Michele Simmons, Bernard Johnson, Wayne M. Smith, Victor Robles,

Winifred R. Harris


Kathey Mulligan - Atlanta Ballet, Alaine Haubert – ABT, Victoria Koenig - Inland Pacific Ballet, Sophie Monat - New Jersey Ballet, Stefan Wenta - The Dancers Studio, Shirley Winters - Paris Opera Ballet, Fred Bologna - Fresno Ballet, Margaret Hoard - Severance School of Ballet/Fresno Ballet

Choreographic and Directing Experience
there… in the sunlight”

Contemporary Dance

John R. Stronks, Artistic Director

1997- present
Long Beach, California, 1997-2000

Atlanta, Georgia, 2001- 2006

Houston, Texas, 2006 - present
Formed in 1997 to present a full evening repertory concert co-produced by the dance department at California State University, Long Beach moved to Atlanta Georgia in 2001, and to Houston Texas in 2006.”there… in the sunlight.” exists as an expression of growth, not for better or more but for itself, a reflection of what it choose to look at.

Choreographic Works created

  • Purple Rain, originally created in 1994 re staged in 1997

  • Spirit… Flesh… Desire, 1997

  • Proud Mary, 1997

  • Rain, 1998

  • Guard(i)en Vigil, 1998

  • Super Fierce, 1998

  • Masquerade, 1998

  • And here we are …again, 1998

  • Ruin, 1998

  • Another cry in the night, 2001

  • a life lived in pieces, 2002

  • 3 of an imperfect pair, 2003

  • What does your soul look like?, 2003

    • Presented in the 2003 Modern Atlanta Dance Festival

  • Soul searched, 2003

  • Mixed messages, 2003

  • Soaring Toward Sunrise, 2003

    • First evening length work

  • UNLEASHED, multi media, 2003

    • Site specific multi media performance presented by Critical Focus

  • “there…in the sunlight,” 2003

    • The second in the series of site specific multi media works presented Critical Focus

  • In the shadows of Secrets and Tales Told out loud, 2003/2007/2008

    • Collaboration with Wayne M. Smith presented as part of the Atlanta Alternative Arts Festival, 2003

    • Excerpted version presented as part of “freaknikin’ beatnecks”, 2007

    • Fringe Festival Houston produced by freneticore, summer 2008

  • RED…The Vehemence of love and other passions, 2004

  • Found and Freed, 2004

  • And with the time… , 2004

    • Presented in the Decatur Arts Festival performance “Breaking New Ground”

  • A Stirring in My Soul, 2004

    • Second evening length work

  • A View Form The Edge, 2005

    • Presented in the 2005 Modern Atlanta Dance Festival, Atlanta, GA

    • Presented in the 2007 Big Range Dance festival, Houston TX

    • Presented in the 2007 MixMatch Festival, Los Angeles, CA

  • Red. White.Blue, 2005

  • Wanna get outa here?, 2005

  • Do you know what you’re up against?, 2005

  • Sweet Plantation Lullabies... and the morning after, 2005

  • Catch and Release Chapter I ADW, 2006

  • I go, 2006

  • Mystic Jazz Duet #1, 2007

  • Catch and Release Chapter II Ra(i)ZE.UP 2007

    • Commissioned by the Houston Metropolitan dance Company Spring 2007

  • Freaknikin Beatnecks, art happening spring 2007

  • Crossing along the Dark Side Of Night… Kicking without Screaming, 2007

  • When angels speak of Love, 2008

  • Golden Room, 2008

  • O.k. I’m here… now what?, 2008

    • Presented in the 2008 Big Range Dance Festival Program A

  • Save as draft, 2008

    • Presented by The Houston Metropolitan Dance Company Summer Concert

  • Venturing Out… Informal dance happening/ showing, Spring 2008 to present

  • Catch and Release Chapter III, 2008

    • Presented in the 2008 Houston Black Dance Festival

Houston Metropolitan Dance Center

Houston, Texas

Director Houston Met TOO Pre Professional Company

Choreography and Instruction

Fall 2006 to Present

Michelle Smith Executive Director

  • Modern and Jazz dance Technique Instructor 2005 to present

  • Worked as Guest choreographer for MET Too from 2005 until 2006 under the direction of Annette Karim

  • Created Aguas Azules, spring 2005

  • Created He shall Purify, Fall 2005

  • Created And the Glory, Fall 2005

  • Created Lift up your heads, Fall 2005

  • Created Halleluiah, Fall 2005

  • Created Souljourner’s Overture, Fall 2005

  • Recreated Catch and Release, Spring 2006

  • Artistic Director for “A Soulful Celebration” Fall 2006

  • Artistic Director for “dancin’ dancin’ dancin’” Spring 2007

  • Created “a long way gone”, Spring 2007

  • Created “NO ONE” Spring 2007

  • Created “when we listen” Spring 2007

  • Created “I am” Spring 2007

  • Artistic Director for “ Fall Flowing” Fall 2007

  • Created “ A Million Times” Fall 2007

  • Created “Duet” Fall 2007

  • Created “Keep Off the Grass” Spring 2008

  • Artistic Director for “Once” Spring 2008

Houston Metropolitan Dance Company

Houston, Texas

Choreography and Instruction

Fall 2006 to Present

Marlana Walsh, Company Manager

Michelle Smith, Executive Director

  • Modern dance technique instructor

  • Created “R(A)ZE. UP’”, spring 2007

The Nerve Series, New Modern Dance

Atlanta, Georgia

Collaborator/Technical Director

2002 to 2007
The nerve series is a collaboratively produced Modern dance series expressly for the development of new choreography among the collaborators.
Current collaborators, Blake Beckham, Saskia Benjamin, Camille Dieterle, Elizabeth Dishman, Martha Donovan, Wayne M. Smith and Jhon R. Stronks.
Lighting plot and design
Spelman College

Atlanta, Georgia

Resident Guest Artist

Spring 2001 to 2006

Vita Gohler, Theater Arts/Dance Department Chair

Wayne M. Smith director, Spelman Dance Theater

  • Instructor for Modern and Jazz classes

  • Created what does your soul look like?, fall 2001

  • Du(it), spring 2002

  • Created Somethin’s got a hold on me, fall 2002

  • Created found and Freed, spring 2004

  • Created Do you know what you’re up against?, spring 2005

  • Created Sweet Plantation Lullabies… and the morning after, Fall 2005

  • Created Catch and Release, spring 2006

University North Carolina at Greensboro

Greensboro, North Carolina

Alexandra J. Houston, MFA Candidate

Spring 2006

  • Crated forty minutes of choreography and video projection based on “do you know what you’re up against?”, in collaboration with Alexandra J. Houston for her thesis concert Soul Stories

Episcopal High School

Houston, Texas

Guest Choreographer

Fall 2006

  • Created “Keep off the grass” Fall 2006

Neighborhood Music Schools of Georgia State

Atlanta, Georgia

Administrator/ Instructor

2003 – 2005

Anne Richardson, Director

  • Program Coordinator for the Met Life Music and Movement Program housed at Warren Holyfield Boys and Girls Club in East Atlanta.

  • Movement teacher for Music and Movement program housed at the Warren/ Holyfield Boys and Girls Club in East Atlanta

  • Artistic director for the collaboration between Neighborhood Music Schools of Georgia State and Moving In The Spirit 2003 to 2005

Moving in the Spirit

Atlanta, Georgia

Instructor/ Project Artistic Director

2001- 2004

Dana Phelps- Marschalk, Executive Director

  • Technique/ Ballet instructor for the Apprentice Corporation and Junior Companies Fall 2002- 2004

  • Co- Artistic Director and Co-Production Coordinator for Under the Sun Presented by the National Black Arts Festival summer 2002.

  • Instructor for Moving in the Spirit Performance Company class spring 2002 – present

  • Finale coordinator and choreographer for From Africa to the A-Train,

  • Artistic director for the collaboration between Neighborhood Music Schools of Georgia State and Moving In The Spirit 2002 to 2004

  • A live music and dance collaboration with the neighborhood Music schools of Georgia State, The Finale combined all three Moving in the spirit performance companies with the Faculty and student Jazz Orchestra from NMS.

  • Created Another Cry in the Night and Under the sun for the Moving in the Spirit Performance Company. Performed at the 2002 National Black arts Festival.

  • Created And So followed the rest of the world for the apprentice Corporation. Performed on their 2002 summer Tour

Professional Performance Experience

Travesty Dance Group

Houston, Texas


February 2007

Karen Stokes, Co- Artistic Director

  • Performed BAD Q!

Sandra Organ Dance Company

Houston, Texas


December 2006 – December 2007

Sandra Organ, Artistic Director

  • Performed Malchior in “Amal and the Night Visitors” Choreography By James Sewell

  • Performed in the “Seed Series” Choreography by Sandra Organ

Blood Moon Dances

Houston, Texas


October 2006

Leslie Scates, Artistic Director

  • An evening of improvisational dances directed by Leslie Scates

Pink Aware

Houston, Texas


Fall 2006 to present

Jane Weiner, Artistic Director

  • Pink Aware is a touring company that performs in conjunction with the pink Ribbons project under the direction of Susan Rafte. Promoting Breast Cancer Awareness.

Core Performance Company

Atlanta, Georgia/ Houston, Texas

Company member

Summer 2001 to 2006

Sue Schroeder, Artistic Director
Dance worked performed

  • Aria for an Endangered Species, choreographer Ellen Bromberg

  • Messiah Project, choreographer Sue Schroeder

  • Facing Survival, collaboration between Company Members and Aids Survival project Atlanta

  • Williams Lost Night, Choreographer Jacklyn Carley

  • A New Clear Morning, Choreographer Bill Young

  • Idle, Choreographer Bill Young

  • Links Choreography, Tanzcompanie Rubato, Berlin Germany

  • Call, Choreography Sue Schroeder

  • America! Question, Tanzcompanie Rubato, Berlin Germany

  • Open Heart… Simple Cloth, Sue Schroeder and Susan Prinse

  • Absence/presence, collaboration between Company Members

Teresa Chapman and Dancers

Houston, Texas

Dancer /Performer

May 2006 to Present

Teresa Chapman, Artistic Director

  • Lost and Found choreographed by Teresa Chapman and performed at the Barnevelder movement/Arts Complex in Houston Texas

  • Pedestal Choreographed by Teresa Chapman and performed at the Cunningham studios in NY, NY

  • Off the Pedestal Choreographed by Teresa Chapman and presented in the Big Range Dance Festival 2008 Program B

Coriolis Dance Project

Atlanta, Georgia

Elizabeth Dishman, Artistic Director
Dance works performed

  • Trinity

  • Pulse

Duende Dance Theater

Atlanta, Georgia

Amanda Exley Lower, Artistic Director
Dance works performed

  • Making light out of darkness

  • Hunger

Triptych for V

Atlanta, Georgia

Anna Leo, Choreographer

Professor Emory University Dance Department
Dance work performed

  • Good Graces

Rendezvous Dance Works

Atlanta, Georgia

Nicole Wesley, Artistic Director
Dance work performed

  • We

Winifred R. Harris’ Between Lines

Los Angeles, California

Company Member


Winifred R. Harris, Artistic Director
Works performed

  • When Wet Came to Paper, Choreographer Winifred R. Harris

  • A Water Ballet, Choreographer Winifred R. Harris

  • Dawn, Choreographer Winifred R. Harris

  • Bitter Suites, Choreographer Winifred R. Harris

  • The Twelve Days of Christmas, Choreographer Winifred R. Harris

  • The Force within, Choreographer Hae Kung Lee

Keith Johnson and Dancers

Long Beach, California

Company Member

September 1998

Keith Johnson, Artistic Director
Work performed

  • Drowned, Choreographer Keith Johnson

Additional Teaching Experience and Faculty Appointments
Houston Metropolitan Dance Center

Houston, Texas

Director Houston Met TOO Pre Professional Company

Choreography and Instruction

Fall 2006 to Present

Michelle Smith Executive Director

  • Modern and Jazz Faculty

University Of Houston

School of Theatre & Dance

Adjunct Faculty

Spring 2008 to Present

Karen Stokes, Dance Program Coordinator

  • Modern and Jazz Faculty

Hope Stone

Houston, Texas

Guest Instructor Modern Dance

Summer 2006

  • Taught both Beginning and Advanced Modern technique

Ballethnic Academy of Dance Atlanta, Georgia


Summer 2005 to present

Nina Gilreath Co – Artistic Director/ Academy Director

  • Academy Modern Dance Instructor

In Motion School of Dance


Liz Pimentel, Director

June/ July 2004 and 2007

  • Member of the Modern and Jazz faculty for the 2004 summer intensive, in Bermuda

Zoetic Dance Ensemble

Atlanta, GA

Master Class Instructor

September 2004

Melanie Lynch- Blanchard and Candess Giyan, Artistic directors

  • Taught a three day master class series as part of “three for three” a three month long master class series with three separate choreographers/ instructors
The Dance Studio of Fresno

Fresno, California

2000 - 2001

Sue Sampson-Dalena, Executive and Artistic Director

  • On faculty 2000 – 2001 teaching Jazz, Ballet, and modern

  • Choreography for Senior Elite competition Team

California State University, Fresno

Fresno, Ca

Guest Artist


Ruth Griffith, Dance Department Coordinator

  • Master class instructor, Modern

  • Performed and choreographed for Portable Dance Troupe

  • Created, The Bridge and the broken Dream, performed by Portable Dance troupe

  • Performed, The Wound, Choreographer Ruth Griffith.

  • Performed, The Waiting Line, Choreographer Wade Madsen

California State University, Long Beach

Long Beach, CA


Dori Levy

  • Taught in studio master classes in jazz to non-dance majors, enrolled in viewing dance classes.

Orange County High School for the Arts

Santa Ana, California 90611

Sophie Monat: Director

Classical Contemporary Dance Department

  • In studio master class instructor in jazz 96-99

The Dance Factory

Los Angeles, CA

Roni Black: Owner/ Director

  • Faculty 2000 teaching Ballet, Leaps and Turns

Santa Fe Springs Center for the Performing Arts

Santa Fe Springs, Ca. 90670

Lisa and Jason Weiss Owners/ Directors

  • In studio master class instructor in jazz

  • Summer 1999 convention in Palm Springs

Directory: cota

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