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SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS. Well motivated, a team player and an independent thinker, self-starter, enthusiastic, lots of initiative; well versed in DoD communications-electronics operations and maintenance procedures and program management of government contracts. In-depth knowledge of statements of work, contracts, proposal preparation and source selection procedures. Well versed in financial accounting systems, Human Resources interfaces, business development processes, OSHA, federal and state regulatory agencies, Department of Labor regulations, and union collective bargaining agreements.

Upon assuming the management of Raytheon Service Company’s Colorado Springs Program Management Office in 1994 was instrumental in increasing the sales from three contracts valued at $16 Million annually to 17 contracts valued at over $85 Million annually.

November 1989 – Present. Raytheon Technical Service Company. Various positions including Director, Sensors and Metrology Systems (SMS). The SMS was an $85M business area encompassing numerous radar systems, calibration laboratories, satellite downlink control stations, base support, laser engineering test facilities, and logistics functions. Management responsibilities for:

  • Ballistic Missile Early Warning System (BMEWS), PAVE Phased Array Warning System (PAVE PAWS), common name - Solid State Phased Array Warning System (SSPARS);

  • US Air Force COBRA DANE intelligence gathering phased array radar;

  • US Air Force Mobile Sensors (COBRA JUDY) Program;

  • US Navy Re-locatable Over the Horizon Radar System (ROTHR);

  • Multiple Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratories;

  • US Air Force Centralized Integration Support Facility (CISF);

  • US Air Force Cheyenne Mountain Air Station Computer and Red Switch;

  • Three Remote Tracking Stations for the US Air Force Satellite Control Network;

  • Base operations support at three locations – one each for the Navy, Army, and Air Force;

  • Laser engineering services for at the US Navy’s Innovative Science and Technology Experimentation Facility (Cape Canaveral)and White Sands Missile Range;

  • US Air Force Clear Radar Upgrade – a program encompassing dismantling a 10 story phased array radar in southwest Texas, shipping the radar to northern Alaska, reassembling it and bringing it to full operations;

  • Various internal company efforts including warehousing services and production line maintenance; and

  • Missile Defense Agency program's including the SBX Radar, and Upgraded Early Warning Radar.

During Raytheon employment, was involved with over 100 proposal activities. Managed multiple proposal efforts from start to finish. Responsibilities included all phases of proposal development:

  • Capture management - defining targets, developing capture plans, developing customer contact plans, developing proposal budgets;

  • Technical writing - Authored technical, management, transition, past performance, and executive summary sections;

  • Volume lead for technical, management, and transition volumes;

  • Proposal manager for over 50 proposal efforts. Proposal complexity ranged from simple $100K efforts of one person to the complex $3.2B, 2,500 personnel efforts;

  • Managed two proposals submitted via Tabular Format (TF!);

  • Responsible for production efforts to include obtaining all necessary production elements;

  • Assembled/disassembled physical proposal facilities at remote locations for proposal preparation

  • Participated in and/or led Strategy Workshops, Black Hat Reviews and Pink, Red, and Gold team reviews.

April 1968 – November 1989. U.S. Air Force. Increasing levels of responsibility from a radar technician to a major command operations and maintenance manager. At Headquarters Air Force Space Command was the command maintenance directorate’s single focal point for all ground based sensors. Oversaw the daily activities of functional/equipment managers in regards to all maintenance aspects concerning contractual matters for communications equipment, maintenance management, test measurement and diagnostic equipment, and communications-electronics prime mission equipment. Was intricately involved with all phases of the source selection process to include writing Statements of Work, Staffing Models, and Requests for Proposal. Served on source selection evaluation teams.


References available upon request

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