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Position: Application Developer

Reporting to: VP – Technology

Location: United States

Someone famously said, the best way to predict the future is to create it.

At Innovaccer (, we dream of a different future, a future where machines will talk, a future where organizations will be organisms, and a future where life will be different - we will need a fundamentally easy way to embrace Big Data, we need the will, the vision, the leadership, and flamboyance to make Big Data accessible for everyone.

And hence we are building the next generation of data and AI driven products and platforms to help enterprises leverage their data assets to improve data driven decision making.

Today, we are focused on bringing these technologies to improve Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Financial systems.

Do give us a shout if you want to join the mission!


We are looking for highly motivated and qualified software engineers to be a part of the talented & passionate group. You are expected to understand the business requirements, partner products, services and integrate the same with our platforms, products and features. You will be involved in building up infrastructure to enable run businesses (of our Enterprise customers) more efficiently. You will work closely with Partners, Professional Services, Analytics and other Engineering groups for defining, designing and delivering solutions. As senior Technical member of team you will be expected to plan, design, build and deliver the Applications that will power our clients Analytics requirements.


  • Mentoring a team of engineers including task planning and code reviews

  • Contributing hands-on coding as well

  • Work closely with Business Teams and other Engineering Partners to ensure we're building the best solutions

  • Participate in design of components and workflows

  • Works with architects and Platform Engineering to ensure designs align with overall SOA, application architecture standards and practices

  • Solve all problems that come your way


  • Required experience of 1 – 3 years

  • Solid CS fundamentals are a must. (Data structures, Algorithms, OS, Databases)

  • Technologically savvy with excellent communication abilities and keeping a tap on latest technologies

  • Consumed and build Web Services – SOAP/REST, XML/JSON based Integration

  • Good knowledge of Databases, Relational and NoSQL

  • Worked on building Distributed Highly Available Systems

  • Experience with all aspects of software development lifecycle

  • Knowledge of agile methodologies is a plus

  • Good knowledge of any programming language in Python, Scala or Java

  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS and Web 2.0 is a plus

  • Exposure to open source technologies is a plus

  • Good understanding of Object Oriented programming

  • Experience and knowledge of cloud enabled services and applications are a plus

  • Most important, we want self-motivated engineers with a real urge to solve different computation problems using neat solutions and who are ready to take on challenges and exp. into Big data Technologies will be plus

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