John Robertson 138 East Main St., Armadale, Bathgate, West Lothian. Eh48 2pb mobile

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John Robertson
138 East Main St., Armadale,
Bathgate, West Lothian. EH48 2PB

Mobile : 07803 928713

Phone: 01501 731663

E-mail: robo1955 at talktalk dot net

Currently looking for a suitable IT support position where my extensive customer focused experience, wide cross platform technical knowledge, problem solving and analytical skills could be utilised helping clients and colleagues resolve complex technical issues whilst allowing for continued professional growth.


In depth knowledge of Sun Oracle x64 and spark hardware. System Administration. Solaris, Linux, Oracle Enterprise Linux, Redhat, Clustering, Windows server and desktop skills. VMware / VSphere, Storage, Virtulisation, Zones, Volume Management, San, EMC, Backup, Networker, Hardware and system installation. Repair, Upgrade, System Patching, Networking, Infrastructure, Rollout, Technical Support.

Also have extensive experience in customer facing high pressure roles.

Police Security Vetted including SC clearance till 20/5/2014.

Mail Sorter

December 2015

Royal Mail
Unix Administrator

December 2012 – November 2013


Part of a team of 2 responsible for administering the Unix environment at North Lanarkshire council.

Day to day administration of Solaris systems on legacy Sun and newer Oracle hardware with some AIX and Linux. Also responsible for Networker / Avamar backup environment, EMC san storage, Fibre fabric, Veritas products etc.

Successfully planned and implement transition from legacy EMC and HP sans to new VNX hardware. Also implemented hardware refresh on systems running Oracle database and middleware plus legacy Solaris system virtualisatiuon.

Server Specialist

July 2012 – August 2012


IT System Implementation

Part of team installing and commission IT infrastructure for the Olympic Games at Hampden Park.
Short term contract to install, commission, support during events then decommission computer systems used to run Olympic events at Hampden park. Acer / Gateway servers and desktop with bespoke Atos software running on Server 2008r2 with windows 7 desktops.
Customer Support Engineer

September 1999 - December 2011

Oracle Corporation U K Ltd 

Computer Support

Part of team providing 24/7 on site installation, support and maintenance on the full range of SUN / Oracle hardware to customers.
Break fix and installation of all Sun / Oracle systems, storage and peripherals in a 24/7 customer facing environment. Also responsible for the maintenance of systems from HP, Hitachi, Fujitsu and others on a third party basis. This involved working with Solaris, Linux and Windows operating systems and associated disk storage. Dealt with clustering, virtualisation, volume management, SAN and backup technologies as needed.

Customers included RBS, Sky, Atos Origin, Universities, Councils, SCRO, Hospitals and many others.

Full training undertaken on all Sun / Oracle hardware, Administration and network training initially on Solaris 7 with updates up to and including Solaris 10, Trained on SVM / Disk Suite, Veritas Volume Manager, Zfs, Sun Clustering, Sun Virtualisation and San topologies. Training undertaken on Hitachi Sans, Storagetec Tape Libraries and disk products, HP servers. Also trained on other manufacturers products as needed. Installation, configuration and repair of network and fibre ifrastuctue. Involved with VMware / vSphere and Windows Server products. Built Oracle (Redhat) enterprise linux systems. Most recent training was on Oracles Exedata database systems.

Infrastructure Support Engineer

April 1997 - September 1999

Memorex Telex 

Computer/IT Services

Part of team supporting a major food retailer’s distribution network IT infrastructure.
Part of 4 engineer team across the UK supporting infrastructure used to distribute food to stores. Responsible for the smooth running and administration of their IT estate. Technologies includes IBM RS6000 and AS400 servers, OS2 server and desktops. Wintel server and desktop. Printers, scanners, barcode readers and other peripherals. Also responsible for networking, structured cabling and telephony systems. Had technical support responsibility within the team and to the customer. Implemented the transition to Windows server and desktops prior to y2k.
Senior Field Technical Support Engineer

August 1971 - May 1996

Ferranti Computer Systems 

Computer/IT Services

Undertook an Electronic Technician Apprenticeship moving into Computer Field Services Division on completion. Rose to Senior Field Technical Support Engineer.
Day to day break fix, installation and support of the full range of Ferranti and 3rd party computer systems on customers sites whilst providing technical support to other team members and customers.

These ranged from mini system in a command and control / process control environments through to PC's. Also heavily involved in service and support of systems from IBM, ICL, Compac, HP and others on a third party basis. This included an extensive range of PC, Servers and peripherals.

Customers included Police Forces, Hospitals, Steel Works and Power Stations amongst others.

Managed named accounts, technical escalation and escalation management. Developed test facilities, software and procedures. Heavily involved with BSI approval readiness and subsequent compliance. Responsible for the training of other engineers. Also had spells as Team Leader and stood in for the manager when needed.

August 1971 - May 1973

West Lothian College |

ONC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.


Microlight, glider and drone Flying, Munro Bagging, Motorbikes, Cycling, Art, Photography, Amateur Radio, Astronomy.

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