July 21, 2000 fcc filings july 13 In the Matter of Numbering Resource Optimization

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July 21, 2000
July 13
In the Matter of Numbering Resource Optimization (CC Docket No. 99-200/RM 9258). Petition for Reconsideration – Telcordia Technologies, Inc.
In the Matter of Infinity Broadcasting Corporation of Los Angeles/License of Radio Station KROQ(FM), Pasadena, California for Forfeiture. Petition for Reconsideration – Infinity Broadcasting Corporation of Los Angeles.
In the Matter of Bryan Broadcasting License Subsidiary, Inc./KTSR(FM), College Station, Texas. Opposition to Joint Petition to Cancel Operating Authority – Bryan Broadcasting License Subsidiary, Inc.
In the Matter of Videocom, Inc. Earth Station E000079 FCC File No. SES-LIC-20000208-00812. Comments – Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison.
In the Second Quarter Report 2000 International PSN Traffic via Intersputnik. Comments – DirectNet.
In the Matter of AT&T Corp. 32 Avenue of the Americas New York, New York 10013 v. New York Telephone Company, d/b/a Bell Atlantic – New York 1095 Avenue of the Americas, New York, New York 10036 (File No. E-00-MD-011). Opposition of AT&T Corp. to Bell Atlantic’s Motion to Alter Procedural Schedule.


In the Matter of Bell Atlantic Delaware, Inc.; Bell Atlantic-Maryland, Inc.; Bell Atlantic-New Jersey, Inc.; Bell Atlantic-Pennsylvania, Inc.; Bell Atlantic-Virginia, Inc.; Bell Atlantic-Washington, D.C., Inc.; Bell Atlantic-West Virginia, Inc.; New York Telephone Company, and New England Telephone and Telegraph Company v. Global NAPS, Inc. Response to Interrogatories.
In the Matter of Avenue TV Cable Systems, Inc. For Modification of the DMA Market of Television Station KDOC-TV (CSR-5549-A). Reply to Response to Reply to Opposition to Petition for Special Relief – Avenue TV Cable Service, Inc.
In the Matter of Consummation of Assignment of Construction Permits for Station KOOO(FM), Rocky Ford, Colorado BAPH-20000218AAB/Facility I.D. No. 87658/Station KKIK(FM), La Junta, Colorado BALP-20000218AAC/Facility I.D. No. 81305. Comments – High Peak Broadcasting, L.L.C.
July 14
In the Matter of Implementation of the Satellite Home Viewer Improvement Act of 1999/Broadcast Signal Carriage Issues (CS Docket No. 00-96). Comments – Quorum of Maryland License, LLC, Detroit Educational Television Foundation, DIRECTV, Inc., SJL of California, L.P., The National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative, The ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC Television Network Affiliate Associations, Community Television of Southern California, KQED, Inc., and North Texas Public Broadcasting, Inc., Paxson Communications Corporation, WDBJ Television, Inc., Mid-State Television, Inc., Local TV on Satellite, LLC, EchoStar

Satellite Corporation, BellSouth Corporation and BellSouth Entertainment, Inc., The Association of America’s Public Television Stations, The Public Broadcasting Service, The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, The Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association, The Association of Local Television Stations, Inc.


In the Matter of Class A Television Application of K License, Inc., WEBR(LP), Facility ID 67866/Establishment of a Class A Television Service (DA 00-1225, DA 00-1224/MM Docket No. 00-10). Comments – The New York Metropolitan Advisory Committee.
In the Matter of Inquiry Regarding Software Defined Radios (ET Docket No. 00-47). Reply Comments – The SDR Forum, AT&T Wireless Services, Inc., SBC Wireless, Inc.
In the Matter of Amendment of Section 73.202(b), Table of Allotments, FM Broadcast Stations (Tullahoma, Tennessee and Madison)(MM DocketNo. 00-64/RM 9117). Motion to Dismiss Rule Making and Strike Reply Comments – STG Media, LLC.
July 17
In the Matter of Numbering Resource Optimization (CC Docket No. 99-200). Petition for Immediate Partial Stay – The United States Telecom Association, Motion for Extension of Time – Winstar Communications, Inc., Petition for Reconsideration – AT&T Corporation, Winstar Communications, Inc., Joint Petition for Reconsideration – Blackfoot Telephone Cooperative, Inc., Cal-Ore Telephone Company, Inc., Central Utah Telephone, Inc., City of Brookings Telephone Department d/b/a Swiftel Communications, Delcambre Telephone Company, Dunkirk and Fredonia Telephone Company, FairPoint Communications, Inc., Hinton Telephone Company of Hinton, Oklahoma, Inc, Interstate Telecommunications Cooperative, Inc., Midvale Telephone Exchange, Inc., Northeast Louisiana Telephone Company, Inc., Oregon Telephone Corporation, Pineland Telephone Cooperative, Inc., Townes Telecommunications, Inc., Petition for Reconsideration and Clarification by – The Association for Local Telecommunications Services, Petition for Clarification and Reconsideration – Verizon Wireless, Petition for Reconsideration and Clarification – BellSouth Corporation, SBC Communications, Inc., Autopage, Inc., Petition for Reconsideration and Motion for Clarification – Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.

In the Matter of Federal-State Joint Board on Universal Service (CC Docket No. 96-45/DA 00-1068). Reply Comments – AT&T Corporation, SBC Communications, Inc.
In the Matter of Confidential Treatment of Wire Center Line Count Data (CC Docket No. 96-45)/DA 00-1068). Reply Comments -

Anchorage Telephone Utility.

In the Matter of Establishment of a Class A Television Service (MM Docket No. 00-10/FCC 00-115). Reply of Paging Associates, Inc. to the National Cable Television Association’s Opposition to Petition for Reconsideration.
In the Matter of Amendment of Petition for Rulemaking to Amend Section 73.606(b) of the Commission’s Rules Channel 58 – Westbrook, Maine). Comments – Grant Telecasting, Inc.
In the Matter of Amendment of Section 73.606(b) of the Commission’s Rules, the Table of Allotments for Television Broadcast Stations (Boise, Idaho)(RM 9039). Amendment to Petition for Rulemaking – KM Communications, Inc.
In the Matter of Sully Buttes Telephone Cooperative, Inc. and US West Communications, Inc./Joint Petition for Waiver of Definition of “Study Area” Contained in Part 36, Appendix-Glossary of the Commission’s Rules/Petition for Waiver of Section 61.41© and (d) and 69.3(3)(11) of the Commission’s Rules (CC Docket No. 96-45). Reply Comments – The United States Telecom Association.
In the Matter of Amendment of Section 73.606 and 73.622 Table of Allotments Television Broadcast Stations (Geneseo, NY)(MM Docket No. 96-19/RM 8744). Amendment to Petition for Rulemaking – Renard Communications Corporation.


In the Matter of Applications for Consent to the Transfer of Control of Licenses MediaOne Group, Inc. to AT&T Corporation (CS Docket No. 99-251). Opposition of AT&T Corporation and MediaOne Group, Inc. to Petition for Reconsideration of Consumers Union, ET AL.
In the Matter of Amendment of Section 606(b), Table of Allotments, Television Broadcast Stations (Bend, Oregon)(MM Docket No. )(RM No.) Supplement to Application for Review – 3-J Broadcasting Company.
In the Matter of Technical Standards for Determining Eligibility for Satellite-Delivered Network Signals Pursuant to the Satellite Home Viewer Improvement Act (ET Docket No. 00-90). Request for A Further Extension of Time of Thirty Days For the Filing of Comments and Reply Comments In This Proceeding – J.E. Schmidt/An American Citizen.
In the Matter of Amendment of Parts 13 and 80 of the Commission’s Rules concerning Maritime Communications/Petition for Rule Making Filed by Globe Wireless, Inc./Federal Communications Bar Association’s Petition for Forbearance from Section 310(d) of the Communications Act Regarding Non-Substantial Assignments of Wireless Licenses and Transfers of Control involving Telecommunications Carriers and Personal Communications Industry Association’s Broadband Personal Communications Services Alliance’s Petition for Forbearance for Broadband Personal Communications Services (WT Docket No. 00-48/RM 9499). Request for Extension of Time – The Radio Technical Commission for the Maritime Services.
In the Matter of Inquiry Regarding Software Defined Radios (ET Docket No. 00-47). Federal Law Enforcement Wireless Users Group’s Reply Comments In Response to Comments Filed to Notice of Inquiry – The Federal Law Enforcement Wireless Users Group, Public Safety Wireless Network.


In the Matter of Revision of the Commission’s Rules to Ensure Compatibility with Enhanced 911 Emergency Calling Systems (CC Docket No. 94-102/DA 00-1091). Comments – The Industry TTY Forum.
July 18
In re Applications of READING BROADCASTING, INC. For Renewal of License of Station WTVE(TV), Channel 51, Reading, Pennsylvania and ADAMS Communications Corporation For Construction Permit for a New Television Station on Channel 51, Reading, Pennsylvania (MM Docket No. 99-153/File No. BRCT-940407KF/File No. BPCT-940630KG. Motion to Enlarge Issues (Misrepresentation/Lack of Candor) – Reading Broadcasting, Inc.


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