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Roinn an Staidéir Chliniciúil ar Urlabhra agus Teanga,

Scoil na nEolaíochtaí Teangeolaíochta, Urlabhra agus Cumarsaíde

Clinical Speech and Language Studies,

School of Linguistic, Speech & Communication Sciences




Additional detailed information on the course and further student notes are available through http://mymodule.tcd.ie Clinical Speech and Language Studies is not bound by errors in, or omissions from, the notes for students


Letter of Welcome 2

Tutor Information 3

Introduction 4

Staff Information / Contacts 5

Student Information System (SITS) 7

General Department Information 8

Programme Overview 11

European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) 13

Programme Regulations 14

General Information on Assessment 18

General Information on Clinical Education 30

General Guidelines 31

Information on Student Supports 32

Health and Safety 34

Modules and clinical information 36

A Note on this Handbook

This handbook applies to all students in the Department of Clinical Speech and Language Studies. It provides a guide to important information regarding the Department and coursework and what is expected of you on this programme, as well as the academic and personal support available to you. Please check http://mymodule.tcd.ie/ for more detailed information on modules and clinical work.

The information provided is accurate at time of preparation. Any necessary revisions will be notified to students in writing, through email, and will be posted on the relevant Student Notice Board, located in the Student Preparation Area. It is the responsibility of each student to regularly check their own email and noticeboards for updates or changes, etc. Remember, at registration you will receive a copy of the Calendar Regulations that govern your course for this year. Please note that, in the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the General Regulations published in the University Calendar and information contained in course handbooks, the provisions of the General Regulations will prevail.

The Department gratefully acknowledges the support of the HEA Strategic Skills Initiative Fund.

Dear Undergraduate Student,

A very warm welcome to the Department of Clinical Speech & Language Studies, within the School of Linguistic, Speech & Communication Sciences at Trinity College Dublin (TCD) – a Department which hosts the longest-established course in Speech and Language Therapy in Ireland
Aside from being a university steeped in a rich tradition and a vibrant history, Trinity College Dublin is recognised internationally as Ireland's premier university and is ranked in 61st position in the top 100 world universities by the QS World University Rankings 2013.
The Department of Clinical Speech & Language Studies has been at Trinity College since 1979, having established itself as a qualifying school for Speech and Language Therapists at an undergraduate level, some years before that.
At all times, we strive to give our students the best educational experience we can offer, an experience that is not only high class, but one which contributes to the objective of life-long learning and enquiry. Our teaching team is energetic, committed and highly- motivated, each member supported by his/her own strong research and clinical background. Core to our teaching philosophy is responding to and supporting the curious mind - your curious mind. We in the Department are here to feed and nurture that curiosity, by exposing you to a deep, rich and enjoyable learning experience, culminating in your qualification as a Speech and Language Therapist.
Trinity College facilitates the nurturing of the student experience with its wide and diverse range of learning and teaching resources, including world-class libraries, and many other student-focused supports. Additionally, students can avail of over 100 College societies and 50 active TCD Sports Clubs.
We are delighted that you have chosen to come to Trinity and to our Department. We look forward to guiding and accompanying you all on your undergraduate journey.
Finally, as Head of Discipline, I warmly welcome each and every one of you, wishing you the very best of luck with your studies. I hope you will enjoy all that we, and TCD, have to offer you.

Dr. Irene P. Walsh,

Head of Discipline,

Department of Clinical Speech & Language Studies.

September 2014

Your Tutor

Undergraduate students are assigned a College Tutor when they are admitted to College. On registering you should have received a handbook describing the role of the tutor, please refer to this for general information relating to the role of the Tutor.

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