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KANOA has set a new standard in true wireless audio performance, enhancing life experiences through the power of music. We have redefined earphones by cutting all cords and offering users a seamless music experience.

WHERE can I buy KANOA earphones?

KANOA Earphones are available on our website at www.getkanoa.com.

What are the features of KANOA earphones?

KANOA earphones feature an ergonomic design that is completely wireless, untethering users from the confines of traditional audio products, while delivering superior audio quality. With all wires removed, KANOA earphones are designed for maximum versatility and durability along with uncompromising fitment and comfort, providing a pure music experience regardless of location or activity. In addition we have numerous additional features such as audio transparency, our audio equalizer app and much more explained in more depth on at www.getkanoa.com.

How is the KANOA sound quality?

KANOA earphones feature the latest in high-fidelity audio technology including balanced-armature drivers and loss-less quality audio. The sound profile of KANOA earphones has been specially developed and optimized within the operating range of popular music genres, delivering a full-range (20Hz – 20kHz) response with warm yet precise bass, smooth mids and crystal clear highs. Our chipset is able to transfer music wirelessly without having to break it down, this is a huge improvement in technology! Music lovers will not be disappointed.

How can I be sure KANOA earphones will fit my ears?

KANOA earphones come with a variety of different sized, shaped and styled silicone jackets and earbud tips to help ensure a proper fit for the vast majority of ear shapes and sizes. We recommend our memory foam tips for maximum in-ear retention and comfort.

Can I use KANOA earphones to take calls?

KANOA earphones are equipped with a microphone in each ear allowing for exceptional voice call quality. Easily take phone calls with the simple press of a button. For improved quality, you can also use the microphone on your phone, computer or smart watch.

Are KANOA earphones waterproof?

KANOA earphones are fully water-resistant and dust-proof.

Most of our team members are active water sports athletes; so don’t worry, they’re more than sweat proof!
How much do KANOA earphones cost?

Our first buyers can get KANOA Earphones at under $149 right now, which is about half the expected retail price.

What is sound transparency?

Sound transparency is a soundscape feature that gives users the ability to control how much noise is let in for greater environmental awareness. For instance, if you’re out biking or running on a busy street, you can block out unwanted noise but still hear oncoming traffic while listening to your music. The level of transparency can easily be set to your personal preference. With KANOA, you no longer have to remove your earphones to hear what someone has to say.

How do I charge my KANOA earphones?

KANOA earphones come in a portable carrying case that doubles as a charging station. Just drop them in and they start charging wirelessly immediately. This charging case supports up to 3 full recharges on the go.

How long will KANOA earphones last on a single charge?

KANOA earphone’s energy efficient design allows for up to 4-6 hours of battery life under constant use. But get three more charges on the go with the included charging case!

Will KANOA earphones work with any music device?

KANOA earphones will work with any Bluetooth 3.0-4.0-enabled device including smart phones, mp3 players, smart watches, laptops and much more.

What do I need the KANOA mobile app for?

You don’t need the app just to listen to music, but it does add to the experience.

Listen to music according to personal preference and easily control the balance between what you want to hear and what you need to hear. The KANOA mobile app allows users to change their audio equalization and sound transparency settings. In addition, the mobile app also provides basic battery life information, notifications and streaming services.
Can I control my earphones without the app?

Yes, a light-press button located on the face of each KANOA earphone will allow you to easily control your music in case you don’t want to get your mobile device out.

Where is KANOA headquartered?

KANOA is headquartered in San Mateo, California.

What was the inspiration behind KANOA?

Tired of being constrained by the inefficient design and lack of innovation in earphones, the founder of KANOA decided to cut all the cords, redesign completely and set a new benchmark for wireless audio performance. We’re here to fix all the problems in the current earphones experience.

What differentiates KANOA earphones from the competition?

KANOA offers users a true wireless music experience. Really, no cables at all!

Now with the cords gone, we were able to achieve an incredibly ergonomic design that fits securely and comfortably in your ear. We found that those two aspects where what customers wanted most, so we focused on that and created a pair of earphones that provide a seamless experience like no other. On top of that we made sure our audio quality is top notch and we added additional features such as audio transparency and our mobile app. Last but not least, we’re here for you personally. Reach out anytime!
What does my KANOA order consist of?

A KANOA order consists of two wireless earphones, a set of accessories to ensure proper fitment, a charging/carrying case and some nice merch.

Do KANOA earphones come with a warranty?

KANOA earphones come with a limited 12-month warranty. Manufacturing defects or issues resulting from normal use are covered in this replacement warranty.

We want to give you the best experience possible and we’ll do whatever we can to make that happen.
Should I worry about losing them?

By simply removing the wires, we were able to optimize the design for unparalleled fitment. First of all, nothing is pulling them out. Second, KANOA will sit comfortably and snug in your ear with the customizable jackets and memory foam ear tips. As water sports athletes, that was very important to us that they wouldn’t fall out. In addition, our earphones come with a charging case that doubles as a sleek protective carrying case. Just drop your earphones in there to charge and you’ll never lose them.

Can I be a tester?

If you want to be a tester, please sign up on www.getkanoa.com as normal and make sure to keep an eye out for when we start recruiting more people. Thanks!

Where can I find out more about KANOA?

You can find out more about KANOA on our website at www.getkanoa.com or just contact us anytime! We’re more than happy to tell you more!
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