La tecnología nos acerca de los lejanos y nos aleja de los cercanos

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Colombia's future as uncertain as the 20th chapter of Star Wars

By Germán Sáenz1

La tecnología nos acerca de los lejanos y nos aleja de los cercanos”

Graffiti on a wall in Bogotá, Colombia.

Colombia's future is as uncertain as the chapter 20 of star wars will be . In 1977, released date for the series, I watched how the space shuttle Enterprise made ​​its first flight aboard a Boeing 747 in a black and white televisión, the only one in my neighborhood, Paradoxically that year in Tenerife, Spain two Boeing with the same characteristics crashed in the runway of the airport "los rodeos", for that time it was the crash with the highest number of fatalities in aviation history, according to the Spanish daily El Mundo (2007) 583 people died. By that time the Boeing was the safest and most reliable aircraft until they used it to drive the Enterprise; however in the case of " los rodeos" accident there were failures, human ones perhaps, that could not be predicted, As shown in the technological scenario the future is uncertain, as well as Chin says

I can't say for sure whether the world will be a better or worse place after 100 years, because I think one part will change for the better, while another part will be worse. In the technology, everything has a different type. Many new machines have been invented. Those things will help people more efficiently. ( n.d. paragraph . 1)

In the field of health

Recall that it was a Colombian scientist who invented the pacemaker, I think that in 2050 in Colombia, we will have the first cyborgs among us, we will see implants that help or improve our body functions, robotic hands and sense of touch But in the future we will have modified body parts for prevent and improve human condition. And humans and robots will be part of the new technological developments, beyond the current biological evolution.

In my work field

"Man is God. It is everywhere, is anyone and knows everything. "the previous sentence extracted by the Video "The Future of Communication" will allow us to foresee as communication in 2050. The newspapers, television and digital terrestrial platforms will disappear and the radio will be absorbed by the intenet. Just the biggest world media will survive.

In the field of transportation

In the field of transportation I think in Colombia will return to the use of the train, of course a futuristic train that train that Jules Verne predicted "something that goes beyond the imagination"

I spent many year of my childhood waiting for the second chapter in the saga of Star Wars, as an adult I could see chapter four, now Disney promises three new episodes but nothing is assured, only the future will tell us, for example the side effects of abuse with technology, something that is clear is that Finally, in 2050, the experience will be the new reality.


Chin, j. (n.d.). After 100 years: Essays About Technology and the Future. Retrieved September 120, 2014, from Brigham Young University web site: (2007, March 28). Tenerife recuerda a las 583 víctimas de Los Rodeos 30 años después del siniestro aéreo: Retrieved from web site:

1 German Saenz Social Communicator, teacher of the course History of Communication at the National University and Open Disstancia, UNAD Colombia.

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