Thomas dale knights youth football camp

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Kevin Tucker- Head Football Coach

Dennis Jones – Defensive Coordinator/Camp Coordinator







Kevin Tucker - Head Football Coach

Dennis Jones – Camp Coordinator
Former Thomas Dale Knights:

  • William Henderson – University of North Carolina/Green Bay Packers.

  • Ken Oxendine – Virginia Tech/Atlanta Falcons.

  • Rudi Johnson – Auburn/ Cincinatti Bengals.

  • Darius Swinton – Hampton University/Special Teams Coach: Denver Broncos.


  • The Thomas Dale Football Staff (JV and Varsity Coaches).

  • Present and former Knights.

  • Various CQL coaches.


  • Ken Oxendine – Virginia Tech/Atlanta Falcons.

  • Shane Beamer – Virginia Tech: Associate Head Coach/RB coach.

Date and Times:

June 2nd - 4th

5:00 pm – 8:00 p.m. (Registration begins at 4 p.m.)



Open to all youth football players (6 to 14 years old) and coaches.



Thomas Dale High School (Ed Karpus Field) and Practice Fields.



$50 per player (includes Camp T-Shirt and bag).


What to Bring:

Football Cleats, Gym Shoes (needed if we have to go in gym), and Water Bottle.



Dennis Jones – (804)536-6894 or



Thomas Dale Knights Football Youth Football Camp Registration Form


Player Name: _______________________________________ Age: ______


T-Shirt Size (Circle one)-    Youth S    Youth M    Youth L    Adult S      Adult M      Adult L     Adult XL     Adult XXL     Adult XXXL  


Address: _______________________________________________________________

City: ________________________________________________ State _____________

Zip _______________________

Parent’s Phone- Home: ___________________________________________________

Parent’s Phone- Cell: _____________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian's Name:



Insurance/Liability Waiver

The Thomas Dale Knights Youth Football Camp and Thomas Dale High School do not provide medical insurance for players. Each player’s parent/guardian must sign the waiver form and state their insurance coverage.

Our insurance coverage is with:


Policy Number:


I will accept responsibility for all financial liability incurred by __________________________ (player’s name) as a result of an accident or injury while he is a participant in the Thomas Dale Knights Youth Football Camp.

Parent/Guardian Signature:

X________________________________________ Date: ________________

Mail registration form along with your check (made payable to Thomas Dale High School) to:

Thomas Dale High School West Campus
c/o Dennis Jones
3900 West Hundred Rd.
Chester, VA 23831

Contact: Dennis Jones at (804)536-6894


Kevin Tucker at (804)691-4785

You may also get this form on the Thomas Dale Football website:
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