Label: "Method: " Databox Value: "9"

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User Interface and List Processor Functions
User Interface Functions
Label: “Method: “
Databox Value: “9”
Label: “Grid ID List”
Select: “Coord 0”
Label: “Refer. Coordinate Frame”
Select: “[0 0 0]”
Label: “Point Coordinates List”
Toggle: “Auto Execute” [On]
Button: “-Apply-” [Default]
FORM Functions
Creates FrameMaker objects when imported into a FrameMaker document through the import file menu
FRAME Functions
The frame widget, OSF/Motif standard type XmFrame, is strictly a visual aid. Its “etched in,” narrow
appearance groups associated widgets together in a form. Thus, no user interaction occurs with this
widget type. Frames may have titles (text strings) at the top left corner.

P3_HOME\bin\patran.exe -ifile init_fld.pcl. Substitute $P3_HOME with the actual installation directory path. Use this shortcut to start. MSC.Flightloads. This ...
Download 14.46 Kb.

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