Lamb to the Slaughter

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Lamb to the Slaughter as a detective story. (by Sandie and Mélanie)
In this short story, we have all the elements of a traditional short story. As a matter of fact, as in every detective story, it begins with a murder and then we have a suspect who needs an alibi. After that the sleuth carries out an investigation in order to find the weapon or clues.

However, Lamb to the Slaughter is also in many ways a parody of this genre. In fact, the weapon is never found, the murderer never unmasked and the policemen look rather ridiculous.

In addition everything in this story deals with how to get rid of the weapon and not with finding the murderer.

Finally, though the story looks very much like a detective story, we can say it much closer to a parody of the genre.
Download 2.31 Kb.

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