Latin American Automobile Dealers Association

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Latin American Automobile Dealers Association

The Latin American Automobile Dealers Association is the politic nucleus of the National Automobile Dealers Associations from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Equador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela from South America, Honduras and Panama from Central America and Mexico from North America.
Our Association is a sphere of action and discussion to the defense of the Automotive Sector in all Latin America.
Since 1974 our members, the National Dealers Associations, participate in this area of integration, exchanging experiences and defending the sector to its better development in the automotive distribution.
Some of our main objectives are:

  • Postulate the Legal Regulation of our activity;

  • Provide our members of permanent studies and statistics of the economic category activities in all its aspects;

head of this important Association is Mr. Hugo Maia de Arruda Pereira, from São Paulo, Brazil, the eleced President since last September.

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