Let's get as much internal documents as possible

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Let's see what the hospitals are doing for digital health. What are their policies and see how much they think its workable vis-a-vis government policies.

Let's get as much internal documents as possible.

Ehr Software not work, dedicated person required, duplication of work - manual notes then made fair in EHR, staff cannot make entry in real time in EHR. Proper digital records could not be implemented in Fortis, appolo, mahatma Gandhi institute kerela, medanta, max hospitals.

These hospitals make nursing notes, initial assessment of patient, pay management, vital record management, handing over taking over shifts of staff, doctor notes, consultant notes, doctor assessment form, medication administration and record, nursing care plan, doctor care plan, catheter bundle care form, discharge summary concent form, surgery concent form etc. are maintained manually.

Big hospitals digital records - discharge summary, consulting notes, doctor notes.

Benefit - reduction of errors, easily assess, interconnection of departments, longer protection and backup, difficult to misuse as every patient record is private.

Investigation the role of National culture for adoption of Digital healthcare: A Case of EHR

Role of top management

Lack of interest of top management, lack of knowledge of IT, financial issues, environment issues faced by top management like rural areas staff not competent.

Attitude of staff - 60% role. As their work load increases. They need to maintain manual as well as automatic records. Staff resistance took about 2 to 3 months to overcome.

Hims software - role of training. Complicated software. Customisation of software required.

Hims can get more business. Achievement.

Work hampered during implementation of EHR.

Lethargy of top management can be hurdle in adoption. Training delayed as management doesn't put pressure on the installing companies to train employees to use EHR.

Management motivation - time save, fast reporting of patient especially critical patient. Quality initiative. Building brand.

Management takes a long-term view, but staff doesn't share the view.

Lack of job security, search other jobs.

Short term view of staff.

Ehr failure has effect on management - staff perception.

Top management did not audit of emr, not take staff feedback, poor communication etc. These issues can cause ehr to fail.
Download 12.69 Kb.

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