Leviathan Rises (2 of 2)

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Leviathan Rises (2 of 2)
Scene 1

Wakanda, 18:12 EAT

The Black Panther has Iron Man pinned down and is continually scratching his suit

JARVIS: Armour integrity breached

Iron Man: Tell me something I don’t know

JARVIS: VERONICA is in range, sir

Iron Man: Good, full power to the uni-beam (he uses the uni-beam to blast Black Panther backwards) I don’t want to hurt you, T’Challa. (Black Panther is about to attack again when he hears pieces of the Iron Man suit come to Stark, forming a new suit around him) ok, round 2
Scene 2

Aphelios Delta, 13th August 2019, 15:20 UTC

Arron teleports aboard the ship

ANARAX: You need to see this (she shows him a holo-projection of Gotham in ruins)

Arron: When?

ANARAX: 10-15 minutes ago.

Arron: Contact Ollie. (Ollie’s face appears on screen) assemble a rescue squad, a bomb just went off in Gotham City, we need to get any survivors out fast.

Ollie: Dispatching rescue ships now. We can complete the raids without you if…

Arron: Good.
Scene 3

Gotham City, 11:30 EDT

Rescue ships land throughout the city, Galactic Defence troops, they begin to scan the area

A001: No radiation, it wasn’t radioactive, move in fast (a good hundred troops rise into the skies and begin scanning the area, they all begin to move towards people)

A trooper pulls a wife and her 2 children out the rubble of one of the apartment buildings, they see the Wayne sign fall of the building. A trooper uncovers a mother, dead, holding her still living child in her arms, the baby cries as the trooper tries to pry it from his arms, it creates a sonic cannon from one hand which creates a sound to stimulate the child’s pleasure centre, the baby stops crying allowing its extraction. Superman, the Flash, Zatanna, Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Beast Boy, Yellowjacket, Black Canary, Plastic Man, Zatanna, Cyborg, Superboy, Aqualad and Longshadow teleport onto the scene
Superman: Who’s in charge?

A001: That’d be me sir, our scans indicate approximately 2 million survivors.

Superman: That’s less than a quarter of the population

A001: And it’s shrinking by the second, we could use the extra hands

Superman: We’re all here, and we’re happy to help

B110: Sir, the devices are ready?

A001: Then engage (a holo-map projects across the entire city) those red markers indicate life signs. (A second squad of troopers enter the city, everyone moves out except Red Robin and Superboy, Superboy places his hand on Red Robin’s soldier)

Superboy: Tim, are you sure you want to be here?

Red Robin: I have to be, I’m leader of the Titans and Gotham is my home, Batman’s home… Alfred (he opens coms) Alfred, come in (nothing) Oracle (nothing) the explosions must’ve created a dead-zone in the city, we won’t be able to access the Batcave’s zeta platform.

Superboy: I’ll get you to Wayne Manor (he grabs Robin and begins jumping across the city, Robin sees several red lights disappear across the map)

Scene 4

Leviathan HQ, 15:45 UTC

Batman: What have you done?

Talia: You may have uncovered the Orboro Ring but the prototype was planted in Gotham and cloaked so scanners couldn’t detect them. Computer: HYPNOS Protocol (the heroes all see a hypnotic screen briefly, when they recover, Talia is free, Doctor Deadlus launches himself at Nightwing, Nightwing uses his escrima sticks to block, Talia puts on her skull mask) this mask uses technology siphoned from Prometheus’ helmet, not that I need it (she engages with Batman, the Heretic confronts Damian)

Heretic: Hello, Brother (he pounds the ground, Damian jumps towards it)

Robin: So that’s who you are, a clone of me, not the first no doubt (he gets out his twin tasers and attempts to stick them into him but the Heretic backhands him backwards towards the pods containing Captain America and Ms. Marvel.

: Hope this works (he jumps over the Hertetic and throws two shurikens which hit the control terminals powering Captain America and Ms. Marvel’s stasis fields, freeing them both)

Heretic: Idiot, they’re under our control now.

Ms. Marvel: Hail Leviathan (she projects energy bolts at Damian, he flips back to avoid them, he fires a grappling hook so it attaches to a pipe behind her, he throws some flash grenades in her eyes as he passes by, with her stunned he manages to throws a rope around her which he uses the taser to electrocute her, all the while, Captain America just stands there)

Heretic: Didn’t you understand, attack! (Captain America punches him)

Cap: I understood

Heretic: How? No-one has the will to fight them off!

Cap: (Retrieving his shield) guess this proves you wrong (they charge at each other)
Scene 5

Gotham City, 12:00 EDT

Superboy and Red Robin arrive at Wayne Manor, the holo-map stops just shy of the area Wayne Manor is partially demolished.

Red Robin: If Alfred made it into the Batcave, he might be alright

Superboy: I’m not seeing anything

Red Robin: This Batcave has lead shielding, could be blocking your vision (he opens coms) Alfred!

Superboy: You know that’s not going to work

Red Robin: The Batmobile entrance is blocked by debris. (He expands his wings) we’ll have to enter by air (he flies off the edge of the cliff he tries to open the hangar bay doors but they’re jammed, Superboy descends on a grappling wire) Superboy, I could use your TK about now

Superboy: On it (he looks at the door and the doors begin to snap off their hinges) we’re in (he swings through the gap and begins punching at the debris, helping create a path for Robin, they enter the cave and find Alfred unconscious by the bat-computer)

Red Robin: Alfred! (He goes to where Alfred’s body is and checks his pulse) he’s alive, but we’ve got to get him out. (He sees the bat-plane)

Superboy: You know how to fly that thing?

Red Robin: No. Take Alfred and get him in, I’ll have Oracle take remote control once we get out of the city. (Alfred begins to awaken as Superboy takes hold of him)

Alfred: Master Tim, Master Connor, what are you doing here?

Red Robin: Getting you out.

Alfred: (Weak) The bat-plane is… damaged, you won’t… be able to fly. Have to… take the bat-sub.

Red Robin: Go

Meanwhile, a troop finds some civilians stuck behind a fire, it manages to put them out but civilians start drawing weapons
Civilian: Hail Leviathan (they fire a rocket launcher, destroying the trooper, Superman hears the shot and arrives on the scene, they fire again but Superman is unharmed, the troop commander sees this)

A001: We’ve got hostiles inside the city, seem to be armed.

Arron: (On coms) shoot to stun and load them on separate transports. Ray Palmer’s almost done with the antidote.

A001: Thought you’d be down here

Arron: (On coms) I’ve been conference calling, trying to secure accommodation for the evacuees. I’ve also contacted Dr Elara on planet Durla, she has something that might be able to disperse the antidote across the planet is a matter of minutes. I just need to get S.W.O.R.D. approval for the United Alliance to get involved.

A001: Understood sir. (Opens coms) non-lethal weapons approved, and let’s cordon off a couple of these escape ships for them.

Scene 6

Ivy Town University, 11:11 CDT

Roy Harper, Blue Beetle and Kid Flash are standing guarding Ray Palmer and his students

Blue Beetle: I still think we should teleport to Gotham, there are a lot of people needing our help.

Roy Harper: This cure is just as important.

Ray Palmer: Which would be a lot easier to complete if we could get some quiet. Ryan, can you get the test sample, I’m almost done

Ryan Choi: Right away, Professor (he hands Ray a sample of the nanites)

Ray Palmer: We’ll have to see that this works at a molecular level, Karen, you’re up.

Karen: Right away professor (she shrinks down and wings spring from her suit, she flies and watches as the cure is injected into the nanites, which are all instantly deactivated, she grows back) I think it worked, Professor. (Arron teleports into the building with a woman with orange skin, and pointed ears)

Arron: Good, because there’s someone you need to meet.

Dr Elara: Hello, Professor Palmer, my name is Dr Elara and I have the technology to distribute the cure across the globe

Arron: Ollie’s informed that nearly 5000 sites across the globe have been contaminated with this virus, this must’ve been years in the planning. Long before being dismissed from the League of Assassins.

Dr Elara: The process would only need a tiny amount of your cure, but I believe time is of the essence

Arron: Yes, and I’m heading to cut this off at the source.

Scene 7

Wakanda, 19:21 EAT

The sun is beginning to set as Wakandan military arrive to back up the Black Panther, some of them fire at Veronica, taking it down. Iron Man is punched into the wall, him armour begins to spark and the vibranium also

JARVIS: Sir, you may wish to consider withdrawing from this fight

Iron Man: That’s what I’ve been doing, but they’re not letting me out (Black Panther pins Iron Man down and prepares to strike when the cure begins to spread around the area, curing Black Panther and the others)

Black Panther: Tony

Iron Man: T’Challa? (T’Challa steps off Tony and helps him up, they both notice the vibranium mound sparking)

Black Panther: Everyone, get as far away as you can! The energy it’s built up, it’s too much, it’s going to explode (The military all rush towards the nearby towns)

Iron Man: Not necessarily. JARVIS, connect me to the Flash

JARVIS: Unfortunately, he’s not responding but I do have his protégé, Kid Flash of the Titans.

Iron Man: Kid Flash, I need you in Wakanda, now

Kid Flash: On my way (3 seconds later Kid Flash arrives) sorry I took so long, the teleports don’t work here.

Iron Man: Can you run counter to that energy?

Kid Flash: On it (he runs in an anticlockwise route around the mine, creating a funnel that begins taking the energy from the vibranium, he stops, sparking) ow (he faints)

Black Panther: I owe you a debt of gratitude and an apology for what has transpired.

Iron Man: Just say you’ll come back, the Avengers need you

Black Panther: I’ll be back when I can.
Scene 8

Leviathan HQ, 16:20 UTC

Nightwing finally manages to get the upper hand on Doctor Deadalus, he manages to shock him into unconsciousness with his escrima sticks but he’s blasted back by Bombshell. Batman sees and goes to check but Talia grabs him by the cape and slams him into a wall. Bombshell is about to finish off Nightwing when Arron teleports in and places an inhibitor collar around her neck. Arron checks his pulse as Batman is knocked backwards by Talia

Arron: Interesting little mask, Talia

Talia: Thank you (she charges at him but the mask begins to electrocute her face)

Arron: Took me 2 minutes to hack into it once I realise what it was.

Meanwhile, Robin is dodging attacks from Ms. Marvel and Cap is dodging attacks from the Heretic, the Heretic smashes his fists down on Cap but he uses his shield to blocks, Robin throws a shuriken at the Heretic’s leg, weakening him briefly, a weird noise is heard as the cure passes by, Ms. Marvel inhales the cure. Robin stands ready to fight her
Ms. Marvel: Duck (she blasts the Heretic backwards as Captain America punches him unconscious, Arron places an inhibitor collar around him.)

Robin: Nightwing and Batman?

Arron: Alive, but it’s been a long fight. I’ll petition to have these guys moved to Galtos prime.
Scene 9

Washington DC, 20th August 2019, 12:00 EDT

President Obama prepares to give an address

Obama: Ladies and Gentlemen, in my 11 years as President of this Great Country, the events of the last year have hit us the hardest. The prison break that halted elections for a full year and now the destruction of our beloved Gotham City. But one thing remains the clear. Without the help of the Justice League, the Titans, the Avengers and the United Alliance, things would’ve been far worse. I have word that nearly 2 million people were evacuated from Gotham City, with normal response time it would’ve been a third of that. Of course, it would be best if it never happened at all. So with that in mind, in what might be my final act as President, I’m putting forward a bill to Congress that will ensure legitimacy to our heroes, both costumed and without. Together we will make steps to ensure incidents like Gotham never happen again! (The people cheer at home, in the office J Jonah Jameson snaps his pencil and Lex Luthor looks disappointed)

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