Lfhe’s Aurora programme 2017-18 University of Strathclyde application form

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LFHE’s Aurora programme 2017-18

University of Strathclyde application form

Please read the accompanying criteria for Strathclyde applicants and expectations of participants before completing this form. Full details of the Aurora programme are available on the LFHE’s website.

Please return completed applications by email to annie.mclaughlin@strath.ac.uk by 5pm on Wednesday 27th September 2017.

  1. Personal details



Job title & grade:



  1. Please explain your reasons for applying to Aurora. (max 300 words)

  1. Please outline how Aurora will support your career development and/or leadership aspirations and give examples of personal development activities you have undertaken. (max 250 words)

  1. What do you think have been some of your main achievements in your role/s to date? (max 250 words)

  1. Please explain why this is a good time for you to participate in Aurora. (max 150 words)

  1. Please list any staff development programme which you have attended in the past 2 years

Course/ Programme Title


I can confirm that I will be able to attend the full Aurora programme (attend all 5 days plus be prepared to undertake some self-directed study).
I can also confirm that I have the support of my line manager or Head of Dept/ School to participate in the programme.


Download 50.49 Kb.

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