Lindley Middle School Cobb County Public Schools Sandra Ervin, Principal

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Lindley Middle School

Cobb County Public Schools

Sandra Ervin, Principal

September 8, 2009

Lindley Middle School, in conjunction with Blacks United for Youth Cobb, Inc. (BUY COBB, Inc.), are proud and honored to have The 2 Live Stews (nationally syndicated radio hosts and’s own Doug and Ryan Stewart) as special guests for our First Annual Kickoff Celebration on Friday, September 11, 2009, at 10:00 a.m. Doug and Ryan have graciously accepted our invitation (as has BUY COBB, Inc.) to help celebrate the work being done by BUY with our school’s young men’s group, with whom BUY has been working on teaching the young men leadership qualities, etiquette, respect for self and others, as well as discipline and self-control.
“Attention dogs and poodles!” The 2 Live Stews are the hottest thing in Atlanta radio on Monday thru Friday from 1pm - 4pm. In addition, they have taken their show nationally - Sporting News Radio nationally syndicates the 2 Live Stews from right here in the AT, not to mention that the Stews have been featured guests on ESPN. Former NFL player Ryan Stewart and his older brother Doug Stewart broadcast their unique style of hip-hop sports talk. As a result, the 2 Live Stews have successfully started their own brand of urban sports talk radio unlike anything else in the country.
Originally from Moncks Corner, SC, and now living in Atlanta, GA, brothers Doug and Ryan are the driving force behind the sports radio station, 790 The Zone. Older brother Doug is the married family man who entered broadcasting after a successful business career, while Ryan has recently learned that he is going to be a father. Ryan was a laid back bachelor that was a safety at Georgia Tech and played five years for the NFL's Detroit Lions. After a heated, yet comical, debate one evening among friends, the avid sports fans decided to take their act to radio. "Been talking smack our whole lives," says Doug. Ryan adds, "What’s more entertaining, to hear someone pushing stats all day or to hear conversations like the ones you have with your boys in the barbershop or in the basement or under the shade tree?" Now, for more than three years, the Stews have been entertaining Atlanta listeners with a new brand of sports talk radio.
The Stews have been featured in numerous news articles, including an exclusive five-page Sports Illustrated feature naming them the #1 Sports Radio Show in America, as well as a past half-hour weekend show on ESPN 2. The success has not "gone to their heads," because along with spending countless hours watching sports and preparing for shows, the Stews are "hometown" boys that continue to devote countless hours to local Atlanta charities.
We are excited to have Doug and Ryan as our special guests this Friday, and we invite you to attend for this important event for our school and students.

Your attendance would be most appreciated.

Thank you.

50 Veterans Memorial Highway Mableton, GA 30126 770-819-2496

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