Isk middle School Sports Bulletin 2015-2016 Dear Middle School Students and Parents

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ISK Middle School Sports Bulletin

Dear Middle School Students and Parents,
The ISK Athletic Department officially welcomes you to the 2015-2016 school year! We are continuously working to enhance our athletic programs, adding opportunities for students whenever possible. ISK offers interscholastic teams for students in 6th-8th grade. There are three athletic seasons. Our goal is for all middle school students to be afforded the opportunity to explore their passions and discover new skills in an encouraging, stimulating, competitive and supportive environment. Please read carefully through the following program, evaluate your options, and be sure to return the sign up sheet and athletic contract to the MS office if you plan on trying out for one of our teams!
ISK Middle School Athletic Philosophy
The Middle School recognizes that team sports and interscholastic athletics are an essential part of the total education process. ISK is dedicated to instilling positive self worth in students and developing responsible and reflective citizens of the world. The athletic program believes that teamwork, leadership, responsibility, and a commitment to excellence can be learned through competitive sports interaction. The emphasis of the Middle School athletic department is not on winning at any cost, but rather building self-confidence and presenting a well-rounded educational experience. ISK sports teams are competitive, but the program tries to ensure that every athlete has the opportunity to reach his/her fullest potential. The athletics program strives to create an environment in which students experience the enjoyment of sports and fitness that they will sustain into adulthood.

To maximize the teaching and learning opportunities for our students we must keep all of our interscholastic teams to a manageable size. Therefore many of our interscholastic teams will hold tryouts. During tryouts, every athlete will be observed and evaluated with fairness and equality by our knowledgeable coaching staff. While athletic ability is always valuable, demonstrating responsibility, teamwork, good sportsmanship, and exceptional effort will play an important role in the decision-making process.
Following the tryout period, athletes will be placed on the team best suited for their age, ability, attitude, and level of development. Tryouts will begin March 18th 2016 and continues until April 8th 2016, with most MS teams practicing or playing every Monday and Friday, with Wednesday mornings. Swimmers may have more flexible schedules (Check with your Coaches). Players will have the opportunity to compete and play at the level best suited to their ability. Tryouts may continue into the following week or until final placements have been posted. For players who are not selected for the A or B team, we will offer a ‘club’ opportunity for that sport if numbers permit.

Middle School 3rd Season Tryout Schedule

  • ALL MS RUGBY (Mon. & Wed. Morning, Tue. & Fri. afternoon)

  • MS VOLLEYBALL (Mon. & Fri. afternoon)

  • MS GIRLS TENNIS (Mon. afternoon, Tue. Wed. and Thur. Morning)

  • MS BOYS TENNIS (Tue. Wed. and Thur. Morning, Fri. afternoon)

  • OPEN CRICKET (Mon. Tue. & Thur. afternoon)

  • MS SWIMMING (Mon. & Thur. afternoon) *BEGINS MONDAY 21ST





MS Boys ‘A’ Football

MS Boys ‘B’ Football

MS Girls ‘A’ Basketball

MS Girls ‘B’ Basketball

Track & Field

Cross Country

Swim Team



Track until April*

MS Girls ‘A’ Football

MS Boys A ’Basketball

MS Boys B Basketball

Swim Team

MS Girls Hockey

MS Boys Hockey




Track & Field

MS Volleyball

Swim Team

Girls Tennis

Boys Tennis

U-14 Rugby

Athlete Expectations:

Attached at the back of this program is our ISK Athletic Participation Contract, which must be read, returned and signed by both athlete and parent. ISK holds high expectations for all its athletes. Our coaches work hard to ensure a positive learning environment, and we expect our athletes to bring a positive attitude and desire to work hard each and every day. Our interscholastic teams value their practice time and expect that all team personnel will be present without exception at games and practices. If you plan to tryout for one of ISK’s interscholastic teams, please ensure that you are willing and able to fulfill your commitments to the team, coach, and school. With focused effort and a willingness to work together we will accomplish many great things.

Role of Parents:
Parents are vital to the success of our program. We need parents to understand the commitment that we expect from our student-athletes. During the season there are a number of late nights, and the burden of balancing classroom and team expectations can be challenging. We ask that you not schedule any outside appointments during scheduled practices or games. We want to ensure the success of all of our students, so support for your child, the coach, and the program is essential.

Parents are also important role models in our program. By demonstrating sportsmanship and respect for all competitors, coaches, and officials, you help to reinforce ISK’s educational philosophy.


Communication is extremely important to the on-going success of our program. Change is a perennial issue surrounding athletics in Nairobi. Bad weather or extreme traffic will occasionally result in the cancellation of a game or practice. Other factors can sometimes affect game time or venue.

The athletic department will try and communicate any changes as early as possible, e-mail, athletics website portal (subscribe to athletic) or notice home.

Each team coach will send a letter of introduction with his/her contact information and will send out all relevant updates regarding tournament dates, departure times, and what to bring and expect.
Athletes will travel to away matches and tournaments on ISK buses, together as a team both to and from the venue. Athletes will not be collected or dropped off en-route under any circumstance. Parents can collect athletes from an away venue only in person or with a written note to go with a driver.

Parents are also reminded:

  • Late buses leave ISK at 5:00 every day after practices.

  • Nairobi traffic requires patience. Students may not always return on time.

  • There is no transport after games, except home games that finish before 5:00pm.

  • For all games/meets/matches - home or away - that finish after 5:00 pm (and in all instances when students are on campus after 5:00 pm), it is the responsibility of parents to collect their student from the ISK Upper Parking Lot in a timely manner. Students will be expected to await collection at the upper gate pick-up area next to the ISK security office, and the High School and Art Centre parking lots will no longer be available for after-hours student pick-up. If needed, students can use the security office phone at the upper gate to let parents know that they are awaiting collection.

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