Lorraine a. Dong

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The University of Texas at Austin

School of Information

1616 Guadalupe St. #5.202

Austin, TX 78701-1213



  • Ph.D. in Information Studies, expected December 2014

University of Texas (UT) at Austin

  • M.S.I.S. in Information Studies, Certificate of Advanced Study in Preservation Administration, August 2008


  • M.Phil. in Renaissance literature, October 2005

University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

  • B.A. with highest honors in English, May 2004

University of California (UC) at Berkeley

Minor in Education


  • Dong, L. (2014, forthcoming.) Taking the long view of medical records preservation and archives. Journal of Documentation.

  • Dong, L. (2012.) The ethical and legal issues of historical mental health records as cultural heritage. Proceedings of The Memory of the World in the Digital Age: Digitization and Preservation, 26-28 September 2012, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 735- 744. http://www.ciscra.org/docs/UNESCO_MOW2012_Proceedings_FINAL_ENG_Compressed.pdf

  • Crow, J., Broussard, R., Dong, L., Finn, J., Wiley, B., & Geisler, G. (2012.) A synthesis of research on ICT adoption and use by medical professionals in Sub-Saharan Africa. Proceedings of the 2nd ACM International Health Informatics Symposium, 161-170. doi: 10.1145/2110363.2110384.

  • Dong, L. (2011.) The economics and politics of international preservation collaborations: A Malian case study. Archival Science, 12(3), 267-285. doi: 10.1007/s10502-011-9156-z.

  • Dong, L. (2008.) Online appendices. In J. Drewes & J. Page (Eds.), Promoting preservation awareness in libraries: A sourcebook for academic, public, school, and special collections. Westport, CT: Greenwood Presss. http://www.abc-clio.com/BookCompanion.aspx?id=2147498078§ion=1.

  • Kim, S., Dong, L., & Durden, M. (2006.) Batch archival processing: Preserving Arnold Wesker’s digital manuscripts. Archival Issues, 30(2), 91-106.


  • William Powers, Jr. Graduate Fellowship, 2012-2013

  • Institute of Museum & Library Services Doctoral Preservation Fellowship, 2008-2012

  • Archival Education and Research Institute Conference Scholarship, 2009-2011 Carolyn Hixson Harris Endowed Presidential Scholarship, 2007-2008

  • Council on Library and Information Resources’ Rovelstad Scholarship in International Librarianship, 2007

  • Billie Grace Herring Endowed Scholarship, 2006

  • Houston Endowed Presidential Scholarship, 2006

  • Cambridge Overseas Society Fellow, inducted 2005

  • Cambridge Overseas Trust bursary, 2004

  • Phi Beta Kappa, inducted 2004

  • Dean’s Honors List, Spring 2003 and Spring 2004

  • Golden Key International Honor Society, inducted 2002

  • National Society of Collegiate Scholars, inducted 2001

  • Edward Frank Kraft Scholarship, 2001


  • Dong, L. (2014, forthcoming). Preventative conservation in the archives: Broad approaches for a big impact. Panel chair. Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archivists (SAA), Washington, D.C.

  • Dong, L. (2014, February). Recordkeeping ecologies of a state mental facility. Paper Southern Association for the History of Medicine and Science, St. Louis, MO.

  • Dong, L. (2013, May). Records as agents: The role of materiality on the lives of African American patients in a state mental institution. Paper. American Association for the History of Medicine (AAHM), Atlanta, GA.

  • Caswell, M., Anderson, K., Dong, L., & Punzalan, R. (2013, January). Archival education in the undergraduate classroom. Panel co-presenter for “New directions in archival education: Teaching pluralized curricula.” Annual Conference of the Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE), Seattle, WA.

  • Dong, L., & Finn, J. (2012, November). Why should we care about studying objects in order to better understand how people interact? Paper. UT School of Information colloquium, Austin, TX.

  • Dong, L. (2012, September). The ethical and legal issues of historical mental health records as cultural heritage. Paper. UNESCO Memory of the World Conference, Vancouver, Canada.

  • Dong, L., Luehrsen, V., Norberg, E., Norris, A., & Pierce, K. (2012, July). Strategies for designing undergraduate archival courses. Workshop co-organizer. Archival Education & Research Institution (AERI), Los Angeles, CA.

  • Davis, K., & Dong, L. (2012, March). Central State Hospital: A century of African American mental health care. Paper. Virginia Forum, Harrisonburg, VA.

  • Doty, P., Galloway, P., Becker, S., Blaha, C., Brock, C., Dong, L., Kim, S., Luehrsen, V., & Norris, A. (2012, January). Student led conferences and internships: Integrating professional community engagement into an iSchool doctoral program. Panel co-presenter. ALISE, Dallas, TX.

  • Dong, L. (2011, July). Historical mental hospital records: Classification, communities, & archives-creation. Paper. AERI, Boston, MA.

  • Dong, L. (2010, August). The Timbuktu Manuscript Project: A decade of global-local collaboration. Paper and panel chair for “Preserving and Digitizing Records in the Developing World: Trust, Accountability, and International Cooperation.” SAA, Washington, D.C.

  • Dong, L. (2010, July). New constructions of Malian identity: International collaborations & digital interpretations of the ancient past. Paper. UK and Ireland Forum for Archives and Records Management Education and Research/Network of Archival Educators and Trainers, Oxford, UK.


  • Dong, L. (2012, July). The role of subject agency in the appraisal of institutional collections. AERI, Los Angeles, CA.

  • Dong, L. (2011, August). Community archives-building with mental institution records. SAA, Chicago, IL.

  • Dong, L. (2010, July). The publication of private lives: Creating digital access to mental hospital records. AERI, Ann Arbor, MI.

  • Dong, L., Healey, E., Mueller, S., & Ticer, S. (2009, August). Reconstructing the digital preservation & archival practices of a conservator: The Paul N. Banks collection. SAA, Austin, TX.

  • Dong, L. (2008, April). Assessing commercial binding at the Smithsonian Institution Libraries. Annual Conference of the Association of North American Graduate Programs in the Conservation of Cultural Property (ANAGPIC), New York, NY.


  • Teaching Assistant, School of Information, UT Austin, Aug. 2013-May 2014

  • Assistant Instructor, School of Information, UT Austin, Aug. 2011-May 2012: Instructor for a blended learning undergraduate class, “Introduction to Information Studies”

  • Guest lecturer for UGS 303: “Knowing: Acquiring and Sharing Information in the Information Age,” April 27, 2011

  • Assistant Instructor, School of Information, UT Austin, Jan.-May 2011

  • Co-instructor for an online-based undergraduate class, “Information in Cyberspace”

  • Developed and refined course modules and assignments

  • Attended to student questions both in person and online

  • Graded student assignments

  • Oversaw a Master’s-level teaching assistant

  • Teaching Assistant, School of Information, UT Austin, Aug.-Dec. 2010

  • Addressed questions and concerns from undergraduates enrolled in “Information in Cyberspace” via an online chat system during online office hours

  • Graded student projects and participation

  • Teaching Assistant, School of Information, UT Austin, Aug. 2007-May 2008

  • Designed and presented PowerPoint presentations to graduate-level classes on various topics such as cost analysis and batch processing materials for DSpace

  • Prepared class readings and syllabi for online accessibility; included readying websites and developing batch processes for digital migration workflows

  • Researched and prepared précis for professor on topical subjects such as campaign record appraisal and text analyses software


  • Conservation Technician, Architecture & Planning Library, UT Austin, Aug. 2008-May 2014

  • Determine damage to library items and conduct repairs; requires frequent communication with library staff to order conservation materials and to maintain workflow

  • Environmental monitoring and pest management

  • Project Archivist, Central State Hospital, Petersburg, VA, June-Aug. 2010

  • Organized, described, and conducted preservation activities on mental hospital documents and photographs from 1868 to present

  • Oversaw one information studies Master’s student

  • Graduate Assistant, School of Information, UT Austin, Aug. 2007-May 2008

  • Editor for ANAGPIC: published annual conference papers and posters on the website and the School of Information digital repository, DSpace

  • Redesigned website for the Kilgarlin Center for Preservation of the Cultural Record

  • Organized and led volunteer team for two-day symposium, “From Gray Areas to Green Areas” (Nov. 2007); included soliciting gifts from local organizations, preparing handout materials, and assisting speakers

  • Preservation intern, Smithsonian Institution Libraries (SIL), Washington, D.C., July-Aug. 2007

  • Conducted a needs assessment to determine the commercial binding requirements of the 18 SIL branches and over 5,500 serial subscriptions

  • Involved a literature review and external and internal surveys

  • Cataloguing Assistant, Southwest Educational Development Laboratory, Austin, TX, Sept. 2006-July 2007

    • Reviewed and organized over 40 years (approximately 102 linear feet) of archival materials for non-profit corporation

    • Created more than 3,000 entries in internal database in accordance with the Library of Congress classification system

  • Conservation/Preservation Hourly, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Nov. 2005-Aug. 2006

    • Constructed preservation binders, performed tissue paper mends, and made encapsulations for the Carl Sandburg collection

    • Repaired hundreds of general stacks materials; procedures included guarding, leather reconstruction, and re-casing

    • Assessed and measured thousands of brittle folios and government serials for preservation boxing; prepared and issued box orders; re-housed and shifted materials

    • Prepared books and orders for access-copy facsimiles; assessed quality of products received from facsimile company

  • Dean’s Assistant, UC Berkeley Letters & Science (L&S), June-Aug. 2004

    • Actualized special projects including the reorganization of nearly 800 faculty files

    • Facilitated public inquiries directed to the dean

    • Delivered written communications between the university and L&S staff


  • Member of the 2014 SAA Student Program Subcommittee, 2013-present

  • Member of the SAA Committee on Education, 2012-present

  • Riding assistant for Learning Together Equestrians, Austin, TX, 2012-present

    • Lead disabled children in physical therapy and speech therapy activities

    • Maintain upkeep and well-being of horses

  • Co-founder and co-director of the Cultural Heritage & Information Preservation Society, Jan. 2010-present: developed a UT Austin student group for students and faculty from diverse departments to come together to discuss current heritage preservation issues, meet with practitioners, and collaborate with one another (http://www.ischool.utexas.edu/~chips/)

  • Ad hoc reviewer, Archives and Manuscripts, Fall 2013

  • Graduate mentor for Intellectual Entrepreneurship Pre-graduate School Internship program (http://moody.utexas.edu/ie/), Spring 2013

  • Ad hoc reviewer, Archival Science, Spring 2011, Fall 2012

  • Ad hoc reviewer, InterActions, Spring 2012

  • Co-organizer for Preservation Week, Austin, TX, 2011-2012: coordinated a series of speakers, displays, and demonstrations to inform the public about preservation and conservation during the American Library Association’s Preservation Week each April

  • Editor for ANAGPIC, June 2008-March 2011 (http://www.ischool.utexas.edu/~anagpic/)

  • Graduate Student Assembly Representative for the University of Texas Libraries Committee, Aug. 2009-May 2010

    • Served as a liaison between graduate students and UT libraries

    • Advised on the development of library policy and procedures

  • Riding assistant with Thoughtful House Equestrians, Austin, TX, 2006-2009

  • Volunteer photo archivist and conservator at Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center (HRC), UT Austin, Jan. 2007-May 2007

    • Applied intellectual control to the standard-sized Eugene Omar Goldbeck photo collection

    • Surveyed the Goldbeck panorama collection for future humidification project

  • Tutor with the Cal Literacy and Skills Project, Berkeley, CA, 2003-2004

    • Instructed university employees in reading, writing, and conversational skills through one-on-one tutoring

    • Managed CALS Project library

  • Research intern, UC Berkeley Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program, Sept. 2003-May 2004

    • Compiled data on untracked high school English classes for Professor Sarah Freedman’s research study

    • Collaborated with team members to analyze data

  • Swimmer with the Special Needs Aquatic Program, Berkeley, CA, 2003-2004: led disabled children in physical therapy activities

  • Conversation partner for YWCA’s English-in-Action program, Berkeley, CA, 2002-2003: tutored foreign UC Berkeley extension student to improve her English language skills

  • Tutor at the Richmond, CA, YMCA, 2002: instructed elementary-aged children on math and language arts homework

  • Volunteer teacher at LaFayette Elementary School, Oakland, CA, 2001: developed, organized, and supervised weekly science lessons as the leader of a four-person team for kindergarten class


  • SAA since 2009

    • Current member of the Preservation Section

    • Current member of the Archival Educators, Archivists & Archives of Color, Human Rights Archives, and Privacy & Confidentiality Roundtables

  • ALISE since 2011

  • AAHM since 2013

  • Archivists and Librarians in the History of the Health Sciences since 2013


  • 2010:

    • Co-organizer, panel chair, and emcee for a two-day graduate student conference, Engaging in the Preservation of Cultural Heritage 2010 Student Symposium; conducted peer-review process to select speakers; raised $1.5K for conference expenses; coordinated room reservations, food, and activities (http://www.ischool.utexas.edu/~epoch/)

    • Conducted research for the design and implementation of eMicrobes, a digital library for learning about infectious diseases, in Africa

  • 2008:

    • Developed the content and design for a UT website to promote the architectural significance and history of Battle Hall, one of most renowned buildings on the UT Austin campus (http://lib.utexas.edu/apl/about/battle_hall)

  • 2007:

    • Conducted a conservation assessment of the O. Henry Museum in Austin, TX

    • Migrated the Sir Arnold Wesker digital collection for preservation and access purposes at the HRC

    • Wrote a suggested grant for the Russell Lee negative collection at the Center for American History at UT Austin; researched relevant granting agencies for recommendation

  • 2006:

    • Processed the Betty Wilke Cox collection at the Austin History Center

    • Conducted a preservation needs assessment for the Blake Alexander slides at the Alexander Architecture Archive, UT Austin


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